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Thursday 26th May

Thursday 26th May 2016


Welcome back to Year 5F’s final blog for this half term.


Maths – This week the children have been counting on from any given number (anywhere up to the millions) in either jumps of 10, 100, 1000, 10,000 or 100,000!


English – The children have been researching Greek pots. They discovered that they made them out of clay as it was inexpensive to use. Also, Greek pots came in all different shapes and sizes – they were used for storing anything from wheat to wine! Some were used for mixing, some for storage and some for drinking out of. They then went on to write a non-chronological (not in time order) report all about Ancient Greek pots.


Take a look at this report from Bradley W, who is in Mrs Roche's class for English. If you click on the image it will enlarge the page...


Science – The children completed the Science investigation that they had planned last week. They had four different sugars to dissolve in water, using the same amount of water, same amount of stirs and same size container every time. They discovered that icing sugar was the quickest to dissolve, whereas a sugar lump took the longest.


Topic – As part of our topic this week we visited Liverpool. We began by visiting the Walker Art Gallery for an Ancient Greek Tales told through Art session. The children were shown an amazing painting from 1658 by Charles Le Brun, entitled Atalanta and Meleager. Take a look at it for yourself…

They then went on to hear the story of Atalanta and Meleager, a heroine and hero from Greek myths and legends. Follow this link to read all about Atalanta and Meleager...



Their story ended in tragedy with the death of Meleager so the children were asked to think of alternative endings and then act them out. Here are the children who volunteered to come up to the front…

Christopher H and Mikey

Still image for this video

Hui Min and Aimee

Still image for this video

Bethan and Keira

Still image for this video

The children were absolutely brilliant and made all the teachers proud of them. Here are some pictures of our amazing day out…

As you can see by the end of the day this is how the teachers were feeling...  

On Wednesday, in French, the children were invited to sample a variety of vegetables and dressings. They really enjoyed themselves and many of them tried some foods they had never tasted before. Here are some pictures…

On Thurday afternoon, it was our turn to complete Westfield’s Race For Life. We began with a warm-up session with the lovely Mrs Pennington and Mrs Lyon. All the children were amazing and either ran or walked four laps of the school fields. As always, we were immensely proud of each and every one of them. Thank you as well for all your kind donations which will be passed on to Race For Life. A letter will be sent out after the half term holiday by Mrs Pennington to update you on how much the school donated in total. Here are some pictures from Year 5F’s Race For Life…

All that remains to say we hope you have a great half term break and we look forward to seeing you again on Monday 6th June.