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Thursday 26th May 2016 ("...but it feels like Friday," Marley said.)

Hello.  Wow, where has the last 7 weeks gone?  It only seems like yesterday that we were wiping the chocolate from our Easter Eggs from around our mouths.

Take a look at our Bug Hunt Expedition to the ALPS.

On Thursday, as you will know, we ran a race for life.  At 11.30, Mrs Pennington came and collected all Year 4, we warmed up, then we ran (though some of us chose to walk) 4 times around our school field.  We have measure this to be 1km.  We all received a medal for our efforts -and best of all we helped raise money for Cancer Research UK...a really good cause.  Take a look at our photos.
Oh, and we can't end this half term without mentioning the surprise party!  Mr Price celebrates a big, BIG birthday during the holidays.  We are not a liberty to tell you how old he is but... if you were to half a century? Multiply 5 by 10? seven square plus 1? Divide 1000 by 20? You'd get an idea.  The other teachers plotted and schemed (we're not sure of the ring leader...maybe you could ask Mrs Pick).  Anyway, take a look at the photos below, and check out our day celebrating Mr Price's birthday with him.