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Pre-school Room1

We have been exploring and showing an interest in a variety of books

at the local Library.

Week 3 - Let's get Movin'

This week we have been tasting different fruits, such as, pineapple, strawberries, oranges and strawberries.

After tasting them individually and talking about the flavours, we added them to a smoothie maker with milk and turned the machine on to blend the ingredients. The smoothie was delicious.

In our Baking with Jules session, we have been introducing other cultures and celebrating each other.

This week we have been celebrating Bangladesh by baking Vegetable Pakora's for the children to taste.

We carefully used a knife and a vegetable chopper to cut up fresh vegetables, such as, cauliflower, spring onions, potatoes, onions and spinach.

We mixed all the ingredients together and then put them in the oven cook.

Once they had cooled down, we tasted them..................mmmmmmmmmmmm!

Joshua, Jacob, Kacie-lee and Lily have been taking part in an outdoors activity with the WLCT Team.

They collected small sticks and twigs from the woodland area and using a ball of clay to mould it into a nest shape. They then decorated the clay with the twigs they had collected.

Using wool, they made a chick to sit in their nest.

Week 2 - Let's get Movin'

This week we have been talking about vegetables and why they are good for us. We talked about the smell, taste and how they feel. The children thoroughly enjoyed exploring the tomatoes, butternut squash, broccoli, parsnip,

red onion, peas and carrots.

Brody-Lee, Holly, Joshua, Lily and Ayesha did super on the Climbing Frame! The children are becoming more confident every week. no

We are Learning and Growing together. no

smileyFun at the local park.smiley

We are Super Shape Spotters!

We walked all around school spotting shapes. We found circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, diamonds and ovals. no

When we found a shape, we used a pencil to mark a tally on our shape sheet.

On a Tuesday morning, for the next 5 weeks,  the children will be taking part in a physical session called 'Let's get movin''

which is run by the Active Living Team.


Week 1

This week the children were introduced to Adam and Ryan who will be leading the Let's get movin' session.

The children have been learning about exercise and what effects it has on their bodies, such as, feeling hot, heart beating fast etc.

We played games with the parachute and exercised and danced to different songs.

Pre-school will finish for the Easter holidays, after session on

Wednesday 23rd March and re-open on Monday 11th April.

smileyHave a lovely Easter break!smiley

At the end of this term, we said goodbye to our lovely student Rhianna! wink

We wish you lots of luck for the future and come back and see us soon.xx

What a fantastic day at Smithill's Open Farm!

The children went on a tractor ride and fed the donkey's with bread, held chicks, rabbits and guinea pigs, bottled fed lambs, went on a donkey ride, played on the park and hand fed goats and sheep.

Spring has sprung!

We have been focussing on the story of 'The very hungry caterpillar!'.

We have been learning about quantity when discussing the fruit the caterpillar eats, recalling events from the story and repeating phrases and observing the life cycle of a butterfly by watching our own caterpillars grow, bigger and bigger and fatter and fatter!

We have 5 hungry caterpillars which we have named -

Spiderman, Batman, Thomas, Elsa and Olivia!

They have now each turned into a cocoon and will be butterflies

within the next 2 weeks!

Meet Dotty Dog and Lenny the Lion, our class teddies!

If your child attends on a Monday or a Thursday, they may get the opportunity to take home Dotty or Lenny for the week.

Then your child can share with the class all the lovely things they have been up to when there not at Pre-school.

Who will Dotty and Lenny choose this week?.......................................

High five to everyone for joining in with


smileyYou all looked amazingsmiley

We are learning and growing together!no

Happy BIG Birthday to Lisa!!

For the first two weeks of this term, the children are participating in two enhancement weeks to boost their Physical development.

In week 1 the children will be concentrating on the Health and self care aspect and on week 2 Moving and handling.

Week 1 - Health and Self Care


We have been using the puppets to practice brushing teeth!

Do you know....... you should brush your teeth twice a day for 2 minutes!

We have been talking about and discussing unhealthy and healthy food.

We made a shopping list of what healthy foods to buy from the shop.

We walked to the shop (because walking is good exercise) and bought the foods on our list.

We bought a variety of lovely, healthy vegetable's and when we got back to class, we copped them up to make a delicious vegetable soup. Mmmmmmmmmmm

Week 2 - Moving and Handling


On week 2 of Physical fortnight, we have been focussing on keeping our bodies fit and healthy through exercise and movements to build our muscles. This includes, participating in Zumba sessions in class, walking out and about in the environment, climbing wall session, chopping fruit (to build the muscles in our arms) and a trip to Wacky Warehouse for a physical play session with the Friday children.

Pre-school will finish for February half term,

after session on Friday 12th February

and re-open on Monday 22nd February.

A BIG thank you to everyone who donated to Chatterbox Challenge. We had a lovely afternoon at Robin Park, singing nursery rhymes.

High five to the all the parents who joined us for the

Did you know?.............In China they use Chopsticks to eat food!! We have been practicing using them to eat was very tricky. Did you know?.......In China, children are given a red envelope containing a lucky penny. We used our super scissor skills to make our own envelope. We even put a lucky penny inside.

We have been tasting lots of yummy Chinese food, such as, noodles, prawn crackers, rice, chicken curry and  sweet and sour. It was delicious!

We have been watching videos of how the Dragons dance during the celebrations for Chinese New Year. We used different materials to make our own Dragon then danced with it during Outdoor Play.

On a Thursday morning a small group of children have been accessing an outdoors intervention programme with the Active Living Team.

This will run for 8 weeks and will encourage the development of the children's Personal, social and emotional development and also their Communication and Language development. 

The children have thoroughly enjoyed every session so

Week 1 - Mud Kitchen and Den Making

Week 2 - Clay modelling and Story telling.

Week 3 - Making Bird feeders and Bird ID.

Week 4 - Bug House, minibeast hunt and mmmmmm hot chocolate!

We are becoming Confident Climbers! This week it was Finley, Ayesha, Areebah and Evie's turn. Well done!

smileyWe are learning and growing together!smiley

smileyWe met two real life Superheroes!!smiley

Sue the Lollipop Lady and PC Ged.

They told us all about how they help us everyday.

Sue, the Lollipop Lady told us all about how she helps us cross the road safely. We know we need to hold our grown ups hand and wait for Sue to stop the cars. We even dressed up as a lollipop person.

PC Ged talked about how he helps us! He told us about the different uniform he wears and what equipment he uses. He even let us try on the different hats. The Pre-school grown ups were very good volunteers!


The children always show a big interest in Superhero play.

We have changed our group room into a Superhero room with capes, masks, figures and a den!

We have been encouraging the boys to give meaning to their marks as they draw through inviting them to draw a picture of their favourite Superhero.

Jacob - "I want to draw Hulk smash, he is green and he is big too. Batman has a cave."

Jessica - " My Mummy is Supergirl."

Austin - "I've not drawn Captain."

"He's getting a shield in a minute and his eyes, that's his eyes."

Liam - "I'm going to draw Batman, I need to draw another Batman."

Alongside our Superhero theme, we have been focusing on the story 'Superworm'

The children have been digging in the mud to find Superworm.


"Superworm, oh Superworm, come out Superworm." - Gabrielle.

"I found nothing! No Superworm in here." - Jessica.

"I making dinner for Superworm Batman." - Mason.

"I want to call Superworm Elsa." - Kayla-Marie.

"We digging, got 2 worms in the bucket." - Lily L

In Outdoor Focus time, we have been practicising our 'Pedal Power!'. If we usually use our feet to push the trike we challenged ourselves to use the pedals. Once we could confidently pedal the trike around the track we were given our 'Bike Licence'.

The children have shown a lot of interest in playing hairdressers. We decided to change our role play area to suit the children's interests. We made a shopping list and walked down to Robin Park to buy the resources on our list.

The children said we needed scissors - this led to a discussion about how only grown up hairdressers are allowed to cut hair - we decided to call the hairdressers 'The no chop hair shop!'

We walked to the local hairdressers to see what happens!smiley

Welcome back!

smileyA big welcome to Charlotte, Evie, Edward, Jack and Neve who have started Pre-school this week.smiley

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all the Parents/Carers and Children in Pre-school Room 1.

Busy, busy , busy........ we have been using our cutting skills to make Christmas cards, sensory skills to make calendars and reindeer food, baking skills to make mince pies, creative skills to make snowmen

and fine motor skills to make baubles.smiley

We practiced our pen grasp and used the felt tips to draw a picture of what we would like for Christmas. We stuck a magic stamp on the envelope and then walked to the post office to post our pictures to Father Christmas........

we hope he

We worked as a team to decorate the Christmas tree.

Puddle Fun!




"I'm a Stickman!"

We have been reading and learning about the story 'Stickman.' We visited the ALP's to make our own Stickmen.

We collected sticks and then used pipe cleaners to twist around the sticks.

Massive well done to everyone who contributed to Children In Need.

In Pre-school room 1, we raised an amazing £94.00!!!




As parents/carers, the information you provide us about your child plays a crucial role in how our pre-school works.

We would love for you as parents/carers to have an input into the planning we provide each week.

In the cloakroom you will see a display - Parent/carer Planning.

Next to your child's photo is a speech bubble -

please can you provide us with some information each week as to what things your child has shown an interest in, this can be anything at all from trains to drawing to superheroes, or, anything your child has achieved such as getting dressed themselves or any new words they've used.

This will enable us to plan more effectively to meet the needs and interests of the individual children.




Playing, Learning and Exploring together.

We have been learning about Remembrance day, what it is and why we have it.

We made our own poppies and went to Wigan on the local bus to lay them at the Cenotaph.


During P.E, we have been using our gross motor skills to move in different ways, climb, jump and balance. We did fantastic!

We have started the HEALTHY SMILES SCHEME! We will be brushing our teeth everyday when we attend Pre-school.

We have been developing our fine motor skills whilst investigating Halloween!

We used the wooden hammers to hammer golf tees in to the pumpkins. The boys especially loved this activity.smiley

We used tissue to wrap each other up as spooky mummies!

Whilst investigating bonfire night, we used blow painting to explore the different colours of fireworks we had seen.

We talked about and listened to the different sounds the fireworks made.

"Pop, pop, pop!" Jacob Said.

"Go bang!" Alexander said.

"Bang, bang, bang." Said jack F


We discussed keeping safe on Bonfire night and talked about how to use sparklers safely.

"Fires very dangerous for dogs and they might get burned." Said Holly.

"When its finished you put it in some water." Kayla said.

"You can burn your hand off!!" said Archie.


Halloween and Bonfire Baking! We made spooky meringue ghosts and bonfire chocolate apples. Yum Yum!

What a fabulous time we had at our Autumn trip to Haigh Hall!smiley

We played on the swings, explored the Autumn leaves, watched the diggers building the new park

and went on a 'Bear hunt' in the woods.

We splashed and sploshed in the puddles, squelched and squerched in the mud until we found........A BEAR!!!!!! But it was a friendly Liam bear, phew!!


What superstars your children are!! During P.E they have each been putting their climbing skills to the test on the climbing wall. We talked about the safety equipment they need to wear and why, and watched in amazement at how well they all did. We are CONFIDENT CLIMBERS.

What a busy first few weeks in Pre-school!

All the children have been getting to know the staff, the other children and their new learning environment and have all been superstars in adapting to the rules and routines. smiley














We had an exciting week, celebrating the Queen's longest reign.

We made crown's, listened to the National Anthem, wore red, white and blue, looked at photos of the Royal family and the crown jewels, and baked some delicious English scones.

We even had a visit from a special visitor. no









The children have thoroughly enjoyed exploring the mud kitchen. Making mud pies, watering the plants, mixing the mud with water - lots of fantastic learning opportunities.







Welcome to the class blog for Pre-school Room1.

Here you can find out all the exciting things your child has been doing at Pre-school!smiley


Meet the team.



            Kerry - Room Senior and                 Jane - SENCO and Key Person               Mrs Wright - Key Person

              YPC Deputy Manager   



             Julie - Key Person                                  Laura - Key Person                     Karen - Early Years Practitioner



            Justine - Key Person                               Lisa - Key Person                         Beth - Early Years Practitioner



                                  Pat - Early Years Practitioner                   Beth - Early Years Practitioner


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