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May - July 2019

1st - 5th July 2019


The theme the children chose this week was "Films"


We all really enjoyed this one - the children chose different films they would like and we watched one a day. The films the children chose were:

Toy Story

Harry Potter

Finding Dory

The Greatest Showman

The Lion King 


For Toy Story day we made our own Forkys and had Toy Story colouring pictures. We had different coloured playdough to make our own figures.


For Harry Potter we made our own philosophers stones, had Harry Potter colouring pictures and wordsearches and had various ingredients and bowls to make our own potions.


For Finding Dory we made a Dory or Nemo fish using tissue paper, googly eyes and felt pens. We had blue glittery slime, and made dens outside.


For The Greatest Showman we made our own wishing lights using a foam cup painted black with holes poked in and had sparkly playdough. We went to the hall and had a circus fun day with bowling, throw the beanbag and mini golf. 


For Lion King we painted foil pictures using black paint and orange for the lions. We had sand and animals in our messy tray and Lion King colouring pictures.


Our stars of the week this week are:

Lilly G and Mason D

Well Done!

24th - 28th June


The theme the children chose this week was "On the Beach".


We made a beach collage using tissue paper, crafty bits, and stickers of sealife creatures. We used plastic spoons and fabric to make mermaids, we used celery sticks to paint fish and we did rock painting.


In our messy play we had shaving foam mixed with blue food colouring drops, glittery green slime and coloured sand and rice.


We played group bingo and the  children loved trying to win prizes.


We went to the MUGA to play football matches, it got very competitive! Some of the children wanted to play on the playground and made their own games up.


We decorated biscuits and made fairy cakes that were very yummy!


Our stars of the week this week are:

Adam and Keren


Well done!

17th - 21st June 2019


Our winning theme this week was Spring.

We made a flying bird, using a piece of card and folded paper for their wings and tail. We folded strips of paper up to make a picture of 3D flowers. We made a butterfly by threading beads onto pipe cleaners and folding them up and pinning the middle with a wooden peg which we coloured in. 

We also had lots of fun free crafting. We got lots of crafty bits out like sequins, gems, pom poms, pipe cleaners, lolly sticks, tissue paper and felt and let the children make their own creations.


This week we have had wordsearches out which the children seem to really love at the minute. We also left out whiteboards and pens and chalkboards and chalk for the children to do their own drawing on.


For our physical fun this week we made an obstacle course using cones and a football, hula hoops, tennis bat and ball and had areas where the children needed to do star jumps and press ups. We had races around the large playground too which the children really enjoyed. We also had games of tennis, with a competition of who could keep playing the longest!


Our stars of the week this week are:

Madeleine and Harry!

10th - 14th June 2019


This week we have been celebrating all the dads, step-dads, grandads, uncles and brothers who help us and care for us. 

We made superhero posters for them. 


We made a marbled picture using watered paints, we made a pasta necklace by painting pasta shapes and made a windmill folding paper up and attaching them to straws. 


We made slime, and playdough, made designs out of hama beads and on Friday enjoyed having our faces painted! 


We got the pool table out and the boys had a competition of who could win the most matches! It got VERY competitive!


For our physical fun this week we have had relay races, a football match, a competition of who could skip the longest and taught the children how to play rounders!


Our stars of the week this week are:

Lily and Ty!


3rd June - 7th June 2019


This week we chose to have a mixed theme that we know the chilren would enjoy -

dinosaurs and unicorns!


For our craft activities we made unicorn masks using paper plates, gems and sequins and colouring pens. 

We used different shaped pasta to make a dinosaur skeleton. The children also made their own patterns with the pasta, some were standing up, some lied down in different patterns.

We used foam and felt to make different animal stickers and we also did junk modelling with lots of boxes and tissue paper, felt and foam, pipe cleaners and pom poms and glitter. The children loved making their own creations.


Outside for our physical fun we made an obstacle course using tyres, edra, skipping ropes, footballs and cones. The children got really competitive in their teams cheering on their friends! We did a relay race up and down the large playground - we had a few cheaters in all our teams! The children loved cheering each other on and shouting when the other team were cheating! 


We also had a big bingo game with everyone this week. we had quite a few winners and the children were so good, helping the little ones who couldnt find their numbers quick enough.  


Next week we will be starting star of the week again (the children had previously said they weren't bothered about it anymore but have now decided they really want it again!)