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Pre School Reg 1 Blog

Happy Easter from all the staff in Pre-school room 1

Pre-school will re-open on Wednesday 23rd April 2014.


Easter bonnet Parade!
The children made some egg-xcellent bonnets for the parade, Well done boys and girls!


What an egg-xciting week in Pre-school!


We visited Smithills Open Farm On Wednesday!


The children had a fantastic day at the farm were they had the opportunity to bottle feed baby lambs and goats, hold chicks and rabbits, stroke a 6ft snake, hand feed llamas, go on a donkey ride, watch cows be milked and go on a tractor ride which took the children to the top of the farm were they could feed bread to the donkeys!
The children also stroked two piglets which were only a few weeks old
called Iggle Piggle and Peppa Pig!


Week Beginning 24th March 2014. What a busy week in Pre-school!


Happy Mothers Day to all our Pre-school mums!


We have been talking about what things our mums do for us and why we love them so much!

Joel - "My mummy puts all the teddies away."
Katelyn - "She puts my stuff in a bag and puts it in the car."
Alfie J - "She's my best friend."
Grace - "She makes my hair tidy."
Lacie - "I love her when she's cooking tea and cleaning clothes in the washing machine."
Aaron - "My mummy makes me feel better."
Harley - "My mums a flower."
Gracie - "She got me birthday toys."


On Friday we walked to our local shop to buy flowers for our mums.

Happy Birthday!

The next X Factor contestants???
During continuous provision the children have been making some marvellous models!

On Tuesday, some of the boys visited the ALP's. We talked about our favourite Superheroes!
Mason - "I like Spiderman."
Kaylum - "I love Batman!"
Zachary - "I like Thomas."


We cut out Superhero masks and then looked for the right sized sticks to glue our masks too.
Zachary found a stick which the boys decided would be too big.
Alfie found a stick which the boys decided would be too small.
We all then found sticks which were just right!


Friday 21st March 2014. The children have been raising money for Sports Relief!
We talked about what foods help to keep our bodies healthy, then walked all the way to our local fruit shop to buy some healthy fruit. We then carefully chopped up the fruit and made delicious fruit smoothies!
We exercised to The Active Living songs!
W/B 17th March 2014. The children continued their learning about the 3 little pigs on the ALP's. The children have spent a lot of time discussing what the pigs used to build their houses.
Using lots of different materials and large pegs, the children worked together in small groups to build their own houses.

Brilliant Den Builders!!!


W/B 17th March 2014. This week the children have been brainstorming their ideas of what they think the
Big, Bad Wolf looks like.

Lacey said - "Grey feet with white on the bottom."
Mary-Jayne said - "He's a scary monster!"
Kimi said - "Sharp claws cos' he'll scratch everybody."

The children then used different materials to build their wolf.

The children then thought very hard about what they think a good wolf would look like. They thought of some fantastic ideas and why the good wolf would look different to the Big, Bad wolf.
Abbie Said - "Its got blue eyes like mine and its called Tamila."
Kimi said - "Its got rosy cheeks and wears a cardigan."
Lacey said - Its not got sharp teeth its got teeth like ours cos' he doesn't eat people. He has his nails cut cos' he doesn't scratch anybody!"

This week the children have been learning the story of the 3 little pigs!


On Wednesday we visited the ALP's to look for materials to build houses like the little pigs. We found sticks, straw and bricks.

We didn't see the BIG, BAD WOLF!! Phew!!

This week the children have been learning about how we look similar and different from the people around us. The children looked at themselves in the mirror and talked about the colour of their eyes, hair, skin and compared themselves to their friends
We painted self portraits which you can see displayed in our classroom!
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