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Thursday 19th December 2019

Welcome back to the last Year 4 blog of the Autumn Term and in fact 2019.  How quickly has this term gone?  


This has been a great week here in Year 4.  On Tuesday morning, we were invited to the cinema to watch Elf.  What a great film.  We laughed all the way through and at the end we applauded.  Our favourite bit, which we laughed so long after seeing was the clip below.

buddy's way of putting the star on the tree

buddy the elf tries to find a way of putting the star on the top of the tree

On Tuesday afternoon we had our party in school.  We had party games and dancing in the hall, and party food -hotdogs and cakes -mmmmm.  We loved Tuesday.  Why can't all our Tuesday's be this good? (Well, they are really, just not with cinema and parties.)