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IT Club

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July 28
Today we programed a computer.


Click here to view

February 17

Thats it for this session of the lego club. Thanks for everybody who attended and helped out.



The winning distance in the kicking challenge was 1 metre exactly.




It club starts again this week. Those who have been selected please remember to bring in your permission slips.

November 2011

Final Week

On the final week of the club the members continued to build kicking machines and various other models.


The kicking competition ended with a win for team DC with a massive 95cm. click here to see a video of the winning kick.

Jack made a hungry crocodile using a motion sensor so that when the crocodile detected something near his mouth it would bite it. Have a look at it here.

See the dancing birds in action. Click here.

Myself and the members enjoyed building and programming our models, sometimes things did not go according to plan. Have a look at our bloopers.

Don't put your tounge in.

Jack vicious Friend.

Fly Me.

Kicking Attempt.

Thanks to Mr Price and Mrs Melling for letting us use their classroom and helping us with the club. We will be starting again after Christmas with some new trainee Lego Engineers.

Merry Christmas

This week models made varied from rotating birds to action goal keepers. The club members have easily grasped the programming language used to control their models and are working well together to build and control their models. All the groups have been asked to make a kicking machine at some time and we are having a competition to see who's model can kick a ball the furthest. Currently the record is 86 cm, but in training distances of over one metre have been achieved. Unfortunately there has been a problem with the photographs taken, so we will do extra next week.
Next week, 14 December, will be the last for this group. We will start again next term with different Lego Engineers.


The members of the club are enjoying using the lego and have mostly completed their basic models and how to program them. Next week we will be starting on more complex models. Here are some photos of the trainee lego engineers.



IT club is held Wednesday after school until 4:15 for Year 5.

There was a good response from the pupils wishing to attend, unfortunately only 10 could attend the sessions up to Christmas as we are basing the club on Lego Wedo and we have 5 sets. The sets contain a motor, a tilt sensor, a motion sensor and assorted lego pieces that allow models to be built following instructions from a PC. The models can then be controlled by a simple icon based program.

The first couple of weeks will be learning all about how the different parts work together, i.e. Gears, levers and pulleys, then we will make some of the models and finally design and build our own model.

One of the models we will make is a ball kicking model and we will see who can kick the ball the furthest.


Another club for the rest of the pupils who wanted to attend will be held after Christmas.

Keep looking in the article for pictures.

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