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Holiday Club

Things we do in Holiday Club...


The children have so many fun and exciting things to do in Holiday Club. We have access to the outdoor area, Football pitch and we go to the adventure play area when the weather is good.
We have loads of games that the children love to play. For example Guess who, Battle ships, Screwball scrabble, Pool table, Bowling, Xbox, PS3, WII, Interactive white board, Face paint, Dressing up clothes, Pie face and lots more!!

In holiday club we love take the children on fun days out!! We go on lots of fun trips like the Sea Life Centre, Lego land, Ice cream farm and Crocky trail. They are just a few trips we go on in the holidays.  


Important Information...


Holiday club is open from 7.30am - 6.00pm Monday to Friday. whilst your child/Children are with us,
we have breakfast at 7.30am - 8.00am,

(Cereal, Toast, Crumpets, Fruit, Milk or Water)
We then have a mid morning and mid afternoon snack.
 (Fruit, Breadstick and dip, Cake, Fruit and chocolate, Toast, Crackers)

At 11.30am we have a cooked dinner or packed lunch. 
(Lobbies, Sausages and mash, Curry and rice, Pasta Bake, Chicken dinner)
Cooked dinners are for an additional price. 

At 4pm we have a snack based tea.
(Beans on toast, Toasties, Chicken burgers, Fish finger butties)


Please take a look at what we get up to in Holiday Club by clicking on the sub heading below.

We hope you like what you seesmiley

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