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Week Ending 27th May 2016


Welcome back. We have had an amazing half term. This week we did race for life and raised money for Cancer Research UK. We also went to Blackpool Zoo yesterday. Even though it rained, we had a fantastic time!!!!
Week Ending 18th March 2016
Welcome back! We have had a fantastic time this half term. We celebrated World Book Day, by dressing up as our favourite story characters. Look at our amazing costumes.
We have been learning lots about 2D and 3D shapes during Monster Maths.
We have all enjoyed dressing in our sports clothes and raising money for Sport Relief.
Next half term we will be learning all about Spring. We hope you have a happy Easter and a lovely break. Thank you. Lots of love Reception F. xx
Week Ending 12th February 2016
Welcome back! WOW what an exciting week we have had. At the beginning of the week we celebrated Chinese New Year by making money wallets. We have also been listening to Chinese music and learning a Dragon Dance. On Friday we tasted lots of Chinese food at Mrs Baggaleys Chinese Buffet. It was yummy.
As well as celebrating Chinese new year we got to try some yummy pancakes on Tuesday with honey and squirty cream. On Thursday we went to Jump Division on the trampolines and had an amazing time. I think Miss Shufflebotham enjoyed it more than the children!
Finally I would like to thank all of the parents who came to Chatterbox Challenge. It was lovely to see so many parents and children together. Thank you for a wonderful half term. Have a great holiday and we look forward to seeing you in a week! Thank you. Lots of love Reception F children and staff.
Week Ending 29th January 2016
Welcome back! We have had a fantastic, busy week. As part of our 'Physical Fortnight' topic we have been learning all about healthy foods. On Monday we wrote a list of ingredients to make a fruit smoothie.
On Tuesday we all walked to the fruit shop to buy some fruit and vegetables. The lady in the shop showed us how she scanned all of the fruit and told us how much it costs. We loved it.
We have made and tasted lots of different fruit smoothies using lots of different kinds of fruit. Mmmmm...they were yummy.
We also made some vegetable soup and enjoyed a lovely taste. Mrs Baggaley even put her secret ingredient in the soup to make it taste better!!!
We have also been learning about the famous artist Arcimboldo. We have made our own fruit pictures in his style.
Mrs Baggaley cut up the different kinds of fruit and we created observational drawings. Take a look!
Next week we will be learning how to brush our teeth and doing lots of other healthy activities. Be sure to come back next week and take a look! Thank you. Lots of love from RF
Week Ending 15th January 2016
Welcome back! This week we have been learning all abut Pirates. We have been reading lots of stories about Pirates. Mr Baggaley has made us a fantastic Pirate role play area, where we get to find treasure and dress up.
On Wednesday we went to the ALPS and searched for treasure. We all had a fantastic time and even put all of the numbered coins in the right order.
We have also made treasure maps, labelled Pirates and measured Pirates using cubes to see which is the tallest and shortest.
We have really enjoyed welcoming our two new members of RF, Elena and Alexander. They have settled really well and we are really proud of them. Well done!!!

Next week we will be carrying on our Pirate theme as we have really enjoyed learning about Pirates.


Please could we remind parents that we have P.E on Mondays, therefore the children do need their kits.

Thank you and see you next week. Lots of love from reception F staff and children.

Week Ending 8th January 2016
Happy New year! We hope you have had a fantastic Christmas break. This week we have been busy thinking and writing about our New Year resolutions.
Next week we are learning all about Pirates. Be sure to check out our blog to see what amazing learning we do. Have a great weekend.
Week Ending 27th November 2015

Welcome back to our blog smiley We have had a very exciting week. On Monday something amazing happened. We watched a video of a flying saucer drop something in the ALPS. We all went to investigate and discovered an Alien egg. It was very exciting.‚Äč



On Tuesday we discovered that the Alien had left mysterious hand prints all around school. We had lots of fun finding all the prints.
We had a big shock on Wednesday as the Alien had taken Charlie Bear to look at his spaceship but lost him on the way. He left us a letter with some clues to find Charlie Bear. Don't worry we found him safe and sound in the library. The Alien even left us a surprise, "Aliens Love Underpants".
For the rest of the week we did lots of Alien writing and even made our very own junk model Alien.
Week Ending 13th November 2015
This week we have been learning about Remembrance Day, Diwali and raising money for Children in Need. We all made a poppy for our Remembrance wreath and have been writing special messages on medals for the brave soldiers. On the 11th day of the 11th month on the 11th hour we all took part in a two minute silence to remember the fallen soldiers.
We have also been learning about the Hindu festival of lights - 'Diwali'. We have been making Diva lights and decorating them with lots of colourful sparkles. We also enjoyed special coconut Diwali sweets.
Last week Mrs Evans' class made a Guy Fawks, so this week we went to the ALPS to collect wood for a pretend bonfire and Mrs Evans let us take Guy and sit him on top of our bonfire. smiley We had lots of fun.
On Friday we all dressed up to raise money for children in need. 
We have had an amazing week. Next week we will be reading the story "Room on the Broom" by Julia Donaldson. Have a great weekend. smiley Love from Mrs Matthews, Mrs Baggaley, Mrs O'Brien and Miss Shufflebotham. 
Week Ending 23rd October 2015
Welcome back to our class blog. Wow what an amazing week we have had this week. We have been busy doing lots of exciting things. Our story this week has been Little Red Riding Hood. We have really enjoyed acting out the story using masks and dressing up.
On Wednesday we were busy making our cake ready for the bake off. As a class we decided to make a lion cake as we have been learning lots about animals.

We have enjoyed looking at all of the fantastic efforts. The cakes were excellent. Well done to everyone who worked so hard on their cakes.


Extra special congratulations to Milda who won best cake in RF.


Thank you also to everyone who bought the cakes, we hope you enjoyed them.smiley It was so lovely to see all of the parents getting involved,

We had a fantastic day at Delemere Forest on Friday. We enjoyed looking for the Gruffalo and collecting lots of leaves and conkers on the way. The weather stayed dry and we got to explore lots of the beautiful forest. We found lots of the characters from the story on the trail and at the end we found the Gruffalo. He was amazing. smiley
This half term has been fantastic. All of the children have settled really well and are so happy. It has been a real pleasure meeting the parents and sharing all of our exciting learning with you. Have a lovely holiday! smiley Love from all children and staff xx
Week Ending 16th October 2015
This week we have been learning lots about animals. We have been reading the book 'Rumble in the Jungle'
We have been painting animals and looking closely at patterns.
In maths we have been sorting, counting and combining sets of animals, we have been learning how to write our numbers too! no
This week we have also made our very own jungle animal mini books and writing labels for the animals.
On Tuesday some of our animals sneaked out of the classroom and hid in the staff room freezer! They got frozen in some water and we investigated ways of helping them to escape sad David said "We could put them under the hand dryer, it is warm under there" and Keelen said "Yes the ice will melt"
At the ALPS this week we went on an animal hunt and searched for lots of different animals - looking under, over and all around the leaves and trees. Mrs Baggaley even packed our snack and we had a picnic. It was great fun!smiley

This week has been fantastic.smiley We have worked really hard.


We are really looking forward to our trip to Delemere Forest next Friday. Next week we will be reading the story 'Little Red Riding Hood'. Please come back and take a look at what we have been learning. 


Thank you smiley Have a great weekend.smiley 


Mrs Matthews, Mrs Baggaley, Mrs O'Brien and Miss Shufflebotham.

Week beginning 5th October 2015


This week we have been enjoying lots of activities. We have been reading the book 'Funnybones' and learning all about our skeleton.

We have been writing labels for our skeleton, playing skeleton games in maths, decorating gingerbread men, turning them into skeletons using icing and making our own skeletons using cotton buds. We have really enjoyed the story this week.
We even had a visit from a life sized skeleton. As a class we decided to call him Skully. He soon became a very popular member of RF.
On Friday we went to the ALPS and made a giant skeleton out of twigs and logs, it was really interesting trying to find the right size twigs for his bones. Keelen said " Let's give him lots of ribs"
Book week has been fantastic. We got to read books from the book fair with Year 6 children and really enjoyed dressing up as Superheroes, we even made Skully a cape too!
We have had an amazing week. Be sure to check out our blog next week. We will be reading 'Rumble in the Jungle' and learning lots about different animals. Have a great weekend! smiley

Week ending 25th September 2015


We have been busy this week learning all about the story Owl Babies. At the start of this week we went onto the ALPS area for an Autumn walk. We collected lots of leaves and twigs ready to create hedgehog collages. We have put these on display in our room, please come inside and take a look. 

We decorated some owl cakes using lots of delicious ingredients. We had a great time and they tasted delicious!smiley
We also sequenced the story Owl Babies. We used the puppets and talked about what happens at the beginning, middle and end of the story. Why not ask us to retell the story to you?no
We also completed some owl writing. We talked about Autumn and how owls come out at night time. Why not look on the internet together at home and see if you can find out anymore useful information? mail
Next week remember to come back and visit our blog again as we will be learning all about Goldilocks and the three bears. Have a great weekend. Staff and children in Reception F.

Week ending 11th Sept 


Well it was time to get down to the real work this week!  We have all been working very hard to impress our new teachers......some children even thought they saw the teacher's socks flying through the windows at various points during the week.cheeky


We continued to think all about ourselves and drew pictures of people that were important to us and continued practising writing our names.  We now have a display board full of our work.  We tried so hard to form the letters in the name and some children even wrote their surname (oooh how clever!).  We also have a practising board for our names where we can write our name whenever we want to- some of us do not even need help from a grown up anymore!indecision


We have also been learning all about shapes and are beginning to use mathematical terms (that means describing how many corners and edges) for shapes.  We also spotted some shapes in our classroom.  


'The grass is a square!'- Layton


'The new rug is the same as a rectangle' - Emily


'I can see circles on the wall'- Reilly


Aswell as this we have been learning more about numbers all the way upto 10.  We thought asbout the numbers that came before and after a given number and some of us could even order numbers all the way to 20!  This is why there have been so many flying socks this week!


Everyday at home time the adults choose a child to be Star of the Day.  This week the grown ups were looking for children who were kind to their friends, helped at tidy up time and tried hard when working.  Mrs Rothwell said the decision was so hard everyday because we are all very good at all three things!  Somebody that did this everyday and really impressed the teachers was Jayden no  Jayden also impressed Charlie Bear.  He chose to go to Jayden's house for the weekend because he knew that Jayden would be kind to him and look after him like he had with his friends all week.  WELL DONE JAYDEN!


Next week we are welcoming Mrs Baggaley back to our class!  We are so excited! frown  Mrs Baggaley knows lots of our big brothers and sisters and is looking forward to meeting all of the new faces!  


Thank you for popping by to read our blog.  

See you on Monday

Love Rec F

Week ending 4th Sept


Our first few days in Reception have been amazing!frown

We have all settled into the class really well and have had lots of fun.


On Wednesday we visited Reception F with our grown ups and met all of the teachers in our classroom (except for Mrs Baggaley :( who will be back soon)  We are very lucky to have 2 teachers in our class and 3 teaching assistants.  We have Mrs Rothwell and Mrs Matthews (class teachers) and Mrs O'Brien, Mrs Baggaley and Miss Shufflebotham.  It's a lot to remember but we are getting there! no


On Thursday we were extremely brave and all came into school with smiles on our faces and got busy right away (well after a cuddle from our mums, dads and nans!) heart


We all painted a self portrait on Thursday, which are now proudly hanging in our cloakroom.  Please take a look and see if you can spot your little one.  David's is amazing!surprise


On Friday, again we were very brave and couldn't wait to come back to school.  Scarlett loved to dress up on the stage with her new friends Olivia and Katie.  Charlie and Alfie S were first at the door to explore the bike area and climbing frame followed closely by Damon and Keelen!  Emily has loved writing and drawing; on paper, chalkboards, whiteboards and in the painting area.  Karla and Rebecca have built a lovely friendship and they are such good friends to the rest of the class.indecision


We practised writing our names and counting as high as we could go on Friday- Blake, Reilly, Jacob and Bella blew us away with their super skills!no


Keelen recieved Star of the Day on Friday- an award which we give out everyday to someone who has really impressed the grown ups.  Well done Keelen!


Reilly was chosen to take home Charlie Bear for the weekend, we hope you have lots of fun and adventures!


Parents please remember your £1 for snack on Monday morning and that if your child arrives after 8.50am they are late!


Well done to everybody for being here both days this week- we got 100% attendance- lets keep it up!


Check out our pictures below- the first few snapshots of our journey in Reception


See you all next week!

Love Rec F