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Reception W

This week has been so exciting!


We started this week by learning about the fourth of our football teams- Australia!


We looked at the different types of animals that are in Australia and began to learn the names of them- we particularly like the name of an Australian bird called a Kookaburra.  We are hoping to see some of these animals when we visit Blackpool Zoo next Friday.


On Tuesday we created some wonderful pieces of Aboriginal art.  Isabelle knew that we had to use oranges and browns to make it the same as the original pieces.  Jake said "You can't use bright colours like blue and pink"

The children concentrated very hard using a slim tip paintbrush to create small circles building up to a pattern. 


On Wednesday it was our turn for Sports day!

We all had a wonderful time zooming down the track in the sprint, hopping like kangaroo's in the sack race and concentrating very hard to balance the egg on the spoon.

We were all very proud of ourselves and the grown ups in our classroom were amazed at how fantastic we were! 


A special mention to Terence who has received the achievement certificate this week for 'Never giving up'!  He was fantastic during sports day and has been a true delight to have in class over the past week.  Well done Terence!


On Thursday we made our own Australian flags, we had to check carefully the colours we were using.  Again Terence showed determination, concentration and excellence in completing this activity. 


On Friday morning we completed the Reception bush-tucker challenge.  We had to collect stars from tubs of slug slime, fish eyes, maggots and spiders legs!  A huge well done to Layla who won the challenge by collecting 40 stars!


We have had lots of fun this week.....we cannot wait to learn about Africa next week!  Please remember it is our trip on Friday.  We must be in school on time ready to leave at 9am! 



Rec W



Week ending 27th June


This week in Reception we have visited another country from our football teams.  This week was all about England!  Unfortunately we are now out of the World Cup, but the Reception World cup race is heating up!  Please come and look at our board to see who is in the lead!  It is changing daily. 


We began the week thinking all about Wigan.  We used Google Earth again to find landmarks in Wigan and look around the town centre.  We then started at school and moved around the local environment to find our own houses. 

'I have to go up, then across and then down the hill.  Then it is my street, near the field'  Kali


'I live near Miss Hall, I can show you Henley's house and Brandon's house too'  Aaron


We really enjoyed this and even zoomed off to Kali and Olivia's home country to look at the environments and how they are the same or different.


Luke G really enjoyed zooming in and out and being up in space looking at our world.


On Tuesday we learned all about the Royal Family of England, and looked around London on Google Earth. 

We looked at pictures and painted pictures of the different members of the Royal Family.  We thought Prince George was very 'cute' and that the Queen was very 'proud' and 'old'. 

We then made our own King or Queen crown using shiny pieces of paper for jewels and diamonds.


On Wednesday we made our own maps from our house to school.  We talked about all of the things that we passed on our walk or car drive to school, like the park, the lollipop ladies, the old person's home and our realtives and friends houses.  The maps were very detailed! 


In Literacy on Wednesday we wrote about 'What we see in Wigan'.

The writing that we produced was wonderful using sounds like 'oo' and 'ou', capital letters, full stops and even connectives. 

We thought about shops, places and people in Wigan that we are familiar with.  This will be in our learning journeys which you will receive at the end of the year.


On Friday we came to school in our own clothes to raise money for the homeless charity 'The Brick' which is based in Wigan.  We discussed the charity and the people that they help and then we went into the outdoor area and built shelters for people who do not have a home.  The shelters were fabulous and we worked really well as a team to choose our resources.


Well done to Chloe who received the achievement certificate this week for simply being Caring Helpful Lovely Organised Excellent!  You are an asset to our class!


We hope that you have a wonderful weekend.

Love from Rec W


Making homes for the homeless

This week has been very different!


We started the week thinking about another of our class countries 'Brazil'.


We had lots of fun learning about how Brazil is different to our own country which is 'ENGLAND!' shouted Georgie

We like looking at the beautiful beaches of Rio and the wonderful Ignazu waterfall.  We decided that we do not have these things in Wigan, but we wished that we did!


On Tuesday we made our very own carnival hat.  We added sequins, shiny paper and feathers to look like we were in the Rio Carn-i-val.  We are becoming very creative children as we think about how to make our designs better and more fit for purpose.


On Wednesday and Thursday, we said goodbye to Reception W for two days and hello to Year 1W.  What good fun we had in Year 1.  We met our new teachers Miss Galley and Miss Barrow.  We like them lots already!

We found out that the Gruffalo has escaped and it running loose around our school!  We made 'Wanted' posters so that everyone in school can be on the lookout for the big, hairy brown Gruffalo.  When we visited the ALPS we saw a huge footprint which could only belong to the Gruffalo because it was MASSIVE!



On Friday, Mrs Rothwell brought three big drums, maracas, xylophones, tambourines and a guiro into class and we created our very own Samba music.  We enjoyed making loud music and thinking about how to improve our music so it sounded more like Samba (which is Brazilian music).  

Miss Hall and Miss Gray went to lunch with a bit of a headache.....but it was well worth it!


A big well done to ALL of Rec W for earning the achievement certificate this week, because of their outstanding behaviour and smooth transition upto Year 1 this week.  Miss Galley and Miss Barrow are really looking forward to teaching you in September!

Our new classroom

What a fun filled first week back!

This week we have been thinking all about keeping healthy. 


We started off Monday by thinking about how important sleep is for us and our bodies.  We had a very sleepy puppet in our classroom and we had to think of ways to help her go to sleep at night.


Teigan said 'Your room has to be lovely'


Emily said 'You need a comfy blanket'


Brayden said 'It has to be very quiet'


Then we did a little relaxation yoga to help us to relax!


On Tuesday, a nurse came to see us in our classroom.  Her name is Nurse Rachael and she works at Wigan Hospital.  She explained all about the different germs inside of our bodies and we found out that some germs can be good.  We put the germs in the right places in the body (after drawing around Georgie and Terence!) and we also listened for our heartbeats using a stethoscope.


We also thought about the germs that live on our hands and the importance of washing them to kill the germs.


Emily Mae said 'If the germs go into our tummy, then we will feel poorly'


Nurse Houghton also showed us how to wash our hands properly to make sure all of the germs were killed.


On Wednesday we had a day jam packed with Art.


Brandon said 'I wish we could do more Art, I really like it!'


We created some wonderful masterpieces in the style of Paul Klee.  Some of this art work will be on display as part of Wigan Schools art exhibition at Robin Park over the next few weeks.  If you are interested in this, please speak to a member of staff for more details.


On Thursday morning we tasted lots of different healthy foods, some things we had never tasted before.  We had Sharon fruit but Jack M said 'It makes my mouth dry', rice, cucumber, tuna and crackers, kiwi fruit and lots of other tasty fruit and vegetables.  We decided which foods were healthy and unhealthy for us.  Lewis said 'Crisps are ok if we have them occasionally' and Luke G said 'Rice isn't healthy if you fry it in oil'.

Excellent job guys!


On Friday we thought about the effect of exercise on our bodies.  We measured our breathing rate and heart rate before exercise then ran an obstacle course around the playground.  We ,measured our breathing rate and heart rate again and talked about the changes that had happened.  Ellie said 'It's beating!'  and Hayden knew that his breathing had become faster because he needed more air in his body.


We have all really enjoyed our maths challenges too this week.  Mrs Rothwell is giving us harder and harder challenges because so many children are getting them right!  Bring it on!


Also this week, we have split into 5 teams for our World Cup.  We can earn goals for our teams by being kind, making others smile and working hard.  We have England, Ivory Coast, Brazil, South Korea and Australia.  At the beginning of the week Brazil were on a goal scoring spree but it has evened out a little now. 


Pictures from this week:






Nurse Visit

Week ending 6.6.14

Bye for now


Rec W

Week ending 23rd May



Well, we are finally back up and running on our brand new website!  We hope that you found us easily!


This week we have had so much fun, and although we had yesterday off school due to polling day we have learned so much!


On Monday we learned some Zumba moves in PE.  Mrs Rothwell turned up the volume and we danced to 'Waka Waka' by Shakira.  It was very exciting! We moved in time to the music could listen to the instructions that Mrs Rothwell gave us to help us do the right moves.  It was a bit tiring, but Ellie couldn't wait to do this again, and we danced in the outdoors afterwards too!


On Tuesday we went to Haigh Hall to celebrate the end of the Monster Maths Month!


'That's a big bus!  Can we sit upstairs?'  asked Aaron


'I can see my house!' Elise told us


'That's near where I live, it's lust around the corner' said Isabelle


The bus journey was very exciting, and we all had our fingers, and toes crossed for nice weather (in fact Maisey also had her eyes crossed!)


We went pond dipping, on a minibeast hunt and painted a pot to plant into. 

First we explored the life inside a pond.  Brandon thought he was going to find a shark, but Adele (the pond dipping expert) told us that sharks live in the ocean.  We did find some creatures through; leeches, water louse and water snails.  On top of the water, we were lucky enough to see some very tiny baby ducklings!  They were adorable.


On the minibeast hunt we turned over logs and found a hive of activity underneath.  We had a minibeast viewer and caught the insects to get a closer look.  We knew that we must put them back into their homes and return everything as we found it.  We found, woodlouse, worms, harvestman, snails, slugs and lots more creepy, crawly and slimy things!


When we arrived back at school we had a lovely afternoon in the sunshine, painting the rest of the pots and playing and learning in the outdoor area.


On Wednesday, we couldn't wait for our Mums, Dads and other relatives to come to school and see all of our monster maths work.  We waited very patiently and when they arrived took the lead showing them our work and playing the different games and activities with them.  It was a fabulous experience.


One parent commented to one of the teachers 'You are making a maths monster here, he loves maths and cannot wait for the challenges!'


Another parent commented saying 'This was a great experience. I have loved coming to see my child's work.'





No school on Thursday and it rained!


Today, it also rained, but outside lots of learning was still taking place.  Lewis built a shelter with the help of Emily, layla and Maisey to keep the rain out whilst they played. It was a fabulous idea! The rain then stopped but the Nursery children had a great time playing in it when they came out later.  They liked the colours and began to adapt and change the structure to meet their play ideas.  What a fab idea Lewis!


A big well done to Teigan who earned an achievement certificate this week for trying really hard in all activities this week. 

A big well done to Henley who earned his certificate for his inquisitive skills in the potion mixing this week. 


Well done to both of you!


We hope you have enjoyed reading this week's blog

Have a wonderful half term!







Week ending 25th April

Well, that was a short week!  We have all settled back into school really well and have been very busy working hard.

We are learning all about 'Monsters' and 'Maths' for this half term and we have been thinking about what Maths actually means

Aaron -'Counting'

Brandon- 'It means all about numbers'

Maisie C- 'Guessing how many things are in the box'

We began the week by thinking about 'estimating'.  Isabelle was very impressed with this grown up word and knows exactly what it means!

A big crying to Layla who won our estimation challenge!  She estimated that there were 20 blocks in the box.  Well done!

We also learned about a number line and looked at the order of numbers on the line.  We filled in the missing numbers on the number line, and could say what was one more or one less than the numbers.  We were very good at this!

0 1 __ 3 4 5 __ 7 8 __ 10 11 __  __  14 15 __ 17 18 __ 20

On Thursday we went onto the ALPS and hunted for monsters!  We saw tall monsters, short monsters, spotty monsters, slimy monsters and lots more!  We made a list of the different types of monsters we saw and had lots of fun exploring the woods in the ALPS.

This morning we have thought about what we want to get better at in Maths.  We have created some fabulous pieces of writing with Bob and Sully....please look at them on our display in the classroom.

Finally, this afternoon we are thinking about doubling and halving.  We have to get the same again to double and share into two equal groups when halving.  If you get any opportunities to practise this with us at home, it will help us a lot!

Thank you for popping by
See you next week
Rec W

Week ending 4th April 2014

Well, it's the end of term and the children are feeling very tired after all of the busy work that they have done this week.  We have been busy but it has been lots of fun!

We began the week writing letters to the Easter bunny to let him know the types of eggs and other special presents we wanted for Easter.  We remembered to write 'Dear' at the beginning of our letters and knew that we needed to put our name at the bottom so the Easter bunny would know who the letter was from.  Our handwriting and sounding out of words is getting better day by day!

Then came Wednesday.......the day started off dull and damp but it was time for our trip to the ALPS.
We learned about working as a team to build a den and Mrs Rothwell squirted us with water at the end to see if our den was a good place to be in  the rain!  It was very exciting.  We used scissors, sellotape, bamboo canes, drapes, pegs and the natural things around us.
Here are some photographs of our den

Week ending 21st March 2014


 This week we have been continuing our learning about Spring, but have thought about animals that we see during Spring also.  We began the week thinking about birds and what they need to help them to look after their babies.  We thought it must be quite difficult for birds to find food when they are looking after the eggs in the nest, so we made bird feeders and put them on the fence in the playground. 

During Maths we have begun to count on a number line to work out number problems.  We had to remember that we started at the first number in the sentence on the number line, then look at the sign and either jump forwards or backwards.  It was a little bit tricky, but soon we understood and were able to even write a number sentence and work this out independently!
We also have a number and sound of the day chart, that we have enjoyed filling in together and spotting the number and sound in the classroom.  Some of us even made the number or sound using the different areas of our classroom.

On Wednesday we went to the ALPS to continue our learning about Spring and observational drawing.  We looked at the view from the ALPS and chose a special part of the view to draw. 
Jack M- ‘I am going to draw the grass’
Chloe- ‘I am drawing the table and fruit bowl’
Emily Mae- ‘I have drawn the hill and put the flowers on it’
Today we have been thinking all about staying healthy and having discussions with our friends about what is healthy food and what isn’t healthy food.  We talked about what the word healthy means, and how we are able to have a treat of unhealthy food but should not have it all of the time. 
Layla ‘Chocolate has got silly sugars inside and fruit has sensible sugars’
Lewis ‘A salad wrap is healthy, and you can have crisps for a treat’
Kali ‘That’s not healthy, sweets can make your teeth bad’
We made our own Hungry Caterpillars and enjoyed talking to our friends and relaxing in our special Hungry Caterpillar cocoon.

This week we did not have a Friday Challenge, instead we had the Great EYFS Bike Race.  The winner was Charlie from Reception F who sped around the track in an amazing 9 seconds!

This forthnights certificate winners were


For her good listening skills at carpet times


For practising her handwriting during independent learning.

Thank you to all of the parents for attending Parents’ Evening.  We enjoyed sharing the learning journeys that your children are on with you.
Thanks for popping by
See you next week
Rec W

Week ending 14th March 2014


 This week we have been looking for signs of Spring!
We began the week on Monday, by setting up an experiment in our classroom.  Everybody that came to our classroom was interested in the experiment and we enjoyed telling them what we were learning about.
We also made some observational drawings about the vase of daffodils in our classroom.

We changed the role play area into a garden centre, and wrote our own signs and symbols for the area.  Miss Hall and her little group of ‘seekers’ found lots of gardening equipment around the school for us to explore!  We have enjoyed playing the roles of gardener, shopkeeper and customers.
We had a special visitor in our classroom on Tuesday morning, Mrs Dougherty from Y2.  She came to see our Marvellous Maths skills and was very impressed with all of the children in our class!
On Wednesday we went across to the ALPS.  We had lots of fun looking for signs of Spring and comparing the ALPS to our own playground.  We thought that the ALPS didn’t have any toys or a climbing frame, but we soon realised that sticks, trees, leaves and stones could be just as much fun!
Today, we looked closely at our experiment from Monday.  We did not like what had happened to the pear. 
“It’s gone squidgy” Milly
“It’s all squashy” Maisey
“It would have been better if it was in the fridge” Aaron
And the poor daffodil…….
“It died because we didn’t give it any water” Maisie
“It’s flopped over because it doesn’t have soil” Luke G
And finally……………………
Miss Hall was here to witness it this week, and thanks to the skills of our photographer Mrs Wilkinson………………..
We ran up and back down the playground in small groups to see who could do this the fastest.
1st Place- Brayden
2nd Place- Layla
3rd Place-Luke U
Well done guys!
Thanks for popping by.......please keep on the look out for bird's nests as we will be learning about animals and their homes next week.

Week ending 7th March 2014


What a busy week......we can't believe that Friday is here again!


This week we have been absolute superstars.


We have had lots of special things happening this week.
We were allowed to bring in our favourite story books from home.  We shared these with our friends and amazed the teachers about how much we knew and could talk about our favourite stories.

We visited the Life Education bus on Wednesday.  We blew the teachers away by how much we knew about the human body.  We learned how to stay healthy and keep our bodies fit and strong.

On Thursday it was World Book Day!  We loved to see all of our friends dressed up as different book characters, but found it very funny to see the teachers dressed up too!


Isabelle, who retold the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and received a special certificate in assembly!  You were fab!Click here to see our Super-Star-Story-Teller winners reading their stories.

And so today is Friday!
We had our very first achievement assembly in Reception.  Two children were chosen from Miss Quayle's class, and two children from Mrs Evans class.
We were so proud of our friends who earned a certificate!

Isabelle for her fantastic contributions of her knowledge in the Life Education Bus

Elise for her enthusiasm and interest when learning about Space.

And last but not least today is the day for the


Unfortunately Miss Hall wasn't here today to see us all balance on one leg, but we have put a picture on of our winner just for you Miss Hall.
Well done to Layla who came third, Olivia who came second and of course our winner Aaron!
Thanks for popping by to see what we have been learning about.

Next week we will be looking at changes over time, thinking about Spring.  If you see any signs of Spring please discuss these with your children.
Week ending 28th February 2014

Can you believe that it will be March tomorrow?  The time is flying by!
This week we have been learning all about space, and as you will know we have some mini space scientists in our classroom! (Great job with the homework!)
We were blown away by the knowledge of the children:

Elise: 'There is no gravity on the moon'

Isabelle: 'The spacemen have to wear special helmets so that they can breathe'

We have been learning so much about the planet where we live 'Planet Earth', and the other planets in our solar system.

We have enjoyed looking at Google Earth this week, zooming in from outer space to our school.

Layla asked 'So we live in space?' and this sparked another space science conversation!

We have made paper mache planets, wrote our wishes on stars, made aliens and planets in the playdough, worked out some tricky rocket maths problems and done lots of amazing writing filling in our astronaut passports!

We have been working so hard!

Please remember that it is World Book Day on Thursday, please come dressed as your favourite book character!

Check the blog next week for our first Reception Achievement Assembly photographs and certificate winners!

From everybody in Reception W

Week ending 14th February 2014

What a very busy and productive week we have had in class.

This week we have been learning about the text Owl Babies. We have used the computer to find out information and have spent some time finding out information from the story book.

We also transformed our Chinese Restaurant into a woodland area and have been learning about light and dark and animals that live in the wood and the times of the day they like to appear.
exploring light and dark with torches

We have also been thinking about where owls live. We have spent some time with our grown ups at home trying to find out what we can about owls. This is what we know

Hayden - Owls can turn their head almost all the way round
Elise - Owls eat mice
Isabelle - Baby owls are called owlets
Very impressive!

We have also transformed a section  of our classroom into a place where we can go and build a den for an owl. Have a look at some of our designs. I am sure that an owl would be very happy living here.
Then if that wasn't exciting enough we made a cake as our competition entry for the Westfield Bake Off! As you can see we stuck with the Owl Baby theme and this is what we produced.

Owl and owl babies

Thank you to all the people that took part in our bake off, the entries were amazing. This is just a small selection of our very talented class


We also enjoyed our very last session with Wigan Athletic on Thursday. We have had a great time developing our football skills.
developing our co-operation skills

We also spent some time studying owls and what they look like. We painted pictures and then added detail to them using pastels, chalk, feathers and buttons. Don't they look great?

All that's left to say is have an amazing holiday and see you in a weeks time ready to go again!

- - - - - - - - - - -
Week ending 7th February 2014

Ahoy there everyone!

This week we have been very busy learning about numbers through pirates.

We started the week off pretending we were pirates in PE and moving under, over and through gym equipment. We used lots of language like small, flat, thin, tall to do with the shapes we made.

walking the plank

We then thought long and hard about what pirates might say if they came to visit us at school. We had some great suggestions and they showed just what wonderful imaginations we have.

a sample of our writing

We then thought about what every good pirate needs, you've guessed it, a treasure map. We spent such a long time adding detail to our treasure maps and then we used teabags to stain them and give them an old look and feel. Mrs Evans has made a display of them in class and they are so very eye catching. Come in and have a look at them.

just one of our very detailed treasure maps

We developed our knowledge of numbers by playing pirate games, we learned about counting forwards and backwards and adding 1 more. We had a great time

pirate counting game.

We have also been busy thinking about what our entry is going to be in the Westfield Bake Off Challenge, we are learning about Owl Babies next week and it is linked to that, but shhhhhhh our lips are sealed as we don't want anyone to steal our brilliant ideas.

Remember if you are taking part in our bake off and would like to send in cakes they need to be in class on Thursday morning. How very exciting!

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Week ending 31st January 2014

Kung Hei Fat Choi

We have been very busy this week learning all about Chinese New Year. We know that information can be found in books and on the computer.

We started the week off making lanterns to decorate our Chinese restaurant. They look very striking in the role play area. We developed our scissor control and tried hard to stay on the line.

We also have been busy looking at the way we write our names using Chinese symbols. We used a real Chinese writing set and inks to do this. We had to really concentrate on this to make sure the symbols looked the same. Take a look at our hard work.


We also thought about the animals that make up the Chinese Zodiac and we learned about the year we were born in. We then wrote a sentence and did an illustration to show the information we had found out. Mrs Evans is really impressed with our writing.

We have also been using ICT to design lanterns, dragons and lions. We used a mouse and the keypad and used skills such as click and drag, fill, cut and paste. They are now proudly displayed in class.

designing and creating our lanterns

We also made our very own Chinese money envelopes. We learned that Chinese culture finds red to be a very lucky colour and we set about with our scissors to cut, fold and glue. We even managed to include a very lucky gold coin.

We also had an amazing time at our Chinese New Year party. We had the chance to taste some food, listen to Chinese music and wear our hats. It was so much fun!

Next week we are going to be having a pirate maths week. Everything we learn is going to be linked to numbers, shapes and measure. Remember to look at our blog next week to find out more.

See you all very soon.

- - - - - - - - - -

Week ending 24.1.14
Welcome back to our class blog.
This week we have been busy learning all about The Magic Porridge Pot story. We started the week off listening to the story and thinking about what happened at the beginning, middle and end of the story.
We learned that the porridge pot was magic and that you had the use the words stop little pot stop to stop it cooking. So we thought about what we would like to do if we had magic powers, we had some fantastic ideas…
Maisie C - I would go to the beach
Emily B - I would turn a bird into a butterfly
Aaron - I would turn a toy car into real car
We also thought about the types of things we like to eat for our breakfast. We took all of the ideas we had and transferred the information into a tally chart. We used it then to find out information such as what breakfast food is most popular in our class and what is least popular. Here we are using it to gather information and answer questions.

Breakfast tally chart
In PE this week we have been developing our ball skills. We have been trying hard to use a bat and to make contact with a ball. We have definitely improved since the last time we used bats and balls.

Developing our bat and ball skills
We also took part in an experiment in class. We mixed bicarbonate of soda with vinegar and you will never guess what happened…….
It bubbled and overflowed just like the magic porridge pot did in the story.

Bubbling away just like the magic porridge pot
 We have also been very lucky this week to have some of the Wigan Athletic staff come into school and work with us to develop our football skills. We had a great time in the hall and really worked hard.

exercising with Wigan Athletic
If that wasn’t exciting enough we also made porridge to eat for our snack. We went into the kitchen in small groups and used the magic word – Cook little pot cook. You will be pleased to know we remembered to use the magic words – Stop little pot stop to make the porridge pot stop cooking.
We have also been busy learning some of the language associated with capacity. We ordered different size containers and talked about whether they were full, empty, nearly full or nearly empty. Here we are ordering our containers.

learning about full, empty, half full and half empty
 Next week we will be learning about Chinese New Year. We have an action packed week of learning to look forward to. Remember, RWI bags come to school everyday, reading books need to be returned on a Monday morning so that they can be changed. Thank you for your continued support
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Week ending 17th January 2014

This week we have been very busy learning all about Hansel and Gretal. We started the week off listening to the story and thinking about the diffeent characters and how we would feel if the same thing happened to us.

We then thought about the house the wicked witch lived in and we had a good idea that we could design our very own house. We completed a design on paper and then set about turning the design into reality.

Hayden's house

Here we are in various stages of house building.

We also all worked together to create a large house which is now hanging proudly in our role play area. Why not pop into class and have a look at it. We used glitter, paper, paint, chalk and lots of other materials to make our house.

We also have been learning about adding two groups together to find the total. We used characters from the story Hansel and Gretal and gave them each some bread crumbs and counted how many they had altogether. This is something that we could practice at home.

Thank you once again to those parents who keep our box modelling area well stocked. What would we do without you?

Next week we are going to be learning about the Magic Porridge Pot story - We wonder if you can guess what it is we might be having for snack one day next week?

Mrs Evans has also planned a really exciting science experiment involving lots of different ingredients. Join us again next week to find out how it went!

Bye for now
- - - - - - - - - - -
Week ending 10th January 2014



Happy New Year!


Welcome back everyone to our blog. We hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year and you are ready and raring to learn.


This half term we are going to be learning about Fairytales and Traditional stories. This week has been all about Little Red Riding Hood. So what have we been learning about we hear you ask!

Here goes......

We have been using traditional storybooks and reading them to our friends, getting clues from the pictures and adding our own ideas about the story. Jak read us an amazing story about Little Red Riding Hood and we were very impressed with Hayden's version of The Enormous Turnip.

We also have been thinking about what some of the characters from the stories might say and we have been developing our writing and speaking skills pretending to be the different characters. Emily convinced us that she was the wolf from Red Riding Hood with her scary deep voice!

retelling Little Red Riding Hood

We also thought about what the wolf should say to Little Red Riding Hood if he ever saw her again. We decided that he should be saying sorry. So we set about writing sorry letters to her. We had some fantastic ideas and this is just a small selection......

Rhys thought the wolf should say he was sorry for scaring Red Riding Hood

Layla thought that the wolf should be saying sorry for being mean and unkind and trying to gobble Grandma up.

writing wanted posters to catch the wolf


We also want to say a BIG thank you to those Mums and Dads who regularly keep us topped up with boxes for our model making area. What would we do without you!


Also, just a quick reminder, can we ask that Read Write Inc bags come to school every day please so that when your child learns a new letter we can put their homework in the bag ready for the end of the day. Also, reading books need to be returned on a Monday morning so that staff can look in children's reading record, make any comments and select a suitable book for you and your child to share at home.

Don't forget to look at our blog next week to find out all about Hansel and Gretal.

Bye for now

Boys and girls in Reception W
- - - - - - - - -


This week we have been thinking all about our world!


We thought about the weather and looked on BBC Weather on the internet to find out what the weather would be like this week.  On Monday it told us that it would rain on Friday and as you can see the internet was right!


We have also been very busy making snow (and got our jumpers a bit messy!) because next week a Polar Bear is coming to visit us in the story Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What can you hear? We discussed how we could make our classroom more like the polar bear’s home to make him fell welcome.


A few children also made a rain gauge which was very easy, using only a plastic bottle!  It is on our playground in a plant pot and we are going to keep it there until the last day of term to check how much rainfall there has been.  So please don’t touch it without a grown up’s help!
We also looked at life in a different country to ours.  Mrs Rothwell brought in a photograph of a little boy from Burkina Faso and photographs of the house he lives in and the toys that he plays with.  We realised that his way of life is very different from ours when we thought about what he has to eat and what toys he has to play with. 
We also had a ‘Logo Challenge’, thinking about the different signs and symbols in our environment.  Terence and Callum were ‘Super Symbol Spotters’ and could name nearly all of the symbols that were shown.  



It has been a very busy week as we have begun to practice for our nativity play.  Some children have words to learn as well as learning all of the words for the songs, but we are learning quickly and are sure it will be a very nice surprise for all of our families who come to watch us.  Remember- tickets are available from the main  reception (2 tickets per child).

Thanks for reading our blog this week
Love Rec W


Welcome back!

Wow what a busy week it has been…..

Firstly let’s say Happy Diwali (this is the Hindu festival of light).
  We have had so many fun activities happening this week that has tested all of our skills.
On Monday we made Diva lamps.  These are a traditional artefact from the Hindu religion that were lit to guide Rama and Sita home after Hannuman (the monkey)

rescued Sita from the clutches of Ravanna (the monster with 10 heads!)


We have learned how to Bollywood dance and had a tremendous time, Mrs Pennington and Mrs Houghton also came in to our classroom and joined in.  Some children are going to show off this fabulous dance during Westfield’s Got Talent in December (vote for us please!!)
We also had a chance to make and taste ‘Uncooked Diwali sweets’ which were sweets that didn’t need to go into the oven or the fridge before we ate them.  We simply made the mixture, rolled it into a ball and tasted it.  They were delicious! Lots of children wanted to have more, but we decided to save them and wrap them up to take home for other people at home to taste.
And Friday has been jam packed full of exciting things for Children In Need day.  We have played Pudsey bear games, iced cakes for sale to raise money and even made our very own Pudsey Bear mask!  Here we are in our PJ’s and Onesies! Don’t we look amazing?


Thank you for reading the blog and if you have time…… week we are going to be learning all about shapes.  Maybe you could help your little one think about different shapes we see in our houses and around us in our environment.
Have a wonderful weekend!
The Rec W team

WB 4/11/13


Since we came back from half term we have enjoyed thinking about Bonfire night.


We have made our very own fireworks using lots of different colours and wooden tubes.

We created a huge bonfire collage and wrote words like ‘pop’ whistle’ ‘bang’ ‘crackle’ to go onto the fire.

We were also getting ready for our special morning on Friday and we wrote some fabulous invitations to our family to ask them to come along to our reading morning.


On Thursday we went out onto the ALPS to do our Maths lesson, we had a real bonfire and we melted mashmallows on long sticks over the top! It was a lot of fun!  The rain stayed away but it was very cold!


On Friday our mums and dads came in to our classroom.  It was so busy!


 We had Mums and Dads everywhere and even our little brothers and sisters stayed and we read them stories.


Other children made bookmarks, read about Elmer and played in the Lightning McQueen tent.  What a fun morning!


On Friday afternoon, Mrs Saunders let us loose with the glitter and we created some beautiful fireworks thinking about what we had already seen on Tuesday night.  Please pop in to the classroom to look at the wonderful display.
On three afternoons throughout the week we have seen a rainbow in the sky. 


We have enjoyed looking at the different colours and thinking about what treasure may lie at the end of the rainbow. 
Darren was particularly excited by the rainbow, and told us everyday about the different colours he could see.

Hopefully next week will be a little less rainy but we know that our classroom will stay bright because of all of the little stars inside!


Love Rec W

Week ending 11th October


Over the past two weeks the children have been learning all about Autumn.


We have been exploring Autumnal resources and making collages from these.


The children have really enjoyed playing in our new role play area ‘The Woods’

 which they all had a chance to help build during last week. 
They have been playing lots of different games inside the tent, even X Factor In the Woods with Maisey H the Star of the show.


There has been a lot of activity in the creative and junk modelling area, which has become a second home to Rhys A.  His creations this week have astounded the teachers!


We have to replenish the boxes now on a daily basis as it has become such a popular area of the classroom.  So if you do have any card (empty cereal boxes etc) or yoghurt pots and milk bottles that we can build with please bring them in and hand to a member of staff.


We have also been thinking about the number 6 and how we can represent the number in a range of ways.  These children had some very good ideas of how to do this.  Please look for numbers around the environment with your children; on doors, street signs, on the clock and lots of other places too!

We had some superstar speakers who went to show off their speaking skills to the judging panel in the school for Westfield Speaks


They sang a song called ‘Kye, Kye Kule’ (Chay-Chay Koolay).  The children received a certificate and Milly P won the overall best speaker for the whole of Reception. 


We are very proud of her! 
Ask your child to teach you the song and the actions…..they are fabulous!


Thank you for having a little look at our blog, please come back next week to see what exciting things we have been doing in Rec W.
Love from
Rec W


Blog for 2013 14

Week ending 27th September


This week we asked the children what they had been learning about.  Hayden put his hand up (as we have been practising to do) and told us ‘Colours’.  This made Layla think and she said ‘It was a book about Anna’s glasses’.  So we thought about our book ‘Anna’s Amazing Multi Coloured Glasses’.

Isabelle remembered that we had made our very own multi- coloured telescopes with coloured sellophane that changed the colour of our world when we looked through them, just like in the book we read.  We went on a colour hunt around school using our telescopes.


Emily told us that she had really enjoyed playing in our new role play area which had been changed into a Vet’s surgery.  The children have had lots of fun treating the ill animals in there and using the different vetinary tools.


Miss Hall and the children had a whirl of a time in the outdoor area as they enjoyed dancing and playing music with their home made tambourines.  Elise particularly enjoyed this and she stood up on the carpet during our discussion to show me her dancing moves. This made all of the children want to dance again!


Brandon told us that he had been learning lots of new sounds in Read Write Inc, and how good he was at them.  A big whoosh for Brandon!


Please can you remember to bring your child’s RWI bag to school everyday so that we can put in the new sounds that they have been learning
The photographer was also in school this week and the children gave their best smiles for her and said ‘Smarties’ when they had there picture taken.


We have also celebrated Aaron’s birthday this week…..Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you….’


What a busy week it has been in Rec W.....and we haven't mentioned making rainbow jelly, learning throwing skills in PE, mixing brusho and water to make new colours and beginning to learn our days of the week!


The children are really enjoying their time in Reception, and we look forward to another fun filled week starting on Monday!


See you soon!
Love Rec W


Week ending 20th September 2013 

Welcome back to our blog. We are certain you can't wait to find out about what we have been learning this week.

This week we started off with the story Aliens love Underpants. We used this to help us learn about patterns.

Everything we have done this week has been about patterns and we know think we are pattern experts.

We created and designed our very own patterned underwear. We talked about choosing 2 colours and making a repeating pattern. Come into class and have a look at the display on the door. They look great!

We also went around school on a pattern hunt. This is the result!



pattern hunter

We also asked everyone in class to bring in pairs of patterned socks. We set up a giant washing line from one side of the room to the other and set about pairing the socks. We learned about colour, pattern and size.

sorting socks

On Friday we got busy in the kitchen. We measured and weighed ingredients and added them together to make alien biscuits. When they were cooked we put them in a line in, yes you've guessed it, a pattern. Yum!

mixing and stiring

On a Friday with Mrs Saunders we have been learning about shaking our right and left hand in a greeting. Ask your child to show you how it is done.

- - - - - - - - - -
 Week ending 6th September 2013


Well what an amazing first week in Reception we have had.


We are sure the children have been bursting with excitement coming home to tell you all about the things we have been learning about.


We started the week off by painting pictures about ourselves. We have created a very eye catching display in class of all our friends. Come inside and take a look. We have some very budding artists amongst us.

 our class

We have also been learning a little more about the letters in our name. We didn’t want to practice our name using pencil and paper. We wanted to practice using shaving foam. We had such a good time and we loved the messy part!


We also have been learning about and describing the taste, texture and smell of fruit. We looked at it, felt it and chopped it up to make a very tasty fruit salad. We enjoyed it very much.

 preparing our fruit salad
We have also been busy designing and making. Look at some of our fantastic models. We spent such a lot of time thinking about what we were making and how to do it.

jack's spider

Remember to bring your reading books back to school on Monday so that we can change them and send them home at the end of the school day.


If you haven’t already brought your PE kit it needs to be brought to school on Monday as that is when we do PE.


Please find information on the Strike Action under Parents > School Letters > Whole school letters > 2023. Thank you