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October Half Term

What a spooky fun half term we have had!


We made lots of decorations to make our classroom all spooky and fun - we made ghosts using cotton wool balls, bats using markers to colour baby wipes with a peg in the middle to make it bat like! 

We made lots of paper chains, the little ones had lots of fun cutting them out and sticking them together. 

We made 3D cone witches and monsters that we coloured in and stuck together.

We made spooky chattering teeth and glittery skulls heads.


We did LOTS of baking - chocolate rice crispy cakes, ghost and bat biscuits, chocolate apples, fruit chocolate kebabs, and chocolate chip cakes.


The playground was being re-tarmacked during the holidays so sadly we couldn't go on the back playgrounds, but we had lots of fun playing on the front grass and concrete area on our scooters, and in the hall. Sadly the days we decided to go to the MUGA it rained and we couldn't go.


The children also went to the park each morning and afternoon for an hour, where they got to play on the skatepark, the climbing frames and the swings, which they loved!

We went to the hall and played hall games, the children's favourite was definitely Bulldog - 3 children stand in the middle of the hall with the rest of the children lined up against the wall. The aim is for the children to get to the other side of the hall without being caught by the ones in the middle - very easy the first few times but it got very very tricky near the end! 


We played lots of group games like Bingo and Rummikub - the children get very competitive - they like being the ones to get in the prize box!


On Thursday we walked down to the Soccordome and went to Ninja Warrior - it was so much fun, I don't know who enjoyed it more, the staff or the children! And the children really pushed themselves, some were quite wary of the  high slides and jumping on some of the things but with encouragement from their friends they did it! Even the smaller ones loved going through the obstacle course - Robyn and Justine got stuck in there going helping some of the smaller children! We all had slide races on the slide and jumping competitions. The older children loved running up the walls, swinging from the ropes and trying not to fall into the foam pits.


The children were so sensible walking down and back and in Ninja Warrior, they were brilliant mascots for the YPC, we were all very proud of them.


We also had a competition - Design a spooky monster! 

James was our winner, he did a brilliant drawing -