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Thursday 24th May

Hello and welcome back to our last week of the half term.



Maths was all about decimals. Some of us were rounding to 1 and 2 decimal places. Some of us were doing addition; the important thing to remember is to line up the decimal points in a column so you add the correct digits together.

3.2 + 5.4 = 3.2 +



Try the decimal addition game. (You might need a pencil and paper)


We carried on our work on ‘Bill’s New Frock’. We watched a short film clip before gluing extracts of text in our books for us to write what feeling and thoughts we could deduce.

Miss Power then read us an extract and we had to note any unfamiliar words so we could find their meanings in the dictionary and then find antonyms and synonyms for them.


Forces are still our focus. This week we planned an investigation into air resistance.

The experiment was to investigate whether the size of parachute affected the speed at which it dropped. First, we made predictions then we performed the experiment.

We had three different sizes of paper, string and paper clips. The string was attached at the corners with the paper clips and a further paper clip joined the four strings together and acted as the weigh; similar to

the diagram shown below.

The outcome was as we predicted….

Sports Day

What fabulous weather we had for a super Sports Day.

Here are a few photos for you to see.



Happy Birthday to Chloe and Miss Power who both share their special day!


Pupil of the week is actually Class of the Week for their commitment to coming to school every day, resulting in this being our 3rd week in a row in our own clothes!!! Amazing Attendance! Good enough to be the Upper Phase Cup Winners!!!


Have a great half term break. Stay safe, remember sum cream!

We’ll see you on Monday 4th June.