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Reg 2

Books for Breakfast
20th-24th June 2016

Welcome back to our blog, can we just start by saying a great big THANK YOU to all of our parents and guardians that attended our 'Books for Breakfast' session. We really enjoyed showing you what we get up to in Pre-School and reading the story books in all of our areas...
We are still learning about the excitement of the Olympics as we have our own to prepare for very soon. In preparation for the Olympics, we have been designing and creating our own masks and headdresses for the opening ceremony, have a look at our fantastic creations... They're out of this world!

Our SUPERstar of the week was Sofia. Sofia is a lovely friend and is always trying her very best in all of her activities. Well done, Sofia!


Fred has chosen Ellie's house to go to this weekend! Ellie has shown the grown-ups her super sensible behaviour this week, especially in Read, Write Inc. As always Fred is looking for good friends to adults as well as peers, so he is very happy in his choice of Ellie. Have a lovely weekend you two, we cannot wait to hear all about your adventures on Monday!

Have a lovely weekend and see you next week!
Miss Brown, Mrs Littler, Mrs Grundy and Miss Lisa x

Outstanding Olympic Fun!
13th-17th June 2016

This week we have been learning about the Olympics! The children have been exploring the Olympic events by creating salt dough gold, silver and bronze medals and making Olympic Flags using printing materials to create the interlocking Olympic rings. We have also been watching some of the past Olympic events online - gymnastics was our favourite!

Our little Athletes practising for the Olympics!

Olympic Flags

Salt Dough Olympic Medals

We would like to wish a BIG Happy 4th Birthday to Yasmin this week! We hope you had a lovely day and thank you so much for your yummy birthday treats!

Our SUPERstar this week was Aston, Aston has really been trying his very best in all of our activities! He has shown super listening skills when on the carpet and has been putting his hand up lots to answer questions - fantastic, we are so proud of you, Aston!


Fred the Ted has chosen Keeva to go home with this weekend. Keeva is always a good friend, she shows kindness towards all of her peers and is always enthusiastic about all that she does! Have a fantastic weekend, Fred and Keeva. We cannot wait to hear all about your adventures on Monday!

Have a lovely weekend and as always, thank you for reading!

Miss Brown, Mrs Littler, Mrs Grundy and Miss Lisa x

Take a peek at our week...

6th July-10th July 2016

Welcome back to our class blog, we hope you have had a lovely half term break! We have been very busy this week...

Wow's School Art Exhibition
'Creativity in Bloom!'

Robin Park Sports and Tennis Centre
14th June-3rd July 2016

We have finally finished our contributions this week for 'Creativity in Bloom' have a look at the pictures below, can you guess what we have been making out of clay? To see them up close, why not join us at the gallery, for more information see the poster in Pre-School.

Year One had some very important visitors on Friday, we were very lucky to spot them during our outdoor play...

This week's star of the week is Alex, Alex ALWAYS tries his very best in all of his activities, he made sure all of his friends had their sun cream on this very sunny week and he is really trying his best in Letters and Sounds... WOW, well done Alex, you SUPERstar!


Fred is a VERY lucky Ted this week as he has chosen to go home with Gracie-Mai for the weekend. Gracie is a fantastic friend, she is always lending a helping hand and making sure her friends are happy! Have a lovely weekend you two, we cannot wait to hear all about your adventures on Monday! 

Thank you as always for reading, have a lovely weekend!

Miss Brown, Mrs Littler, Mrs Grundy and Miss Lisa x

“Oh my Grandma, what big eyes you have…”

9th May-13th May 2016


Welcome back to our class blog! Can you guess what Traditional Tale we have been reading this week… Little Red Riding Hood!


We have really focused on our Literacy – reading this week, listening to and re-telling the story, we have used technology to do so! Using the bee-bot the children had to firstly think about Little Red Riding Hood’s route to Grandma’s house, they then had to programme the bee-bot to move around the mat – we programmed it to go to the shop to buy ingredients for grandma’s cakes, to the post office to buy a stamp for grandma’s letter and the police station to tell the police all about the Big Bad Wolf!

Also, we have been baking cakes this week as in the story of Little Red Riding Hood, Red Riding Hood takes cakes to Grandma’s house. The children decided it might be nice to take the cakes to the residents at the Care Home and read the story of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ too!

Next week we will be going to the ALPs to find the missing Big Bad Wolf and to re-tell the story of Little Red Riding Hood in the woods, we might even take a picnic to enjoy!


Have a lovely weekend, thank you for reading!

Miss Brown, Mrs Littler, Mrs Grundy and Miss Lisa x

But it was just right...

3rd May-6th May 2016


Wow! What a busy week we have had in Reg 2 this week! We had an intruder… This intruder made a very big mess… They decided our room was TOO quiet and left their mark with a golden blonde curl. Can you guess who it was? It was Goldilocks!

This week we have been reading ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ we re-told the story by creating a story map, drawing key events and settings throughout!


We also had a go at measuring capacity using porridge, we had to use our mathematical magician brains to think about which bowl and spoon belonged to which bear and how much porridge which bear should get. It was very tricky but we loved exploring and problem solving!

Finally, the weather is getting warmer and our Westfield Garden Centre is up and coming! The children have spent lots of their afternoon creating objects and planting seeds, soon it will be time to use our role playing skills to buy and sell the plants and objects!

Our SUPERstar this week goes to Millie, she always tries her best in all of her activities. Millie is showing a fantastic understanding in Read, Write, Inc. She is beginning to independently blend and segment words – well done, clever clogs!


Fred the Ted has chosen a fantastic friend to go home with this weekend, he has chosen Harvey-Joe! Harvey-Joe is definitely ready for big school, he shares and initiates play with ALL of the members of Pre-School – how lovely! Have a fantastic weekend boys, we cannot wait to hear all about your adventures!

Thank you for reading and we hope you have a great weekend,


Miss Brown, Mrs Littler, Mrs Grundy and Miss Lisa x

“I’ll huff and I’ll puff…”
25th-29th April 2016

Welcome back! Luckily, at the beginning of the week, when the weather was a bit nicer, some of us went to the ALPs to take part in a Scavenger Hunt and to water our potatoes and plants we planted last week! Have a look at the pictures below, we really enjoyed ourselves, we even spotted some wildlife!

Can you guess what our new topic is… Traditional Tales! You guessed it, our focus story this week is ‘The Three Little Pigs.’


We have enjoyed listening to the story, repeating familiar phrases and acting out the story using our puppets to help us. But, wait… One puppet has escaped… the BIG BAD WOLF! Our job in Pre-School this week has been to create WANTED posters to help us to find the Wolf, we even had a go at labelling our Big Bad Wolf drawings by hearing and saying the initial sounds in words and writing them down! Here are some of the things that we wrote:

‘fri’ furry- Millie

‘gra’ grey- Keeva

‘big clos’ – Maisie



We then stuck up our posters all around big school and told everybody to keep their eyes peeled.

On Thursday, we had a sighting of the Wolf, John and Tony the caretakers had seen him at the ALPs! Unfortunately, due to the bad weather we could not go and find him… So hopefully next week we can go and have a look!

Our Star of the Week this week was Nathan! Nathan has tried his best in all activities this week and has really blown Mrs Littler’s socks off at carpet time – well done Nathan!


Fred is a very lucky Ted this weekend, he chose Kian to go home with. Kian is ALWAYS a good friend, we hope Fred and Kian have a fantastic bank holiday weekend together and we cannot wait to hear all about your adventures!

To finish, have a lovely bank holiday weekend and as always, thank you for reading. See you on Tuesday!


Miss Brown, Mrs Littler, Mrs Grundy and Miss Lisa x

“The Very Hungry Caterpillar”
11th April-15th April 2016


Welcome back to our blog, we hope you have had a lovely Easter! Now back to lots of learning, playing and exploring in Pre-School…

This week we started our topic of Spring and New Life. As you know our five caterpillars have been keeping an eye on Reg 2 the past few weeks and it was their turn to decide what we would like to learn about so our story focus is ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar.’


What better way to get us ready to watch our caterpillars cocoon and turn into butterflies, we have kept a close watch on them this week and by Thursday ALL caterpillars had become butterflies!


We feel so lucky to have had the experience to nurture, care for and watch our caterpillars grow and turn into beautiful butterflies… We set them free in the ALPs and made sure to visit them again on Friday to see how well they had settled into their new home!

We have also been talking about plants in our Spring and New Life topic, we have been exploring the different things plants need to grow… Soil, sun, water and care!


We have planted some in our Reg 2 planter in the ALPs and will be planting many more in our very own Mud Kitchen ‘Westfield Garden Centre’ We have talked about all of the things we would like to plant and grow including strawberries and tomatoes! Watch this space…

After 2 weeks off eating lots of Easter eggs and taking long bubble baths, Fred has chosen Millie as his friend to go home with this week! Millie has enjoyed telling the rest of the class about her Easter trip to Australia, she pointed it out on the map and told us she stayed at a farm during her holiday! We loved hearing about Millie’s adventures and we thought she was a superstar in sharing them with us!


Our SUPERstar this week is AMY! Amy is doing so well in her Read, Write, Inc that she has blown Miss Brown’s socks off! She can now recognise and hear her sounds and is beginning to use them in her writing. Well done, clever girl!

A big Happy 4th Birthday to Alex this week! We hope you have had a fantastic birthday and thank you for your yummy cake!!

Thank you for reading, see you next week!

Miss Brown, Mrs Littler, Mrs Grundy and Miss Lisa x

Our trip to Old Holly Farm!

21st-23rd March 2016



Have a look at our exciting day out at Old Holly Farm! We saw lambs, chicks, donkeys, pigs and many more! We got to feed the sleepy baby calves and hold the chicks... We hope you enjoy our pictures as much as we enjoyed our day!


Caterpillars, daffodils, Planting... It must be nearly Spring!
14th-16th March 2016

Hello and welcome back to our blog!

Have a lovely Easter!

See you on 11th April...

Miss Brown, Mrs Littler, Mrs Grundy and Miss Lisa x

Keep reading to see what we were so interested in…

Wow, can you believe it is the last week of term next week? We can’t… But we cannot wait for our trip to Old Holly Farm!


This week we have been learning about new life… That means we have been doing LOTS of planting! We have really been exploring the different seeds, sorting them, planting them and watching the growing process!


We have explored the season Spring as we know it is on the way! We have discussed all of the new life we might see in Spring and we decided to take a local walk to see if we could spot any of it! We used our own digital cameras to take pictures all by ourselves! On Wednesday, we went to Marsh Green Library and chose some books that we thought represented Spring and new life, we now have them in our reading area to look at!

We have been making salt dough Easter ornaments, we have been really using our mathematical skills when doing so! We have been measuring out the ingredients, counting our rolls of the mixture and making sure we have enough ingredients to make the right amount of eggs!

We have also been using our mathematical knowledge when sorting our seeds into the right plant pots, we have matching the right quantity of seeds to their number pot and making sure to count all of the seeds very carefully to make sure they are in the right pot!

This week, 5 new members of Reg 2 came to join us... According to the boys and girls, they are furry, prickly, long, friendly and their names are Jessy, Elsa, Tank, James and Dougal! Can you guess what they are yet? ... Caterpillars!


The caterpillars will be staying with us until they cocoon and turn into butterflies, then we will set them free onto our ALPs! We will blog their progress each week, so keep your eyes peeled. Our caterpillar monitors are doing a fantastic job of looking after them, we know we must stay quiet in class to ensure they don't get scared! At the moment, we have to use magnifying glasses to look at them as they are so small!

Our Star of the Week this week was Molly! Molly is ALWAYS a superstar, she tries her best in all of her activities and is a lovely friend to the children and grown-ups. Well done Molly!


On Friday, Fred chose Riley M to go home with for the weekend. Riley showed the grown-ups his superstar grown-up behaviour this week and has blown Mrs Littler’s socks off in all of his maths activities! ALSO, he has been an excellent friend to everybody. Keep it up, Riley!

We just want to add... Thank you to all our parents and guardians for coming to Parent/Guardian Evening! I'm sure you will agree the children have made outstanding progress this term. We are so proud of the children, they really are fantastic!

Thank you for reading and enjoy your weekend!


Miss Brown, Mrs Littler, Mrs Grundy and Miss Lisa x

Physical Fortnight!
29th- 4th March 2016

Wow! We have been so busy in Pre-School!


Over the last two weeks we have been taking part in ‘Physical Fortnight!’ To begin with we explored the meaning of how to stay healthy. To stay healthy we now know it is really important to eat different fruits and vegetables. Firstly, we got to try some new and exciting fruits and vegetables such as, blueberries, mango, lime, kiwi, sugar snap peas, celery and much more!



We then made our own shopping lists ready to take with us to the local fruit and vegetable shop. We bought 2 carrots, 1 swede, 4 potatoes, 1 leek and celery and with our ingredients we made a scrumptious soup! Have a look below at our chopping and peeling skills, we used our knives very carefully with excellent control!
We talked about the importance of variety in our diets, we made our own healthy lunchboxes, we even added one treat in our lunchboxes as we know one treat every now and again is good for us!

During the second week of Physical Fortnight we explored how we can stay active and why it is so important! We had a walk to the local park to explore the surroundings, we took a trip to Wacky Warehouse and we had a fantastic time in P.E!


We explored different ways of moving: we balanced, swung, negotiated spaces, climbed, jumped, stretched, slid and many more! We had so much fun and you can see that in the pictures below!

Finally to end our week we celebrated World Book Day! We all dressed as a story book character and brought our favourite books to look at independently, with friends and with a grown-up. It was lovely to see everybody taking part!

Our Star of the Week this week was Maisie! Maisie has blown Miss Brown’s socks off in Read, Write, Inc! She is showing a fantastic knowledge and understanding of her initial sounds and is beginning to write them too – well done, clever girl!


Fred the Ted has chosen Oliver to go home with this weekend! Oliver, who is always a super friend, was sooo excited to be taking home Fred this weekend, we know Fred is going to have a fantastic weekend with Oliver and his family. Have fun boys, we cannot wait to hear all about your adventures next week!

Parent’s Evening
Monday 14th-Tuesday 15th March
We would like to invite you for a brief chat with Miss Brown and your child’s key worker. Here, we will discuss your child’s progress in Pre-School, any information you may need and what to expect in the upcoming months. Also, it will be an opportunity for you to chat about what fantastic things you could be doing at home to help your children further!
To make an appointment please sign and return slip with preferred time.


Old Holly Farm:
We have organised a day out to Old Holly Farm on Wednesday 23rd March. If your child attends a Wednesday session and you wish for them to attend, please pay £11 by Wednesday 16th March. Please see a REG 2 member of staff for more information.


Thank you for your continued support and have a lovely weekend!

Miss Brown, Mrs Littler, Mrs Grundy and Miss Lisa x

Busy, busy, busy...
Chinese New Year, Chatterbox Challenge AND our Fire Station visit!

8th-12th February 2016

This week in Reg 2, the children have been celebrating Chinese New Year or ‘Kung Hei Fat Choy’ the children have been saying! I wonder if the children could tell you what animal we are celebrating this year… It is the year of the Monkey!


To celebrate we have joined in with lots of activities, we took part in Chinese inspired traditional dance in our Squiggle Wiggle sessions, beginning to imitate movement in response to music, using not only our bodies but our minds as well… listening to the music allowing it to flow all the way from our ears into our wrists and fingers and expressing our feelings using the crayons onto the paper!


The children helped the grown-ups to set up our own Chinese restaurant in our classroom and mud kitchen area too! We used both areas to really get into character, using chopsticks, real Chinese Restaurant menus, fortune cookies and Chinese crockery and cutlery… This was a new and exciting experience for all of us!

We also encouraged our independence this week, having a go at copying some Chinese lettering and creating our very own Chinese Dragon, have a look at the pictures below to find out more…


Finally, on Wednesday we enjoyed a Chinese Banquet of different types of noodles, rice, prawn crackers, spring rolls, chicken dishes and lots of different sauces!

Kung Hei Fat Choy!

Our Chinese inspired Squiggle Wiggle!

Our Chinese Banquet!

That isn't all, the fun just didn't stop there in Pre-School... On Thursday afternoon we took part in this year's charity organised Chatterbox Challenge, to raise money and awareness we walked to Robin Park with our Reg 2 grown-ups, parents and guardians. We chatted all the way there and once at Robin Park we took part in lots of rhymes, songs and dances. It was lovely to see so many of you, a special thank you to all the parents and guardians who took the time to walk with us and join in with our favourite rhymes and songs. Also, a big thank you to all for your generous donations!



Finally, to round off a VERY busy week, we visited Wigan Fire Station! Here, we met two Fire Fighters Andy and Jonny… On our journey to the Fire Station the boys and girls were telling the grown-ups all of the exciting questions they wanted to ask the Fire Fighters, the most important one being “can we have a go in the Fire Engine?”


Andy and Jonny answered all of our questions and more, we had a go of the water hose, sat in the Fire Engine, listened to its VERY LOUD sirens, watched the Fire Fighters go down the infamous Fireman’s Pole and we also got to try on the Fire Fighter uniform! Most importantly, the children were taught some very important fire safety rules, it would be fantastic to hear if any of the childen have shared them with you! We had the best time, take a look at the pictures below...

This week’s Star of the Week was Bayley. Even though Bayley was poorly at the beginning of the week, he came back to school raring to go! He showed fantastic grown-up behaviour at the Fire Station when asking questions and trying on the Firefighter’s uniform. Well done Bayley, we are so proud of you!


Fred the Ted has chosen to spend not only the weekend, but the WHOLE week this week with Riley J! Riley has shown superstar behaviour all week, he has used his big boy voice when taking part in activities, he has shown patience when waiting for his turn AND he was a fantastic partner to Miss Brown at the Fire Station visit… (even telling her to use her ‘fast feet’ towards the end of our long journey home!) Fred really has chosen a good friend to spend his half term with! Enjoy your time off boys, we will see you in a week!

Finally, we hope that you have a lovely half-term and stay safe!


We will see you back, the week beginning Monday 22nd February 2016...

Miss Brown, Mrs Littler, Mrs Grundy and Miss Lisa x

Learning outside the classroom is lots of fun!
1st-5th of February

In Reg 2 this week we have had a very exciting week, to start we have really been enjoying the outdoors!

At Westfield Pre-School we feel that learning outside of the classroom is VERY important, it supports our problem-solving skills, it nurtures our creativity, it provides us lots of opportunities to develop on our imaginations, it allows us to explore, experiment and discover our outdoor surroundings and more importantly it is lots of FUN! Especially for our active learners…


Take a look at this week’s ALPs adventures with the Haigh Hall team and our fantastic den making (we transported ourselves to Adventure Bay on Tuesday) on the playground!

Towards the end of the week, we explored the festival of Chinese New Year! Before starting our new topic, we thought all about the words ‘China’ and ‘Chinese’ and what they mean to us… To our surprise the boys and girls said FOOD! So as a class we decided to create our own Chinese Restaurant.

First, it was our responsibility to decide what would be on the menu. We made our own specialities using the paint and paper plates. Here are some of our ideas…

“Noodles and peas!” – Riley M

“Chicken in orange spicy sauce.” – Amy

“Rice, chips and gravy.” – Harvey-Joe

“Prawn crackers.” – Paige

We cannot wait for the grand opening of the restaurant on Monday to try all the yummy ideas!

Next, we had to think of how we were going to decorate our restaurant, we made paperchains with Mrs Fields and began to make Chinese lanterns with Miss Lisa.

Next week, we will continue to decorate our restaurant with Chinese letters and numbers, lanterns and much more, watch this space… We cannot wait for our Chinese Banquet on Wednesday which will take place in our new Chinese Restaurant!

Finally, our Star of the Week this week is Keeva! Keeva has been a superstar in Letters and Sounds, she has shown a fantastic understanding of her initial sounds and alliteration! Well done, Keeva!

Fred the Ted chose a very excited Mason to go home with this weekend! Mason has really shown his brave side this week by coming into school with no tears… He is always a good friend to all of his friends and grown-ups and always tries his very best! Fred has definitely chosen a superstar to share his adventures with… See you next week boys, we cannot wait to hear all about your adventures!


That’s all from us this week, enjoy your weekend and thank you for reading!

Miss Brown, Mrs Littler, Mrs Grundy and Miss Lisa x

A good friend is...
25th-29th January

Wow! What a friendly and helpful week we have had in Reg 2 this week!

Firstly, to finish off our topic of ‘People Who Help Us’, we had a lovely visit from Arthur’s mummy and baby Theo! At first, the boys and girls were rather confused as to why Arthur’s mummy was at school… they soon realised that one of the most important people that help us is our mummy, daddy or guardians!

Arthur’s mummy brought a very well behaved Theo to come and meet the boys and girls. Whilst at Pre-School Theo had a bath, was dressed and had a cuddle with all the boys and girls, including the grown-ups too! Theo thought Miss Brown was funny, see the pictures below of Theo having a little chuckle! Theo’s mum spoke to us all and answered all of our questions too! A great big thank you to both Theo and mummy, we cannot wait to see you in a few months time to see how much baby Theo has grown!

This week we have been focusing on ‘How we help other people’, we thought the most important way to be helpful to another person is to be kind. Firstly, we asked the boys and girls how they expressed their kindness in Pre-School…


“I share the toys with Leo.” – Harry L

“I help someone up if they fall.” – Bayley

“I let everyone play my games… it feels nice and makes me happy when I play with everyone!” – Molly

“I say please and thank you!” – Harvey-Joe

“When we go outside, I put my friend’s zip up to the top!” – Riley S

The grown-ups were so pleased and proud of our kind answers! We then sorted lots of pictures into two groups, what makes a good friend and what makes a bad friend. We know that kind hands and kind words are the MOST important things to use in Pre-School!

To express our kindness and show how friendly we really are we decided to make our friends a friendship bracelet! Firstly, we chose a certain colour to paint our pasta, we really used our fine motor skills to make sure all of the pasta was painted beautifully! Once the pasta was dry, we used our super steady threading skills. (We even took our learning outside, we like to do this when the weather is warm! Look at the boys enjoying the bracelet making outdoors...) We just need to put our finishing touches to our bracelets, then it will be time to pass them onto our chosen friends!

This week we started two of our AMAZING interventions, one being the Climbing Wall… We are very lucky to now have the Climbing Wall on a Wednesday afternoon session, the boys and girls are going to be using their gross motor skills to practice pulling themselves up the wall, eventually being able to climb to the top! A BIG thank you to Mrs Littler for keeping us safe and showing us how to be super climbers!

Our second intervention is an additional weekly trip to the ALPs, wait for it… with the Haigh Hall team! As a Pre-School, we are very lucky to welcome the Haigh Hall Outdoors team to our weekly activities, a small group of children each week will be going to the ALPs joining in with Den Building, Mud Kitchen fun, Clay Sculpture making and lots more! We are so excited to see what more is in store, so keep your eyes peeled…

This week’s Star of the Week was Poppie. Poppie is an amazing friend who is always kind to others, well done Poppie – keep it up superstar!


Fred the Ted went home with a VERY excited Leo this weekend, Leo has been a very kind friend this week; sharing our toys, really using his good manners and proving to be a fantastic new friend to our newest members to Reg 2! Have a lovely weekend, Fred and Leo, we cannot wait to hear all about your adventures on Monday morning!

Finally, we have a busy couple of weeks ahead of us in Reg 2…
Chinese New Year
As part of our celebrations for Chinese New Year, we have organised for the children to have a Chinese Banquet in Pre-School!
The banquet will take place on Wednesday 10th February 2016.
If you would like your child to participate, we are asking for a donation of £2:00 per child, which will cover the cost of the food and decorations. This is payable to Miss Brown and the Reg 2 staff before Friday 5th February 2016.
(The banquet will be for children who attend a Wednesday Pre-School session only.)

Chatterbox Challenge
Thursday 11th February 2016
Letter to go out shortly with all information on.

Fire Station Visit
As part of our topic ‘People Who Help Us’ we are ever so lucky to have the opportunity to visit Wigan Fire Station on Friday 12th February 2016. We will be setting off from Pre-School just after 9:00am, so please ensure children are dressed in warm clothes ready to go! We will be arriving back to Pre-School at 11:30am, morning session will resume as normal.
(If your child attends a Friday morning session at Pre-School this will be a normal day, this visit is for Friday morning session children only.)


Thank you for your continued support and a big thank you for reading our blog each week!

Miss Brown, Mrs Littler, Mrs Grundy and Miss Lisa x

“When I grow up I want to be…”

18th-22nd January

What a grown up week we have had in Reg 2 this week! This week we have been talking about “why do we need the people who help us?” and “when I grow up I want to be…”


At the beginning of the week, we made a mind map - why do we need the people who help us?


“We would not have a good hospital with no doctors” – Leo.

“You help us and we need teachers to learn!” – Amy.

“To help protect us.” – Arthur.

“Everybody needs a grown-up to be safe.” – Theo

We then continued to draw the person who we felt helped us the most!

We then discussed, drew and even wrote about what special job we would like to do when we are older! Here are some of our ideas…

Freddie would like to be a Policeman, can you see Freddie's P he has copied the initial letter!
Kian would like to be a firefighter!
Can you guess what special job Aiden would like to do when he is older........ A policeman!

Wait, we saved the best until last! This week’s visitor, a person who does a fantastic job at helping us was… PC Ged! Can you guess what PC Ged’s job was by looking at the pictures?


The boys and girls were in awe of the stories Ged had to tell, they were able to listen to his police radio, try on all of his uniform and hats and even the grown-ups joined in too! But most importantly, the boys and girls learned some really valuable lessons…

“I know I have to wear a seatbelt in the car!” – Arthur

“To not talk to strangers!” –Keeva

“Know that we can talk to a policeman… he will keep us safe!” – Aiden

“The police keep us safe and protect us!” – Jackson

After a very exciting week, Aiden was chosen as our Star of the Week, he has really blown Miss Brown’s socks off in Letters and Sounds! Aiden always tries his best in his activities but this week he really has been a superstar, well done Aiden!


Fred has chosen to go home with  Lily this weekend, Lily is a lovely friend who is very caring! She always shares with her friends and plays so well alongside others, especially our new members to Reg 2. Have a fantastic weekend Fred and Lily, we cannot wait to hear all about it next week!

Finally, we celebrated a birthday this week... A BIG Happy 4th Birthday to Bayley! Thank you so much for your treats and we hope you had a fantastic day!

That’s it from us this week, but keep your eyes peeled as we have lots more exciting things to come this term!


Thank you for reading and have a lovely weekend,

Miss Brown, Mrs Littler, Mrs Grundy and Miss Lisa x

Who are the people that help us?

11th-15th January

We have had a lovely week in Reg 2 this week as this week we have been talking about the people who help us.


First, we talked about ‘Who are the people who help us?’ the children shared their ideas…


“a mechanic helps you by fixing your car” – Maisie

“a doctor is very important, they make sure you don’t die” – Aiden

“a nurse helped me at the hospital” – Olivia

“the lollypop lady helps me to cross the road” – Ellie

We had to choose one person to draw, who we thought had helped us the most…

Next, we talked about what some people do to help us…


“my mum and dad dress me in the morning for school” – Molly


“my grandma and grandad, grandma picks me up from after-school and grandad makes my tea” – Amy

“my mum, she helps me and other boys and girls… she’s a teacher, but she’s only MY mum!” – Isabella

We also had a visitor this week… Susan, Westfield’s very own Lollypop lady! Susan answered all the boys and girls questions about safe crossing, her special clothing and why her job at helping us is so important!

Next week we will be having another surprise visitor in Pre-School so, watch this space!

We also made our weekly library trip this week, we noticed that a librarian is also a very important person who helps us in the community! We independently chose a story to read then we had story time with the librarian. We had lots of fun, we cannot wait to go again next week!

This week’s Star of the Week was Mason, Mason has been trying his very best in ALL of his activities this week! He blew Miss Brown’s socks off in Letters and Sounds and Mrs Littler’s socks off in Maths, keep it up Mason!


Fred has had his bubble bath and is ready to go home with a good friend this week! This week he has chosen Isabella to spend the weekend with. Isabella is always a good friend, she is a super sharer who is always kind to her friends and grown-ups, so Fred has made a fantastic choice! Have a lovely weekend, Bella and Fred and don’t forget to tell us all about your adventures next week!

To finish off, we have really enjoyed welcoming our 4 new members to Reg 2 this week… Leighton, Keira, Brodie, and Maddison have settled in really well, we are so proud of them, they are a fantastic addition to our Reg 2 family!

Have a fantastic weekend and we will see you next week,

Miss Brown, Mrs Littler, Mrs Grundy and Miss Lisa x

Happy New Year!

5th-9th of December

Happy New Year and welcome back! We cannot wait to see what 2016 brings...


This week consisted of settling the children back into Pre-School, finding out about their fantastic Christmas', their new interests and what they wanted to learn about over the next half term! Therefore, we put a selection of new toys out for the children to play with and really observed them in their playing and exploring. The children really enjoyed the dress up and role play the most, we had lots of policemen and women, doctors, nures and lollypop men and women wandering around Reg 2 this week!


So as a whole class we decided we wanted to learn about the people who help us! Miss Brown has lots of fun and exciting ideas for the upcoming weeks, so watch this space...

Each week we will be taking a group of children to the library! Here, they will be choosing, looking at and listening to stories and really discovering the fun that books can bring! This week, Mrs Littler and Miss Lisa took the children the library and by the looks of the pictures, they really enjoyed it!

Our first of many weekly visits to the library!

Our Star of the Week this week is Harrison! Harrison has been doing lots (and we mean lots!) of building this week, really using his big voice to tell the grown-ups and his friends what he has built, counting and telling us the number of bricks he has used and how he has built the super things! Well done, Harrison!

Have a lovely weekend and we will see you next week!

Miss Brown, Mrs Littler, Mrs Grundy and Miss Lisa x

Oh, I wish it could be Christmas in Pre-School every day...
14th-17th of December

Wow! What an exciting and fun filled week we have had in Reg 2! We have done so much learning and exploring since September we thought we would really make the most of our last week in Pre-School until 2016...
The children, Miss Brown and Miss Lisa thought it would be a lovely idea to visit the residents of the Care Home to give them our homemade Christmas cards and sing them our nativity songs!

Our Christmas visit to the Care Home

A BIG well done to Amy for taking part in the 'Most Improved Handwriting' competition! Amy is the first Pre-Schooler to take part and to stand up at the front of the hall with all of the big boys and girls to receive her certificate and reward for super handwriting! We are so proud of you, Amy!


A big well done to Isabella, Alexander, Jackson, Maisie and Evie who also came to cheer Amy on in the hall, it was the first time for all of us sitting in the hall and we really did a good job!

The children had a fantastic Christmas party with lots of laughter, treats, dancing and to top it off, a visit from Father Christmas!

Just a little message from all of the staff in Reg 2, thank you for a wonderful year and all of the continued support you have given to us!


Have a lovely Christmas and New Year, we shall see you all in 2016!


Miss Brown, Mrs Littler, Mrs Grundy and Miss Lisa x

We wish you a Merry Christmas...
7th-11th December

What an exciting week we have had in Reg 2 this week!


Firstly, it was our Nativity! Miss Brown and the rest of the Reg 2 grown-ups couldn’t be more proud of the children, every single Mary, Joseph, donkey, sheep, shepherd, innkeeper, wiseman, angel and star sang their hearts out and put on a really good performance! They all looked fantastic in their costumes!


Next… wait! If you read on you may spoil your Christmas surprise… We have been making lots of different Christmas Decorations to bring home and give to our loved ones, hang on the Christmas tree and sprinkle on the grass! Yes, you heard correctly, we have been making reindeer food ready for Christmas Eve!

Leo said to Miss Brown, “have you written your letter to Father Christmas… what new toys are we going to have in our classroom?”

Thanks to Leo, we all decided that it would be a great idea to write our letters to Father Christmas to ask for new and exciting things in our classroom! Some of us independently wrote our letters and some sat with a grown-up and friends… Once our letters were finished we posted them into our Reg 2 postbox!

Once our postbox was full, it was our job to then go to the Post Office to buy a stamp and envelope! We then posted our letters off to Father Christmas… We cannot wait to see his response!

Letters to Father Christmas and our visit to the Post Office!


This week’s Star of the Week is Lily, Lily tries her very best in all of her activities, she loves to help the Reg 2 grown-ups and she always has a big smile on her face! Well done Lily, keep it up superstar!


Fred is a very lucky Ted as he has chosen Jackson to go home with this weekend! Jackson is a lovely friend to everybody, including the grown-ups! He is always sharing and using his beautiful manners at Pre- School so Fred has made a really good choice! Have a lovely weekend boys and we cannot wait to hear all about your adventures on Monday!

Winter Wonderland
(Tuesday 15th December)

-If you have paid for and returned the letter for Winter Wonderland then please bring your child to school at 8:45am prompt.
-If your child is not attending the Winter Wonderland trip, there will be no Pre- School for your child on that day.
-Packed lunches to be easily disposed of.

Pre- School Christmas Party (Thursday 17th December)

-ALL children are invited to the Christmas Party, if your child does not attend Pre-School on a Thursday afternoon please bring them to school at 12:30pm.
-Party food will be provided by Pre- School.
-Non-uniform, party clothes.


Thank you for your continued support!

Miss Brown, Mrs Littler, Mrs Grundy and Miss Lisa x

Aliens Love Underpants!
1st-4th December

Stripy ones, spotty ones, red blue red blue red blue ones… Can you guess what I am talking about? Yes, I am talking about underpants patterns!


This week our focus story has been ‘Aliens love Underpants’ so we have been learning about simple patterns in pictures and making repeated patterns with any objects we can find!

Aliens Love Underpants!

This week has been a very busy week as the children have been busy practicing for the Nativity and making Christmas decorations, therefore, we don’t want to spoil the surprise by showing you any pictures!

We cannot wait to show you what we have been making, but for now shhh its a secret...

This week’s Star of the Week is Harry Lewis, Harry is always a superstar! He is really trying his best in all that he does and his confidence is growing day by day, which is lovely to see! Keep up the good work, Harry!


Fred is a very lucky Ted as this weekend he has chosen to go home with Amy, Amy’s Grandad informed us that she was going away to the caravan this weekend, so we know the two of them will have lots of stories to tell us on Monday! Have a fantastic weekend you two…

Next week we will be focusing on ‘Aliens loves Santa Paws!’ so we are still focusing on Aliens but with a Christmas twist!


Don’t forget – it’s our Nativity Thursday 10th December at 2pm! On the day, please go to the Main School Reception to await the performance.

*All day/afternoon sessions will be as normal*

*Morning session children will be collected as normal and returned to Pre-School at 1:15pm*

Thank you for reading and see you next week!

Miss Brown, Mrs Littler, Mrs Grundy and Miss Lisa x

23rd-27th November

Wow! Something that is green and slimy with four legs, 6 arms, 3 antenna and 1 eye has taken over Westfield Community School…


Well what an exciting, fun filled week we have had this week in Reg 2! As you know our topic at the moment is Space, our rockets are made, our Astronaut tabards are well worn, our Space Passports are nearly ready to use on our journey to Space… But wait, on our trips to the ALPs Monday morning we spotted police caution tape and a very peculiar object in the middle of it. Fred the very brave Ted decided to stay at the ALPs to keep a look out for any strange goings on…


We then went back to our class to really have a think and a chat about what we thought the object could be…


 “A dinosaur egg!” Ellie and Harvey-Joe

“Chocolate” – Bayley

“A duck” – Harry


We had lots of really good ideas, it wasn’t until Tony our Site Manager emailed some suspicious CCTV footage of a UFO flying over the ALPs that we all decided on that it was an Alien egg that we had discovered!

Our Alien Egg Discovery...

We decided to go back to the ALPs to retrieve Fred and to check on the Alien egg and on Fred the Ted. BUT Fred and the egg had gone!! Only left was a letter from Fred…


Dear boys and girls of Reg 2,


Don’t worry about me I am doing just fine! I did some super detective work… the strange object was an Alien egg and out of it hatched a very slimy, gooey Alien, who has taken me to his planet to meet his friends and family! Please could you come and collect me soon as I am missing you all so much and Space isn’t as good as Westfield!


See you soon,


Once we had read Fred’s letter we knew we had a mission to complete! To find Fred and bring him back to school, so we decided to make our very own Space Passports in order to travel to Space and collect him.


We have been reading the story ‘Whatever Next’ so we used baby bears amazing idea to go to Space in… Cardboard Boxes! We used colanders as helmets and took a small picnic too! The adults enjoyed themselves just as much as the children and… we found Fred safe and sound and he is so excited to be back in Reg 2!

Our Star of the Week this week is Gracie-Mai. Gracie has built a really strong friendship with Yasmin which is lovely to see! Gracie always tries her best in all activities and really is a superstar, keep it up Gracie-Mai!


Fred has had so many adventures this week already and he is now off on an adventure to Tyler’s house! Tyler is a super friend who is always playing nicely, sharing and really caring for their friends. Well done, Tyler! Enjoy your weekend, we can’t wait to hear all about it Monday!

Next week we will be continuing our topic on Space, our new focus story will be ‘Aliens Love Underpants’ we are sure it is going to be another fun filled week in Reg 2!

Have a lovely weekend and see you next week,

Miss Brown, Mrs Littler, Mrs Grundy and Miss Lisa x

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0… BLAST OFF!

16th-20th November

Well as you already know from our letter home and our title of this week’s blog, our topic this week has been Space! We had been reading the story ‘Whatever Next!’ about baby bear and his adventure to Space, using a colander as a helmet and a cardboard box as a rocket!


Firstly, we found out what the children already know about Space…


“It is in the sky” – Evie

“It has lots of planets!” – Poppie

“We live on Planet Earth” – Jackson

“Aliens live in Space… we can only get there in a rocket!” – Theo

So, our mission this week was to design and create our very own Space Rocket! We found out that before mechanics or astronauts build a Space Rocket they must use their super imaginations to design it first!

Designing a Space Rocket!

Once our rocket designs were complete it was time for the exciting bit, making them! We used the recyclable materials that our grown-ups from home had brought in to design the fastest, most unique rocket we had ever seen!

Making a Space Rocket!

Then it was time to test our rockets! 

10, 9, 8, 7 , 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1......... BLAST OFF!

We also used our Gross-Motor movements to guide our Space Rollers around the planets without bumping into them! We really had to go ever so slowly using our arm muscles to do so! Unfortunately, it was raining outside so we decided to do our activity inside… It was still just as fun!

Next week, we will be reading the story ‘Aliens love Underpants’ so we will continue our Space topic, we may even make a trip to space! We are enjoying it so much. Miss Brown says there are lots more exciting things to come…


Our fantastic Star of the Week this week was Jessica- Rose! Jessica has really come out of her shell the past few weeks, she is showing the grown-ups and children what a good friend she is and it is lovely to see her friendship with our other Jessica growing. Keep it up Jessy!


This weekend Fred went home with Miss Brown for a much needed bubble bath! Before he went, he gave everybody a sloppy kiss and told them he would see them Monday when he is all nice and clean!

We celebrated two birthdays this week - BIG Happy 4th Birthday to Millie and Maisie! Thank you for all of your treats and we hope you enjoy your new scooters!!


Just a thank you... to all parent's and guardians who came to our 'Meet your child's key worker' meetings! It was lovely to meet some of you and it was even more lovely to talk to you about how well your children are settling in! We couldn't be more proud of the children and how well they are adjusting to their new start at Pre-School!


Once again thank you for your continued support!




Enjoy your weekend and see you next week!

Miss Brown, Mrs Littler, Mrs Grundy and Miss Lisa x

Diwali, Remembrance Day and Children in Need!

9th November- 13th November


It has been a very exciting and busy week in Reg 2 this week as we have had lots to think about and celebrate!


At the beginning of the week we celebrated the Hindu festival of light – Diwali. The children listened to the story of Rama and Sita and why we celebrate Diwali. To celebrate we decided to design and make our own Diva Lanterns, we decorated them with lots of colour, glitter and gems just like we saw on the pictures! We also made Coconut Barfi, a traditional sweet eaten during Diwali.

Diwali - The Festival of Light

On the 11th hour of the 11th day on the 11th month, we took part in a 2 minute silence to remember the fallen soldiers. The children learnt all about how important our soldiers are and why we should remember them. To remember, we each made a poppy and a cake using red icing. Some of the children then went over to Montrose Hall Care Home to visit the residents there, we each took a cake and a poppy to give once we were there. We also made them a wreath to display in the home! The children and residents all enjoyed a chat with one another whilst eating the cakes and having a warm drink. Miss Brown and Mrs Littler were really touched to see how well the children and the residents bonded, there were smiles on each and everybody’s faces.

Finally, we raised lots of money on Friday 13th for Children in Need. To raise money in style, Reg 2 wore their pyjamas, made their own Pudsey and Plush Masks, decorated Giant Pudseys and baked lots of cakes! All together with your kind donations and cake purchasing we raised £45.80! What a great day for a great cause, thank you for your generosity!

Our Star of the Week is Riley S, Riley has shown the grown-ups superstar behaviour this week! He has been trying his best in all of his activities and has shown us how much of a good friend he can be… Well done Riley!


Fred is a very lucky Ted this week as he has chosen to go home with Molly! Molly is a super friend and has shown us since starting Pre-School how friendly she is! So Molly really deserves Fred keeping her company this weekend, have a fantastic time you two and make sure you tell us all about your adventures Monday!

Next week our topic will be Space! The children have chosen it as they really enjoy the story ‘Whatever Next!’ Keep your eyes peeled as there will be lots of adventures in the upcoming weeks…


Have a fantastic weekend and we will see you Monday!


Miss Brown, Mrs Littler, Mrs Grundy and Miss Lisa x


Remember, Remember the 5th of November...
2nd-6th November


Well what a fizztastic week we have had in Reg 2!


This week we have been focusing on Bonfire Night, why we celebrate it and how we can stay safe at a Bonfire!

Firstly, we talked about Guy Fawkes and his terrible plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament and King James I. The children were fascinated to learn all about Guy Fawkes, Penny for the Guy and how we burn a Guy on the bonfire. We then talked about how we dress for Bonfire Night, we used Fred the Ted to help us! The children had to choose between all different items of clothing; shorts, trousers, vests, jumpers, sandals, wellington boots and much more. They then had to dress Fred in the correct items of clothing, making sure he was safe and warm!


Next, we asked the children the very important question “How do we stay safe on Bonfire Night?” …

“You MUST NOT go near the bonfire or the fireworks!”– Evie

“You have to stay with mummy’s and daddy’s… hold their hand too.”– Molly

“You have to wear gloves with your sparklers” – Leo

“… and then hot sparklers go in a big bucket of water!”- Theo

“only grown-ups do the fireworks and go near the bonfire.”- Lyla

This week, we baked Catherine Wheel cookies with Mrs Saunders and Miss Lisa, using tools and our fine motor skills to roll, pull, pat, mix, push and twist the cake mixture! We loved to see the colours mix around in the bowl just like a Catherine Wheel!

Our Star of the Week this week is Alexis, all of the grown-ups in Reg 2 feel like she has really come out of her shell the past few weeks, she has been making good friends with all of the children and grown-ups and she loves sharing her news at the end of the day which is lovely to see and hear!


Fred is a very lucky ted this week, he is spending his weekend at Theo’s house! Fred chooses a good friend to go home with each week and Theo is just that, a good friend! He is always sharing, playing nicely with his friends and always a great, big smile on his face! Enjoy your weekend boys and we cannot wait to hear all about your adventures on Monday!

Reminder - two letters have gone out this week…


‘Meet your child’s key worker!’
We would like to invite you for a brief chat with Miss Brown and your child’s key worker. Here, we will discuss how your child is settling in, any information you may need and what to expect in the upcoming months. Also, it will be an opportunity for you to get to know your child’s key worker and discuss any key information or questions you may have.
The dates with your keyworkers are as follows:

Mrs Littler – Tuesday 17th November
Miss Brown – Wednesday 18th November
Mrs Grundy – Thursday 19th November
Miss Lisa – Monday 23rd November


‘Children in Need!’

On Friday 13th November 2015, it is Children in Need, at Westfield Pre-School we like to celebrate and raise money in style!
We think it would be a fantastic idea for your child to dress in their pyjamas! Please could we ask that suitable shoes are worn and not slippers. If your child chooses to wear pyjamas, we kindly ask for a donation of £1 which will go to Children in Need.
In addition, the children will be baking lots of treats and a sale will take place at 11:30am and 3:00pm on Friday 13th November. Cakes and treats will be priced at 20p, this money will also go to Children in Need.


Finally, we would like to say thank you for your ongoing support and thank you for reading!


See you next week,

Miss Brown, Mrs Littler, Mrs Grundy and Miss Lisa x

Hi Ho Hi Ho it's off to Haigh Hall we go...
19th-23rd October

Well what an exciting week it has been in Reg 2!

This week we have still been focusing on the story of the ‘Stickman’, using natural resources (handpicked by the children) in our classroom to create, play and explore with.

Using leaves, one of our collected resources, the grown-ups left them in all areas of our classroom so we had to decide what we wanted to do with them! We did leaf rubbings on the writing table, we created leaf men, women and children on the creative table, we snipped at all different leaves on the funky fingers table and we compared leaves by length, width, shape and colour on the maths table. We even had some in our Woodland inspired small world area! We had lots more creative and exciting ideas, have a look at some of the things we got up to…

Also this week, we have been painting with spices from all around the world! The children were able to smell and look at all of the different spices such as, coriander, mustard powder, cinnamon, cumin, garlic powder and many more. They then mixed the spices with a few drops of water using pipettes and then painted with them! We were able to tell a grown-up which spices we liked the smell of and which spices we didn’t. Also, we could tell you what we thought of when we had a smell of the spices…


“mmm… it smells like a gingerbread man”- Annabelle

“it smells like when we bake with Mrs Saunders”- Isabella


Mustard Powder:

“I don’t like that, it’s too spicy!”- Arthur

“That makes my nose tickle!”- Paige

Wednesday was our fun-filled fantastic trip to Haigh Hall, the wet weather couldn’t dampen our spirits! Luckily, Miss Brown is a very good friend of ‘Lord Haigh’ so we got the chance to see the hall and even have some lunch and dry off in there too!

After that, we went on our Woodland adventures, we saw all of Haigh Hall Country Park, kicking the leaves with our wellies, making leaf showers, finding new natural resources for our classroom, making our very own leaf and stickmen, playing with our friends on the grounds and hunting for the Gruffalo! We were so sleepy on the way home that some of us even fell asleep!! Then it was back to school for a warm up, drink and snack. The children were SO well behaved, the Reg 2 grown-ups are very proud of them. We cannot wait until our next trip!

This week in our ‘Baking from around the World’ with Mrs Saunders, we decided to choose the United Kingdom and bake a delicious apple crumble! It went down a treat with all of the children and the grown-ups too!

This week, the grown-ups of Reg 2 found it very hard to choose a star of the week as the children were all so fantastic at Haigh Hall, we simply could not decide. Therefore, as we were so proud of ALL of the children we thought we would let them all be stars of the week and treat them… So, we all went to the ALPS played lots of games and had a picnic! The children absolutely loved it and you can see that in the following pictures!

As for Fred the Ted, he is spending his half term with Lisa and her family! Not only will he have a lovely bubble bath, he will also have LOTS of adventures we are sure! Have a fantastic half term Fred and Lisa, we cannot wait to hear all about your adventures when you are back!

Finally, what a fantastic end to a fantastic half term. The children have settled in wonderfully and we cannot thank you enough for your on going support.

Have a lovely week off and see you on the 2nd!

Miss Brown, Mrs Littler, Mrs Grundy and Miss Lisa x

"I'm Stickman, I'm Stickman, I'm Stickman, That's me!"
12th-16th October

Hello and welcome back, another exciting week over in Reg 2!


Our focus story this week has been the ‘Stickman’ by Julia Donaldson. Therefore, lots of ALPS exploring and natural object investigating has taken place!


At first, we listened to the BEGINNING of the story, then we were given a task by Miss Brown – to collect as many sticks of different shapes and sizes as we could as we were going to take them back to class and make our very own Stick men and women!

Next, we listened to the MIDDLE of the story, hearing about how the Stickman floated out to sea… Paige asked “what’s floated”, so we investigated objects that float and objects that sink. We found lots of different objects around the classroom and outside and tested them out in our water tray. Before we put them into the water we predicted whether they would stay on top of the water (float) or whether they would touch the bottom of the tray (sink).

Our Floating and Sinking Experiment!

We have loved having all natural materials in our classroom to create, investigate, explore and play with…

Natural exploring, investigating and creating!

Not only have we been super scientists this week, we have also been super mathematicians! Using our sticks to count with, order by length, categorise by shape and size and match numeral to quantity.

Stickman Maths!

This week for baking we chose the country, Italy. We made margarita pizza with Mrs Saunders and had it for our snack. It was delizioso!!

Our star of the week this week was Millie! She tries her very best in all activities and is showing us how clever she is in her number work, well done clever clogs!


Fred was a very lucky ted this week as he is going home with Alex for the weekend. Alex is always kind and caring towards his friends and the grown-ups, Fred has chosen a superstar this week! Have a lovely weekend boys, we cannot wait to hear all about your adventures on Monday.

Finally, we have celebrated a birthday this week, Miss Brown’s! So a BIG Happy Birthday to Miss Brown and thank you for your lovely treats!


Wednesday 21st October is our Haigh Hall trip, 9am-3pm! Waterproof clothing, wellies and a disposable packed lunch are a must!


Thank you for your ongoing support and thank you for reading!


See you next week,

Miss Brown, Mrs Littler, Mrs Grundy and Miss Lisa x

A super heroic week in Reg 2!
5th-9th October


Hello and welcome back to our fantastic blog!

This week has been a SUPER week, see what we did there? It has been World Book Week and our topic over the whole school has been Superheroes.


At the beginning of the week, we went to the ALPS to collect all of our ingredients to make a Superhero Potion! We had a chat about all of the things we could add into our potion and what powers they would give to the superhero.


Once we had collected all of the ingredients it was time to make the potion! We added…

“A twig to make him hop over houses and big and strong” – Keeva

“A feather to make him invisible” – Poppie

“A pinecone to make him jump high” – Bella

“A little leaf to make him run fast” – Jackson

“A carrot to make him see in the dark”- Maisie


We then gave it a stir, turned the lights off and left it in the group room to cook under the sequinned cape!



For World Book Week, the grown-ups in Reg 2 thought it would be a lovely idea for the children to bring in their favourite story books from home. We then went off into groups with a grown-up to talk about the stories and read some too. Here are a few of our favourites…

‘Tabby Mc Tat’- Harrison
‘The Cat in the Hat’- Tyler
‘Toy Story’- Aiden
‘The Smartest Giant in Town’- Miss Brown

We also had a go at designing our very own superheroes! Firstly, we thought about a gender for our superhero, then their name, clothing and super powers came afterwards! Our ideas were fantastic…

We had lots of fun baking and decorating our superhero biscuits too!

For P:E this week, we thought about all of the different ways that superheroes move… We jumped over the cones, slithered on our backs, crawled on the benches and ran very fast. We even pretended that we could fly by holding our hands up into the air and moving around the room in different directions and avoiding obstacles in our way!

Our Star of the Week this week is Kian, he is a fantastic friend who is always helping others! Kian has been a really brave boy when coming to Pre-school this week and we think that is superstar behaviour, well done Kian!


Fred the Ted is very lucky this week as he is spending his weekend with Bayley! Bayley is a super friend, he is always sharing and initiating play with others. Have a lovely weekend, Fred and we cannot wait to hear all about your adventures on Monday!

Thank you for reading and have a lovely weekend,

Miss Brown, Mrs Littler, Mrs Grundy and Miss Lisa x

What a Jungletastic week it has been this week!
28th September-2nd October

Hello and welcome back!

As always, we have been very busy this week in Reg 2…

In Letters and Sounds, we have been learning all about Instrumental Sounds, using our super listening ears once again to decipher between all different sounds. Whether they are loud, quiet, low and high sounds. Also, what different ways we can play the instruments and how these different ways can change the sound of our instrument… We’ve been tapping, shaking, banging and even blowing some of our instruments! We have been using our musician listening ears when playing the games ‘Guess the Instrument’, ‘Matching Sounds’ and ‘Find the missing instrument!’ We feel like we now could make a Reg 2 band we are that fantastic at playing our instruments!

Since starting in Reg 2 the children have loved the story ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ so we decided that that would be our topic for the week… and what a jungletastic week it has been… We have been doing lots of role play using our Jungle animal masks and we have been creating our very own Jungle animals using our handprints, take a look around our classroom you might spot them!

On Tuesday, one of our lovely ladies on Reception brought the children a letter from Detective Stripes and the Jungle Police Force, it stated that all of the Jungle animals had ESCAPED!!! Therefore, this week we had the role of detectives and we had to search for the fierce and very naughty animals! Detective Stripes left the children clues which the children had to follow in order to find the animals. We were very lucky as that morning we had already made some binoculars so we were very well prepared! We knew we were not to touch the animals as they could bite or scratch and that we had to be ever so quiet to make sure we did not scare them away!

Once we had found the animals it was our job then to write down or to draw what we found and where we found it. We LOVED being detectives and cannot wait to help Detective Stripes again!

Also, this week we have been doing some baking, (Great Reg 2 Bake Off has a ring to it we think…) the country we were focusing on was Poland. Mrs Saunders got all of the ingredients to make Piernik, a sweet honey bread. We really enjoyed it especially with a nice cup of hot chocolate! We were also very lucky as Victoria’s uncle taught the children some Polish phrases, hello- jin dobre and goodbye- do widzenia (dov-in-zen-ya)

Our fantastic Star of the Week this week was Evie, Evie is a fantastic friend who always takes turns and shares all of the pre-school toys. Not only that, she is also a super tidier which we definitely need in our busy classroom! Well done Miss smiley


Fred the Ted went to our superstar, Annabelle. Annabelle has had a cold this week but that hasn’t stopped her from being a lovely, caring friend.  Annabelle has done a fantastic job in all of her activities this week and has never stopped! Fred is very lucky to be spending his weekend with you, we cannot wait to hear all about your adventures on Monday!