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Merry Christmas!!!


Sadly this is the last term with our lovely children from Marsh Green, St Johns and Lamberhead Green Primary schools.


All the staff are very sad are going to miss you all very much. We want to wish you all lots of luck for the future, we hope you achieve all of your dreams and hope you come back to visit us sometimes.


And to all of our children, parents and familes - have the most wonderful Christmas amd we will see you in January!



Over the last 3 weeks we have been doing lots of christmas crafts, making cards for our friends and family, calenders and little gifts. 


We have done lots of crafting and painting making christmassy wintery pictures, including making a wintery penguin picture, a glittery snowflake cutting a pattern into a circle of paper and then using glitter to make it sparkle. We decorated triangles into christmas trees, made christmas themed suncatchers, magnets and foam tree decorations. 


We have had lots of fun playing outside, including football matches, games of tennis and skipping competitions.




We have celebrated lots of things this term - Halloween, Bonfire Night, Diwali, Remembrance Day, Children in Need.


We have made lots of crafts, including finger puppets, sock puppets, paper planes, bookmarks, junk modelling, funny face glasses and masks,  to name a few.


We have experimented painting with different materials, like forks, cotton buds, cotton wool, sticks and our fingers. We have painted on rocks, tin foil and made marks with sticks in shaving foam.


We have made some amazing models with the lego and bricks, and really used our imagination creating other worlds, again with a variety of bricks (duplo, mega blocks, lego, large foam bricks) and the animals, dinosaurs and people.


For Halloween we made a cone witch, colouring a decorating a piece of paper and folding it origami style into a cone. We made 3D skulls and pumpkins by paper folding. We made spooky Halloween masks and a skeleton using cotton buds.


For Bonfire Night and Diwali we made some fireworks painting using toilet roll holders cut into fireworks. We used coloured rice to make Rangoli pictures and did our own henna tattoos.