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Sunshine Room

Well as another school year comes to an end we think back on all the memories we have made together. As you can see from our whole blog we have all had some fantastic times together, made some great friendships and achieved some wonderful milestones. smiley

All the staff in the Sunshine room are extra proud of all our key children and wish all the children leaving us to move in to toddlers a very special next chapter in their learning journey. And to all the children coming back after the summer we look forward to making more memories with you.

Have a wonderful summer


Jac, Traci, Lauren, Laura and Jayne 

We celebrated Chloe's, Lily's and Maddison's first birthdays by singing with our friends and eating lots od yummy cake. Happy 1st Birthday girls!!

Music and movement with the pom poms.

Developing our big physical skills when climbing up the stairs and coming back down.

Focused Activity

Sticky Mural

This week we created a focused activity for the children which will help to develop their fine manipulative skills and encourage them to begin to use their thumb and fingers to pick up small objects.

We have been enjoying trying some new tastes and textures by tasting various new fruits. We have tried Lemon, Limes, Kiwi, Passionfruit and many others. As you can see from some of the pictures, the children liked some of the fruits and some really didn't like the tangy new tastes!! surprise

We wished Noah a very happy 1st birthday by singing to him and sharing his yummy birthday cake!!

Fun times at nursery

Soccer Dome fun!!

Trip out to Wigan park in the school holidays.

Happy Easter everyone!!

We celebrated red nose day by wearing something red to nursery and all donated a £1 to the charity.

Many thanks to all who donated.

Oliver has found his feet, look at him go!!

Well done Oliver this is a fantastic achievement!! no

Happy 1st Birthday to Jacob. Jacob brought a yummy caterpillar cake in for us all to share and we enjoyed singing happy birthday to him!!

Happy 2nd Birthday to April. We had a lovely time singing happy birthday and eating her delicious gingerbread man chocolate cake!!

Look at Cole go!! He is on the move and showing us all his wonderful walking skills, Well done Cole!! smiley

Well done to Tilly and Harry for mastering how to drink from their cups with out a lid. That's fantastic well done!!no

Well done to Jacob who has now started to pull himself up into a standing position. Amazing work Jacob well done!! smiley

Over the past few weeks we have been developing many skills in the sunshine room. We have been developing our fine motor skills by using our thumbs and fingers to pick up small objects and we have been beginning to show and understanding of puzzles pieces and how they fit in to spaces, this also helped us to begin to recognise matching pictures to enable us to put them in the correct place. We have also had lots of fun in the continuous provision as you can see from all our photographs. we hope you enjoy having a look!!

Week beginning 27.2.17

This week our focus was to begin to access the new out door water play resources. We encouraged the children to begin to explore the new resources and understand objects and their many different movements. We also began to fill and pour using different jugs and containers. As you can see the children had great fun doing this. April and Tilly found a big puddle outside and enjoyed splashing in it with their wets suits on and wellies, April said " Jac, no ducks" as she splashed. 

World Book Day 2017!!

Look how clever Maddison is. She is now pulling herself up into a standing position. Well Done Maddison fantastic work!! smiley

Week beginning 13/2/17

This week we have been using our whole bodies to make marks in paint. The children all had great fun taking part in body painting and enjoyed getting very messy!!

We wished Karter a very happy 1st birthday by singing happy birthday and eating his yummy caterpillar cake.

Happy 1st birthday Karter we hope you had a lovely time!!

Week beginning 6/2/17

This week we have been developing our skills when climbing up and coming back down the stairs in school. The children all showed great confidence when doing this and displayed a great sense of pride in their achievements.

Continuous Provision fun!!

This week we celebrated Ellie's 2nd birthday. We all enjoyed sitting together and singing happy birthday to Ellie and eating her yummy Peppa pig cake.

Happy Birthday Ellie!! smiley

Week beginning 30.1.17

This week we have been focusing on two main areas of development. Firstly we looked at our sensory skills and used these to make some lovely pictures by making marks with our hands. We also developed our awareness of big and small movements, we did this by using both big and small boxes to construct with. We used fingers and thumbs to pick up small boxes then opened our arms out wide to pick up the much bigger boxes. As you can see the children have had great fun with these activities this week. Fantastic work everyone!!! no

Jacob is on the move!! Jacob has found his knees and is enjoying exploring his nursery environment. Well done Jacob amazing effort!! no

Noah is beginning to pull himself up into a standing position!! Fantastic effort Well done Noah keep it up no

Week Beginning 23/1/17

This week we have been celebrating Chinese New Year by tasting some delicious Chinese food and making big black markings onto a linen sheet, these are to represent the written Chinese symbols.

Happy 1st Birthday Oliver!! indecision

Week beginning 16/1/17

The children have all enjoyed our focused activity this week. They have been learning how to combine objects into various containers by filling and emptying using ping pong balls and also by posting pom poms through tubes and catching them in containers underneath. The children all displayed great enjoyment during this activity and enjoyed watching where they would land. 

Oliver and Cole are on the move, Well done boys keep up this great effort!! no

The children have been enjoying technology by learning how to press buttons, lift flaps and turn knobs to make things happen. Oliver found this very funny!! frown

Welcome back to all our lovely families after the Christmas and new year holidays. We hope you have all had a lovely magical time. Here is some of the wonderful things we have been getting up to since we returned!!

Pass the parcel!!

Making Mince pies!!

Christmas sing along!! smiley

Feeling Festive!!

Week beginning 28/11/16

This week we have really been getting into the Christmas spirit. We have been making lots of decorations for our sing along performance and also to decorate our sunshine room, we created a Santa's little grotto with a Christmas themed treasure basket which the children all have had great fun playing in. We have also been hard at work making and creating lots of special things to take home to our families, which i'm sure you will all love!!

As you can see the children have had a fantastic time this week. no

The children enjoyed making their own Christmas biscuits this week and decorated them too.

The best part i think though was when they got to eat them!!! frown

Week beginning 21/11/16

The children have enjoyed focusing on the development of their physical skills this week. We developed two different types of physical skills, the first being their gross motor skills ( big physical movements ) and also their fine motor skills ( small physical skills ). To develop our big movements we used the slide indoors where all the children could access the slide with ease and in a safe, warm and dry environment.

To develop their small physical skills we used different sized tools to mix and make salt dough for our Christmas surprises!! Sshh it's a secret!! surprise

The children enjoyed mixing the ingredients and then using various cutters to make their shapes. As you can see they all had a wonderful time. smiley

Week beginning 14/11/16

WOW look at Noah, he is nearly ready for the off!! Won't be long now till he starts to crawl. Awesome effort Noah nosmiley

Painting Fun!!

Some of the children have enjoyed looking after our baby dolls this week, by cleaning them, feeding them and cuddling them.

Week beginning 7/11/16

    This week we have been building and constructing using various blocks of different shapes and sizes.

Well done to Cole, Claudia, Till, Penny and Harry who are all now doing very well using their spoons at mealtimes!! Excellent work everyone no

Fun times at nursery.

Week beginning 31/10/16


This week the children have enjoyed celebrating Diwali the Hindu festival of light. To celebrate this we created light boxes for mark making, we used different resources such as flour, paint and gel to make the marks. We also created a dark tent and used torches to look at and watch what shapes they made on the inside of the tent.


Making fire works using baby oil and food colourings.

A very big well done to April who has mastered to drink from her cup without using a lid. What a big girl you are April!! smiley

Oliver is on the move!!

Oliver has returned after the half term and is now crawling confidently. Well done Oliver!! no

Happy Halloween

Week Beginning 17/10/2016

This week we have been developing our fine motor skills. We have been using small balls to fill and empty various sized holes in re used milk bottles and also pipe cleaners threaded through a card board box. These activities help us to begin to change the way we hold objects depending on the objects size, and also help us to begin to use our thumb and fingers to pick up small objects instead of our whole hand. As you can see all the children had great fun taking part in this activity and developed some good skills.

Karter has been practising his sitting up this week. He has been doing a great job of sitting without much support and playing with the musical toys. Well done Karter excellent work!! smiley

Well done to Harry, Claudia and Penny who are mastering using their spoon to feed themselves at mealtimes. Well done everyone!! smiley