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January - February

Week Begin​​​​​​ning 27th January 2020.


The children this week have wanted to relax and have a chill.


We have watched films, played games, and played on the XBox.


We made flowers using our handprints then decorated them with felt tip pens, drawing our own individual designs on them.

We made minion face masks using half a paper plate painted to look like a minion face.

We used paper plates to make a solar system, adding on different shaped and coloured circles as planets. 

We made pen holders by painting a toilet roll tube and sticking on our favourite superhero. We then decorated it and stuck it onto a base of circle card.


We played with the giant and small dinosaurs making a dino town with chairs, fabrics and pieces of astro-turf. 


This week we have baked normal cupcakes - they were very tasty!

Week Beginning 20th January 2020.


This week we have been celebrating Chinese New Year, the year of the Rat. 

We have had Chinese New Year themed colouring pictures, colour by number and wordsearches. 

We painted with forks to make chinese fireworks, made a chinese dragon using folded paper for his body and coloured tissue paper for the fire coming out of his mouth. We coloured Chinese pictures to make cards and coloured pictures of a dragons head and stuck them to a peg to make a dragons face. 


We have baked chocolate chip cookies and chocolate chip muffins, and on Friday we had a selection of Chinese food for snack. The children were given the option of rice, noodles or both, with some freshly cooked chicken. They also had an option of sweet and sour sauce or black bean sauce, with prawn crackers. This went down a treat they absolutely loved it.


We have played with the superheroes and barbies, rescuing the barbies from danger in the high towers built with the foam blocks. 

We played with the matchbox cars and the car garage seeing how fast the cars could race down the track. 


The older children asked to do their homework on Tuesday, so we set up a quiet corner and worked together to finish their homework. 


We have played LOTS of board games again this week. The favourites this week have been Rubix, Hungry Hippos, and Who's Moshi.


We also got the make-up and nail polish out on Friday and the children had fun making pretend bruises and scars on each other, then painting each others nails. 

Week Beginning 13th January 2020.


This week we have mostly been baking!

 We have baked chocolate chip cakes, normal fairy cakes which we decorated with icing sugar and sprinkles and chocolate crispy cakes. The children absolutely love to bake, they enjoy looking through the recipe file and adding and mixing all the ingredients themselves. 


The children have really enjoyed colouring this week too.

The colouring pictures they have asked for this week include - pokemon, princesses, animals, relaxation colouring sheets, toy story and avengers.


We have been playing lots of board games again this week.

This weeks popular choices have been hungry hippos, don't say it, penguin pop up, pictionary, guess who and monster surgery.


We have been playing with the small world things a lot this week, we have had the dinosaurs out and made a huge dinosaur cave.

We have really enjoyed playing in the home corner with the dolls, prams and pretend food, pretending to be mums and dads.

We also got out the superheroes and the foam bricks and made hideouts for the heroes and baddies and really enjoyed saving the world!


We have made lots of nice crafts this week. 

We finger painted a dandelion picture with lots of different colours, they looked really pretty.

We decorated our initials with gems, sequins and glitter to made a door sign. Our children are so creative, they all looked fantastic!

We used coloured rice to make pretty rangoli patterned pictures which was really relaxing. 

We made our own superhero using wooden dolly pegs for the head and body, felt for the cape and masks, and googly eyes. We used felt tip pens and sequins to decorate the capes - they were absolutely SUPER!


We enjoyed lots of free play outside in the fresh air, playing hide and seek, hide and seek tig and football. We made some amazing structures with the edra too.


Week Beginning 6th January 2020


Welcome back! We hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and are all relaxed and ready for a new term of fun!


This week we've enjoyed lots of free play outside why the weather has been nice. We have played tennis, had skipping competition (who can skip to 20, 30 and 50 the fastest!) and played football matches. 


We have played lots of games, including penguin pile up, hedbands, dominoes, paw patrol frustration and BBQ party. 


We experimented with orbeez balls and fake snow which all the children loved the feel of, its really cold just like real snow!


We have also done free crafting and painting this week. The children chose to finger paint and made some lovely designs and pictures. 

In free crafting we put out a selection of crafty things, pom poms, pipe cleaners, tape, glitter, stickers, tissue paper etc and let the children make whatever they wanted. Again they made some fabulous pictures and models, they really used their imaginations! 


We have decorated biscuits using icing sugar and sweets and we also baked some lovely chocolate filled cakes - the children REALLY enjoyed making and eating these!