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Hi Year 2, 


This week we are using the White Rose Maths resources to recap what we learnt about 2d and 3d shapes.


We learnt that 2d shapes are shapes like triangles, squares, pentagons and rectangles and they are shapes which you cannot pick up. 2d shapes have pointy bits called vertices and sides.  So a circle has 1 curved side and 0 vertices and a triangle has 3 straight sides and 3 vertices.

3d shapes are shapes like cones, cubes, cuboids and pyramids and they are shapes which you can pick up. 3d shapes have pointy bits called vertices, straight or curved edges and flat or curved faces. So a sphere has 1 curved face, 0 edges and 0 vertices and a cube has 6 square faces, 12 straight edges and 8 vertices.


Did you know the point on a cone is called an apex?


Use the link below each day to find the video clip to that day's lesson then complete the corresponding worksheet (remember you don't need to print the sheet, you can just write the answers down).

Friday is challenge day, so click on the link to find Friday's challenge!


Don't forget to send us photos of your completed worksheets/answers and let us know how you do on your challenge! We love seeing your work!


Have fun!