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Blackpool zoo trip


We didn't let the rain spoil our day at the zoo, the children had a fantastic time looking at all the animals. The children behaved extremely well, they are a credit to Westfield. 




Blackpool zoo

Great day at the zoo


Welcome back to our class blog


We are sorry we haven't updated our blog, we have been so busy.


Over the last few weeks our theme has been Disney, take a look at some of our experiences.






Can you believe we are in the last week of the term?


We have been super busy as usual this week, making learning fun but making so much progress.


Thank you to all our fantastic parents for coming to parents evening, I'm sure you will agree the children have made outstanding progress this term. We couldn't be any prouder of our class.


This week we have been making Easter Chicks using our homemadeEaster playdough, the children followed a set of instructions to make the playdough and then they wrote their own instructions so other children can make our special Easter playdough. The children then had lots of fun making their Easter chicks.

Easter Playdough

Hello and welcome back to our class blog


We had lots of fun using junk modelling to make our very own class monster with Mrs Moore, we talked about the 3D shapes that we used and tried really hard to use the correct names. Come and have a look in our classroom at our finished monster.


Our Class monster

This week we set up a new area in the classroom, our Transient Art Area. The area is made up of lots of natural  materials, the children then use these to make pictures. We enjoyed our first experience and can't wait to explore more.


Our Art

Thank you reading our blogsmiley

Everything Monsters


On Tuesday we received a letter from Mrs Monstersaurs who thanked us for taking care of her baby monster egg. Mrs Monstersaurs told us her baby monster was ready to hatch but would only hatch in water, so we very carefully placed the egg in water. The children have been watching the egg everyday, on Friday the egg started to hatch and we caught a first glimpse of the baby monster. The children have been drawing observational drawings of the egg at different points in the week.   

Observational drawings

The children made monsters using playdough and other bits and bobs, the children then wrote a descriptive piece of writing to describe their monsters. Nicole wrote "My monster has bendy arms and two googly eyes.


Our Monsters

We had a great day on Thursday for world book day, the children had a great time at the book swap.

Book Swap

A big happy mothers day to all our amazing mummy's, we really enjoyed making our monster cards.



Our monster cards



The children have come back after half term ready excited and ready to learn.


On Tuesday the children read a book called Monstersaurus by the author Claire Freedman and decided they wanted to invent monster just like Monty in the book. The children wrote a list of ingredients that they wanted to put in their own potions, cine into our class and look at our inventions book. You will be super impressed at the children's writing.


On Wednesday we went to explore on the ALPS, to find clues and evidence of monsters. The children found slime on trees and large footprints in the mud. You will never guess what we found..... a large purple egg! The children decided they wanted to take it back to the classroom and make a nest to keep the egg warm until it hatches.

The children used their imagination to design their own monster, we had fluffy monsters, scary monsters and flowery monsters.







The children have been working really hard this week.



Katie and Libby making repeated patterns. Alfie making monsters on a computer program.




Dylan making monsters with popoids. Grace and Libby reading sentences independently.



The children in reception have been celebrating Chinese New Year, this year is the year of the Monkey.


The children started the week by listening to Chinese traditional music and performing a traditional dragon dance, we loved it.



On Wednesday we used chopsticks and enjoyed Chinese food which included spring rolls, prawn crackers and crispy seaweed.



In our classroom we set up a Chinese Restaurant and dressed up in traditional Chinese Costumes.



We followed instructions to make our very own Blossom Trees independently.



We talked about special Chinese money envelopes and matched the correct money to the right envelopes, the children are making fantastic progress counting, recognising coins and adding coins together.




We made special Chinese wishes on traditional Chinese lanterns and tied them to balloons and let our wishes fly away, I wonder how far our balloons got?



Another celebration that we have been learning about is ‘Shrove Tuesday’, we used the internet to research why we celebrate Pancake Day, and the children were surprised it was in preparation for Lent.


We each wrote a shopping list of ingredients that we would need to make pancakes, we all wrote milk, flour and eggs. However we had lots of additional toppings to buy to make our pancakes extra tasty, some children wanted chocolate spread, others wanted Jam and the grownups wanted sugar and lemon.  



Mrs Moore was the pancake chef, they were delicious.

In the afternoon we had a free writing session, the children wrote fantastic sentences about their favourite toppings.



On Thursday we possibly had one of the best days ever in reception, we went to Jump Division to celebrate the end of our physical fortnight. We jumped, bounced and did lots of tricks and most importantly the exercise was so much fun!!!



The fun just didn’t stop, on Thursday afternoon we took part in this year’s Chatterbox challenge, our amazing parents sponsored us to walk to Robin Park and take part in lots of rhymes, songs and dances. A special thank you to all the parents who took the time to walk with us and join in with our rhymes and songs.




We hope you have a wonderful February Half Term smiley 

Physical Fortnight


Over the last two weeks we have been taking part in physical fortnight, the first week we concentrated on how to stay healthy. We had a trip to the local fruit and vegetable shop and made some scrumptious soup and delicious smoothies. We had healthy snack including eggs on toast. We talked about how important getting plenty of sleep is and keep ourselves clean.

During the second week we concentrated on being active, we had a long walk to Asda to buy our own snack and a walk to the local library. We had a fantastic time in PE looking at moving in a variety ways, including moving high and jumping.  

Our Phyiscal Fortnight

Happy New Year


We are really sorry that we have not updated our blog, you won't believe how busy we have been. Over the last two weeks we have been reading the story 'The Stick Man'. Mrs Redford was overwhelmed by the fantastic homework projects, come into our class and have a look at the children's fantastic designs.


As part of the Stick Man topic the children have been measuring the Stick Family with cubes, developing the language of shortest and tallest and looking at the difference in measurements.



On Wednesday we had a trip to the Library we found a book on Africa, this is where Ethan is on Holiday. The children have been enjoying finding out interesting facts about Africa.


In PE the children have been experimenting moving in different ways along the benches, they have also been jumping and landing appropriately.




Thank you for reading our blog


See you next week.

An Alien Invasion


On Monday the children went to the ALPS to investigate, oh my you will never believe what we found. Can you guess?



Our exciting challenges

Our adventure

Our Challenges

In our classroom the children have been doing lots of exciting challenges. In the Math's area the children have been making aliens using shape stencils and in the writing area the children have been using sound buttons and writing cvc words. In the construction area the children have been making rockets and making aliens out of playdough in the creative area.


This week in RWF we have been celebrating Diwali, the Indian festival of light. We learnt the story of the prince and the princess, Rama and Sita, and their battle against the ten headed monster, Ravana. We have done lots of writing, re-telling the story and imagining how Sita would have felt. We also made colourful rangoli patterns, using sand, glitter and paint. On Friday, we lit the diva lamps we had made and ate traditional Indian sweets!

Remembrance Day


On Wednesday morning we made poppies to remember all the brave soldiers who have died. At 11am we watched the Telegraph news and held up our poppies for a two minute silence. Come into our class to look at our Wreath that we made from all our poppies.

Remembrance Day

Secret Club  


On Thursday's we have two secret clubs, a boys club and a girls club. In the boys club we went to the hall to practice our gross motor/fine motor skills, ssshh don't tell the girls. The boys are making fabulous progress in their writing, look at Jo's writing. When he started reception he couldn't write his name. The boys are developing their gross motor movements in their arms by climbing and developing their fine motor skills by using crayons and rolls of paper to practice writing their names.  

Joesph's fantastic writing

Boys Club (Ryley, Kaylum & Alfie S)

Children in Need


Thank you to all our fabulous parents/guardians who have donated to Children in Need, all the children looked fantastic on Friday, especially Tia who was dressed as a superhero Pudsey.

Room on the Broom


This week we have been reading the story Room on the Broom, Alyssa told the boys and girls that the Author is Julia Donaldson (wow) and also said it's the same as the Gruffalo. The children have been making their own potions in class just like the Witch in the story.

Making Potions

Making Fantastic Progress

The children are making great progress especially in reading, they are making cvc words in the writing area and even reading independently in the reading area.


Independant Learning


5th of November....

On Thursday morning we watched Fireman Sam's safety tip videos to learn all about how to keep safe during Bonfire Night. That morning we made sparkler safety posters, we talked about how important it is to wear gloves, keep the sparkler away from your body/face and have a bucket of water to put the sparkler in when it had gone out. We put our safety tips into practice and had lots of fun writing our names with sparklers. We also had a special treat of Parkin cake.

Firework Pictures

On Thursday afternoon we made firework pictures using a variety of media. We used texture brushes to create different effects and patterns with paint, glue and glitter. We loved getting creative, some children even talked about two colours mixing together, "Look Miss Oddie white and red makes pink" said Tia.

Our Firework pictures

Our wonderful trip to Delemere Forest smiley


When we arrived at the forest we started the Gruffalo trail, it was very tricky we had to follow a map and Miss Oddie and Miss Bullen needed the help from all of the children. We followed the map to find 12 stations, at each station we had to answer questions that were all about the Gruffalo.



The Gruffalo Trail

After lunch we explored the forest, we did some amazing den building. The children worked together to build a shelter to keep dry from the rain. We made broomsticks for our new topic Room on the Broom, we used grass, leaves and sticks. We made leaf crowns, Grace even made a repeated pattern with leaves.

Exploring the forest

After a very exciting day we were exhausted, some of us even fell asleep on the way home.  


Very Sleepy after a busy day

Welcome to our class blog week ending 9/10/2015


Our new book is 'Superworm' by Julia Donaldson, have you read this book? It's fantastic, the children loved all the rhyming words and repeating the repeated phrases in the story. On Wednesday we decided that we wanted to make our own wormery, so off we went to the ALPS to find 25 worms. 25 worms you ask? Well that's how many children we have in our class. We then came back to class to make our wormery, we made it with carrots, sand, soil and leaves. We can't wait to see the patterns the worms make.





Our super wormery

On Thursday we had a special treat, the year 6 children came to visit the book fair with us. We chose our favourite books and the year 6 children read them to us, we had a lovely time.

Reading with year 6

On Friday we had a wonderful time dressing up as our favourite superhero's, our mums and dads did an amazing job.

Superhero Day!

This week in RWF, we have enjoyed learning all about superheroes, especially when dressing up in costumes! On Monday, we successfully navigated the climbing wall and used our maths skills to crack the superhero code. On Tuesday, our class teddy bear, Ian, escaped! We became detectives and tracked him down in the ALPS, our outdoor area. We also thought about what special powers we would have if we were superheroes. On Friday, we designed our own superhero masks and badges.  
We have had a very busy week in Reception class WF! On Monday, we made bird feeders and hung them up in our outdoor area, the ALPS. We played lots of fun games in the ALPS, including 'what time is it Mr Gruffalo' and hide and seek. On Tuesday, we went to the library and listened to a story all about aliens. During the rest of the week, we travelled to 'Planet Pea', where we did counting and funky fingers using frozen peas!

Welcome back to our class blog


Well what a wonderful first couple of weeks we have had in our new classroom. We have had our first PE session and our first write dance lesson as well as starting our topic the Gruffalo.


Welcome to our very first Blog and the very first Reception WF class blog!


Our very first day in Reception!



Reception Weekly timetable:


Monday: £1.00 Snack money please

               All PE bags must be in school

Tuesday: All book bags to be brought in school


Thank you

Reception WF team