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Police Horses!

Police Horses


Today we had some special visitors. They were mounted police officers!


There were two horses, one was called Tangle and one was called Steel. There was two police officers on the horses.

Tangle was as brown as a tree, he has a long, brown tail and he is as tall as our school. Steel was as white as snow and she has a long, white tail.

While they were there, Steel had an enormous, smelly poo!


We found out lots of information about the horses and police officers. Have a look at what we found out.


Did you know..?

  • Horses are trained for between 6 months and 2 years to become a police horse.
  • In winter the horses wear coats to keep them warm.
  • The horse always has the same rider.
  • The horses eat lots of different food like carrots, apples and even polo mints!
  • The horses can walk sideways when their tells them to.
  • They help police officers to see further because they are so tall.
  • They help police officers to move big crowds of people safely.

Luckily, we went inside just before the heavy rain started!


Lots of love Y1F children

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