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Thursday 21st May

Good Morning year 2!


We hope you're having a fabulous week.


Have you made yourself a lockdown 'keepsake' yet? We've seen loads of ideas using hand prints and also making time capsules. We're making our this week, perhaps you want to make one too? Here are some ideas, but there's plenty more online.


Over today and tomorrow we would like you to write your superhero adventure and illustrate it (draw pictures). We know it's quite a big job, which is why we think it should take 2 days. You can either write the beginning of the story today and illustrate it (up to where your hero meets the villain is a good place to stop,) then write and illustrate the end of the story tomorrow. Or you could write the story today and have all the fun of illustrating it tomorrow. Just remember to send up pictures of what you have done, we love to see your writing!


Have fun!

Lots of love, 

The year 2 team

x x x x x x x