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Pre School Reg 2 Blog

Welcome back to our class blog


During the past four weeks the children have been taking part in the Monster Maths Month. The children have been developing their number recognition, counting skills and knowledge of shapes, space and measures. Below are example of the children's achievements, the children have made fantastic progress in Mathematical development.


Suzanne creating repeating patterns and Sian making a pyramid. 



On a shape hunt Luke found a circle and Codey found a diamond. 




In the ALPS the children worked in pairs and found numbers on Monsters and matched them to the numbers on their monster sheets. 


Have a fantastic half term smiley


Can you guess which tradition tale we have learnt this week..?
This week we concentrated on the ending of the traditional tale Jack and the Beanstalk, some children used their imagination wands and completely changed the ending of the story. Lewis said "The Giant will go on an aeroplane and go to the Giant land with all the other Giants". Harrison said "The children will have a magic flying carpet that will save him from falling off the beanstalk". Fantastic ideas.
We used our construction materials and equipment to build the Giants castle both indoors and outdoors.

We wanted to climb our own beanstalks, so on Thursday we went to the ALPS to plant some beans. We are hoping that if we water the plants that very soon we might have our own beanstalks to climb.
Also this week we wanted to showcase some of our amazing writing that is taking place independently in our new writing area.

Next week we will be reading the traditional tale Hansel and Gretel. 


'I'll huff, and I'll puff, and I'll blow your house down'
Can you guess what traditional tale we have been learning about this week?
Yes you guessed it, the Three Little Pigs.

We made masks to re-tell the story, we are getting super at cutting.

We used our pretend bricks to make a big strong house for the little pigs, it was that strong that the Big Bad Wolf couldn't blow it down.
We investigated the three materials that the Three Little Pigs used, straw, sticks and bricks.  
Thomas " The straw looks like grass".
Chloe "The straw is soft and the Big Bad Wolf blowed it away".
Lexie "The pigs would get wet in the straw house".
Nicola "Sticks will break."
Nathan "The sticks are sharp."
Tamsin "The bricks are hard and will keep you dry".

Cassie "The bricks are the best". 
Harley, Chloe and Summer have been using the writing area to draw pictures of the Three Little Pigs. 
On Friday we raised a fantastic £85.00 for Sports Relief, we all completed a Sports Relief Challenge and received a special certificate. Thank you to all the kind parents for taking part. Charlie's mum won the 'Sheepstake' and will receive a special prize.  

Thank you to all the parents who attend parents evening this week, what fantastic progress the children are making. 

See you next week 


"Run, run, as fast as you can. You can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread Man."
Welcome back to our blog, we have had a fantastic week in nursery learning all about the traditional tale of the 'Gingerbread Man'.

On Thursday we made Gingerbread men and a house for the Gingerbread men to live in.

We put all the pieces of the house and the Gingerbread Man in the oven to bake, but when Mrs Moore opened the oven door the Gingerbread Man had Vanished!!! Where could he be hiding? This is the question I asked the children on Friday. The children used their imagination wands to think of ideas to predict what had happened to the Gingerbread Man" Below are the children's ideas.
* "I think its gone on my motorbike and gone to Wigan". Codey
* "I think its gone swimming"
* "I think its gone to space, shall we go in our pretend rocket?"
*" I think its hiding under a rock in the forest".
Summer L
We went for an adventure around school to find any clues on the whereabouts of the Gingerbread Man.
1: On the door of the hall was a picture of the children running faster and faster to catch the Gingerbread Man, the Gingerbread Man said ""Run, run, as fast as you can. You can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread Man."
2: On the playground was a picture of a girl and a boy shouting "Stop"!!!

3: The children found a picture of a cat and a dog shouting "Stop"!!!
4: On the gate of the deep dark forest (ALPS) was a picture of the Gingerbread Man looking very worried and frightened to go through the forest.


5: On the flag post was a picture of a wolf helping the Gingerbread Man through the forest, jumping on his back. His little legs were very tired after all the running.


6: uh oh, next to the campfire was a plate of crumbs and a picture of the Big Bad Wolf.


Can you guess who ate the Gingerbread Man?

The children have also been working very hard independently. 

This week has been all about yummy scummy pancakes 


We started on Monday by reading Mr Wolf's Pancakes, we specifically looked at predicting the ending of the story. Evan was spot on and predicted Mr Wolf would eat all the characters from the story. Chloe said " Mr Wolf must feel sick after eating everyone".


On Tuesday we had two special treats, the first was a visit to the life caravan. We learned all about how to look after Harry the Giraffe, we gave him a wash a brushed his teeth. The children talked about the Human body, Evan blew Miss Oddie's socks off when he told the children "blood pumps around our heart and it makes it beat". WOW!!!

The second treat was making and eating pancakes. We learned a new rhyme:
Mix a pancake,
Stir a pancake
Pop it in a pan.
Fry the pancake,
Toss the pancake,
Catch it if you can.
We put eggs, flour and milk in a bowl and used a whisk to mix all the ingredients together. Mrs Littler then fried the pancakes in the pan and yes she tossed the pancakes and even caught the pancakes.
The children decided they wanted Nutella on their pancakes, great choice.  

We also mixed in our PE session some big maths, we used a huge number mat. The children had to use bean bags to throw onto the mat, whatever number it landed on the children had to count and move in a variety of ways. For example if it landed on 10 the children had to jump 10 times. 
On Wednesday afternoon in PE we did some parachute play, the children had to work as a team to keep all the balls in the centre of the parachute.
On Thursday it was World Book Day, a huge thank you to all the parents who took the time to make/buy amazing costumes. The children looked fantastic and had a great time on the ALPS having a teddy bears picnic with their favourite teddy from home. 

See you next week
Lots of Love all the nursery team

Goldilocks and the Three Bears
This week we have been reading the traditional tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.
On Monday and Thursday we went onto the ALPS and read the story in our wooden hut. On our clipboards were lots of pictures from the story, we went into the woods to find the matching pictures. When we found the matching pictures the children talked in complex sentences to describe how the picture related to the story. Chloe " That's baby bears bowl it's the smallest".

During continuous provision the children mixed and poured porridge oats just like the Three Bears. The adults then cooked the porridge in a pan, it was yummy especially with a little jam in it.
In the small world area the children dressed up as the Three Bears and acted out the story using prompts and puppets.
In the outdoor area we made dens for the Three Bears using poles, pegs and material. We did a great job.

Next week we will be reading Mr Wolfs pancakes and maybe even making pancakes.


Chatterbox Challenge
Welcome back to our nursery blog, this week we have started the 'I Can' Chatterbox Challenge. Over the next three weeks we will be using our chatterbox voices and learning to sing 6 rhymes and carrying out activities along side these rhymes that involve lots of talking.
This week we have focused on the song 'If your happy and you know it'.
We made hand and footprints with paint, we used our chatterbox voices to describe how the paint felt on our hands and feet. 


"Grace said "It feels cold on my feet and it's slippery". Phoebe said "The paint is squelchy".  

We had lots of fun clapping out rhythms of different names. We looked at a variety of objects and clapped once for each syllable.
On Tuesday we walked to Marsh Green library and looked for books that talked about our feelings, we found lots of books and brought them back to class. Next week we will be talking about how we feel when we are happy and when we are sad.
On Friday morning we had a lovely chat, talking about what we had learnt over the week. We cant wait to continue to be chatterboxes next week. 
On Friday we used our imagination wand to think of different ways we could sing 'If your happy and you know it'. Summer had a fantastic idea of waving our arms, Lewis wanted to jump up and down and Harrison thought we could march. We had made our very own song up. 

 Kung Hei Fat Choi
This week we have had a wonderful week celebrating Chinese New Year, this year is the year of the horse.
We have had lots of yummy food, on Monday and Tuesday we tasted Chinese noodles and prawn crackers. We tried very hard to use chopsticks, we did a fantastic job.

On Wednesday we went on a trip to the Chinese Buffet restaurant in Wigan to celebrate Chinese New Year. We tasted lots of Chinese food, including seaweed, rice and sweet and sour chicken. We were so full, although we managed to fit in yummy chocolate doughnuts. We were very lucky to see a traditional Chinese Lion.
In class we listened to Chinese music and learnt a traditional Lion Dance, we dressed in traditional Chinese dress.
The children enjoyed the Chinese story, ask the children to tell you about the 12 animals?
What did we see when we became Jungle Explorers?
On Monday we started the week with a trip to the Jungle, (ALPS) we took our magnifying glasses, binoculars and our clipboards and set off to explore.
When we got to the jungle, we gathered around in the jungle explorers hut to think about what animals we might see in the jungle. We re-told the story 'Walking Through the Jungle' to give us some clues. We had a look at our jungle spotting sheet. this gave us another clue to what animals we might see.
We used the repeated phrase 'Walking through the Jungle what can you see? Can you hear a noise? What could it be?
Nicola was the first person to spot the snake slithering up the tree. Ryan spotted a gorilla climbing up the tree and Kai found a elephant stomping through the jungle. Each time we spotted an animal, we ticked our special jungle spotter sheet. 
The children have been using junk modelling to make jungle animals, they talked about what materials and equipment they needed to use to represent the animals.
Below are the children's finished products using the junk modelling, can you guess what they are? 
What busy bees we have been this week, don't forget to come back next week and find out about how we have celebrated Chinese New Year. This year, is the year of the horse.
Walking through the jungle, what can you see? Can you hear a noise?  What could it be?
In Nursery this week we have be reading the interactive version of 'Walking Through The Jungle'.
The children described the setting of the story, events and the characters. The children repeated the familiar phrases from the story developing their vocabulary.
In the creative area we painted pictures of animals that live in the jungle. We used our small world animals to help us talk about the features of the animals. Teegan said 'My elephant needs a tall trunk.
Teegan and Cameron's fantastic animal paintings.
When the children had finished their animal paintings they wrote a label to match.
We have turned our outdoor learning classroom into a jungle. The children have become jungle explorers using binoculars to spot different animals that live in the jungle

Next week we will be continuing with our jungle adventures by exploring the ALPS to see what jungle animals we can find. 


Happy New Year
Welcome back, we hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas.
This week the adults have been working with the children on basic skills that we would like the children to achieve before they start reception.
We have been counting objects to ten, recognising numbers and ordering numbers to 10. Evan and Chloe did a fantastic job

In Shape, Space and Measure the children have been using shapes to create pictures, talking about the properties of shapes and the arrangements they have made.
In the writing area the children have been giving meanings to their drawings and writing their names. What a fantastic picture Sian did of the Gruffalo. Connor and Harrison did a fantastic job of using recognisable letters to write their names.

All the children worked extremely hard this week. Well done!
Next week we will be Walking Through the Jungle and describing what we can see!  


Merry Christmas Everyone


The last week of term was filled with fun and presents.
On Tuesday we went on our Christmas trip to Farmer Ted's, we were lucky enough to meet Father Christmas and his elves.


Firstly we met the Reindeers, they were getting plenty of rest before they set off on their big Christmas adventure.

We climbed aboard the Farms tractor and set off for Santa's Grotto. When we arrived the donkeys where in their stable and the elves were waiting for us. 
Inside the Grotto we wrote our postcards to Father Christmas and posted them in the magic postbox.
We went to see Father Christmas and the children told him what they would like for Christmas. Father Christmas told the children they were all on the nice list, and as a special treat the elves gave the children a present. 
Thursday was our Christmas party we enjoyed yummy party food and party games. 

Merry Christmas and have a wonderful New Year
Lots of Love Nursery Team 


'Hammer Hammer Hammer, Saw Saw Saw'
Over the past two weeks the children have been practicing and performing the traditional nativity story. Thank you to all the parents for providing wonderful costumes and coming to watch the children perform.

I am sure you will agree that the children did an amazing job singing all the songs and did Westfield Proud. We had a special treat from Mrs Houghton playing the flute. Below are a selection of photographs from the performance.

Next week we will be busy making our reindeer food and Christmas decorations, as well as making our party hats for Thursday morning.


Wednesday is the trip to Farmer Ted's, all children must be in school for 8.30am with a pack lunch in a plastic bag clearly labelled. We are very excited to see Farther Christmas.


'A mouse took a stroll through the deep dark wood'


This week in nursery we have been reading the story of the 'Gruffalo'. On Monday we went for a frosty adventure on the ALPS to find all the characters in the story.

On a very frosty morning we followed the gruffalo's footprints into the
deep dark wood.


Jamie found the fox in his underground house, while Jessica found the owl in his treetop house. Alfie found the snake in his log pile house and Holly found the Gruffalo looking for the big bad mouse. 


In PE this week we have been developing 3 very important skills in moving and handling. Standing and balancing on one foot, catching a large ball and finally negotiating space by changing direction and speed in a large space. 



We had a double treat on Friday, celebrating two special 4th birthdays. Happy birthday to Lewis and Summer.
"I'm Stick Man, I'm Stick Man, I'M STICK M
AN, that's me!"
This week in nursery we have continued with our work on the 'Stick Man' story. We have developed our maths skills by counting the stick men the children made last week, reciting to 10 and making comparisons between quantities. In Shape Space and Measure we have been developing our vocabulary on size, using the characters from the story. Jamie said "This is the tiny one and this is the biggest". 
In the playdough area, we looked at Stick Men mats and read the instructions to complete the characters. Summer rolled the playdough to make the snowman's arms, while Evan made Santa's legs hanging from the fireplace. Using playdough helps develop the children's fine motor skills. 
Have you seen our new Stick Man display? The display shows all the children's fantastic work they have done, from Stick Man designs to photographs of the children making Stick Men. 
In PE we have been using our imaginations to move with confidence in a range of ways along a bench. It was amazing to watch all the children's imaginative ways, including sliding and balancing. 
Next week we are hoping to meet the Gruffalo, on Monday we will be going into the deep dark woods to find him.
See you next week

Lots of Love from all the team in Nursery 

What a busy week!!!
On Monday we remembered the members of the armed forces who have died in the line of duty.
We all made poppy's and some children spent a long time carefully cutting out poppy's to make wreaths. At 11 O Clock we held a 2 minutes silence to remember all the soldiers who have died, the children were fantastic and all the adults were very proud of them.    
This week we had an adventure on the ALPS, we met the Stick Man, the Stick Man is a lovely Stick Man who lives in a tree in the ALPs and goes on lots of adventures. We wanted to make some friends for the Stick Man, the children collected lots of different materials and we even found a poppy. Below are the children's creations, next week we are going to introduce the children's creations to the Stick Man in the ALPS.  
Georgina celebrated her 4th birthday this week, happy birthday Georgina. 
On Friday we raised £37.00 for Children In Need, thank you to all the parents for their kind donations. We had a great day in our Onesies and Pyjamas, we all looked fantastic. We had a special treat working with Jo Joxy, Jo read the story 'Ten in a Bed' and we acted the story out. 

This week in nursery we have been celebrating the Hindu Festival of Lights 'Diwali'. We made Diva Lamps using salt dough, we painted them with bright colours and lots of glitter. 


Below is a video of the children singing a Diwali song and lighting the Diva Lamps. 

Click here to see the children singing a song about Diwali.

Have you seen our new displays? We have made Rangoli Patterns using sand, glitter and paint. We used the computer program paint to make Rangoli Patterns. 

Next week we are going to continue to Celebrate Diwali looking at the Diwali story about Rama and Sita.
Week Beginning 11/11/13 Keyworker Meetings are taking place, please ensure you have booked an appointment.
Tuesday 12th Am: Mrs Littler
Tuesday 12th Pm: Lauren
Wednesday 13th All day: Miss Oddie
Thursday 14th Am: Mrs Saunders
Thursday 14th Pm: Mrs Grundy 

See you next week 

Welcome Back
This week we have been using our imaginations to build rockets to travel to the moon, just like baby bear in the story 'Whatever Next'. Look at our fantastic creations.

We had great fun outside with the hoops, developing our physical skills. 

Happy Birthday to Tamsin, Teegan and Georgia

Please Note: Tuesday the 5th of November is our trip to Bispham Woods, please ensure the children are dressed appropriately for the weather. All packed lunches must be in a plastic bag clearly labelled with your child's name on.


Have a wonderful half term, see you all on the 4th of November.


Our Trip to Alien Land


On Monday we put our wellies and waterproof coats on and went on a trip to Alien Land.
We went in a magic rocket and used our imagination wands to imagine what we would see in Alien Land. Harrison said "We will see lots of Aliens with funny ears and lots of Eyes. 

Outside and inside of the rocket. 

We counted down, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0, blast off!
We collected our Alien passports and our patterned pants and set off to find Alien Land. 

We came to a problem straight away, there was 'Danger Tape' all around Alien Land. Summer said "I can smell fire maybe it's warning us". We decided to take a risk and crawl under the danger tape. 

When we got inside we could see lots of Aliens and flying saucers and spaceships. 


Eventually we found the Aliens hanging in the trees, the children identified all the patterns on the Alien's underpants and matched them all. 


After our hard work investigating Alien Land we enjoyed hot chocolate and marshmallows. Yummy 

What an exciting adventure we had.
We are not quite sure what adventures we will have next week, but we are sure you will be excited to find out.


The Aliens have Landed


This week we have been reading the book 'Aliens Love Underpants'. We looked at all the different patterns, from spots to stripes.
We heard that the Aliens had invaded the ALPS and left all their underpants around. We decided to investigate, we got our binoculars and magnifying glasses and set of for an adventure.

We soon found what we was looking for, spotty pants, stripy pants and even flowery pants.


When we got back to class the children began thinking what we could do next. Codey said "We should give the Aliens their underpants back" Chloe said it would be a good idea if we went to Alien Land and Evan had a fabulous idea of going to Alien Land in a rocket. Summer blew Miss Oddie's socks off when she said "If we go to Alien Land we will need a passport". So we have all made Alien Passports and next week we shall be going in our magic rocket to Alien Land to give the Aliens their underpants back.


We can't wait to continue our adventures next week.
See you soon


Welcome Back
Week Ending 4th of October
This week we have celebrated a very special 4th birthday. Happy Birthday Suzanne


We have been making the most of the dry and warm weather this week before Winter sets in. We have been using a large ball to kick and catch and we have been using special egg chalks to draw lines and circles on the ground, practicing our large gross motor skills.
Have you been into our classroom to look at our lovely displays? The children's work is amazing, make sure you pop in this week to have a look. 

On Thursday the Final of 'Westfield Speaks' took place. Our pre-school finalist were: Nicole, Nicola, Conner, Evan and Chloe. Mrs France and Mrs Penman couldn't believe how fantastically well the children spoke.  We will find out on Wednesday who won overall in pre-school. Exciting!


Polite Reminder:
Please can you ensure you have brought your child's NHS number into school as this is now a legal requirement. Thank you


Another fantastic week in Nursery


This week we have been exploring the ALPS and went on a 'Magic Train Journey'. The children have been reading the 'Magic Train Journey' book and then went on their very own train journey.


We used our magic train to go to Blackpool, we used our imagination to see a jellyfish, the sea and a donkey.

We have been looking at shapes, and making 2D pictures using a variety of shapes. Summer Lucas  made a face "I have used two round eyes and a triangle for the mouth but I'm not sure about the nose". Codey "I have made a house with four walls". 
After a long train journey we came back to class and enjoyed Hot Chocolate and Custard Creams

Thank you for reading our blog, see you next week


The Pre-school Team 

 Welcome to our very first blog of the new year!


You will all be pleased to know that the children are settling in really well and are enjoying exploring and making new friends. 


Below are some pictures of the children exploring their new environment.

The children have enjoyed a range of simple activities, including painting portraits of themselves and working in pairs marble rolling.
This week we have started the phonic program, Letters and Sounds. Letters and Sounds will prepare the children for writing and reading later on in the year. This week we have concentrated on environmental sounds, using our listening ears to identify sounds in the environment.

On Wednesday the children had their very first PE experience, we need lots of practice putting our shoes and socks on by ourselves.



Ways of helping your child:


* Letting your child put their own socks and shoes on.

* Helping your child to recognise their own name.

* Letting your child put their own coat on.

Thank you for reading our blog, see you next week! 
Please find information on the Strike Action under Parents > School Letters > Whole school letters > 2023. Thank you