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Thursday 17th December

Thursday 17th December


Welcome back to Year 5F’s blog for the week and final one for the year!


Maths – This week the children have been working on Christmas themed addition and subtraction problems. Amazingly, the children have had another FANTASTIC week working towards their multiplication wristbands. This week we achieved and remarkable wristbands, which included four PLATINUM wristbands!


Take a look at ALL the children with their fantastic certificates and wristbands from this week.

An extra special well done to Bobby, Callum, Corey and Kyle on achieving their PLATINUM wristbands.

Topic – This week the children have designed and made their own Viking God Top Trumps. They look fantastic! Also, they have written about a Viking god or goddess that they have drawn and designed themselves. They have written about what the god looks like, whether they are evil or good, if they have any special powers and if they look after anything or anyone.


On Wednesday it was our PARTY DAY. The children all looked extremely smart in their party outfits. We had lots of tasty food (sausage rolls, mini pizzas, crisps, chocolate teacakes and apple, blackcurrant or orange juice). In the afternoon, we went into the big hall and played party games and had a bit of a boogie! Here are some photographs from the party…

Our certificate this week was awarded to Kelsey for being a truly wonderful, caring and hard-working member of Year 5 AND for always brightening up the classroom with her smile.

All that remains to say is to have a fantastic, fun-filled Christmas and a wonderful New Year.


Just to remind you that school will re-open on Tuesday 5th January for the Spring term. We look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.