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Smithill's Farm Visit

We have had a lovely day out at Smithill's Farm today and the children were exceptionally well behaved. 


When we arrived we put our lunches and bags in a special room for school parties. Then we went to feed the animals.  We had to hold the food flat on our hand and let the animals eat it.  We fed goats and lamas.


Next, we went on a bumpy tractor ride.  We went up a tall, muddy hill and at the top there were horses and donkeys.  We fed them slices of bread.  The dog raced the tractor up and down the hill, barking happily as he went.


After that, we rode on a donkey.  We loved this.  It was so much fun!


We washed our hands and had our lunch.


After dinner we went to the milking parlour to watch the cows be milked.  We learnt that the cows are milked 3 time per day at 5am, 1pm and 9pm.  Each cow can produce an average of 65 pints of milk per day!


After that we went to pets corner.  At pets corner we held baby chicks, stroked baby goats, baby donkeys, owls and baby alpacas. The animals were so cute.


We were all very sleepy on the coach ride home but had a fabulous time! Check out our photos!