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Thursday 29th March

Thursday 29th March


Welcome to Y5F’s final blog for this term! As always, it has been another very busy week! As well as working hard all week, the children have been rehearsing ready for their Easter Assembly today. We’re sure you will all agree they were FANTASTIC!!!! A massive WELL DONE from all the Year 5 staff to each one of them for a faultless performance.


Maths – This week the children have continued investigating fractions. They have been comparing fractions with different denominators. To be able to do this they had to first find the lowest common denominator. Next, they had to change the fractions so that have the same denominator. Then, you can compare them to see which is the bigger of the two.


Some of the children have moved on to comparing and ordering fractions from smallest to biggest. They do it in the same way by first finding a common denominator and then ordering the fractions.


English – This week the children have continued looking at the features of biographical writing. They have all written their own biography about Hogarth Henry Hughes (the main character from The Iron Man). They have included many of the features you would expect to find in a biography such as…


*past tense verbs

*important dates and times

*time connectives

*written in chronological order (time order)


Science - The children have been learning about different forces that are around them every day. They know that all forces are either a push or a pull. They can be balanced (when the forces are of equal strength) or unbalanced (when one force is stronger than the other). They have been finding out about forces around us every day such as gravity, air resistance, water resistance and buoyancy.


Thank you, as always, for all the fabulous Easter Egg Competition entries. They were eggs-elent!!! surprise

Huge congratulations to our Easter Egg competition winner. Here she is with her winning entry called Where's Eggy?

Have a fabulous Easter break, we hope the Easter Bunny comes and ‘chocs’ you all. We look forward to seeing you back in school on Monday 16th April.