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Thursday 29th March 2018

What a fantastic week we've had here in Year 4.

On Monday, our teachers let us decide our next class reader by holding a Book World Cup.  First, we read the blurb, some reviews and the first chapter of 12 books.  We did this in groups.  Then, our teacher held the draw!  Two books were chosen, and we had to vote on which book won.  Each winning book went through to the next round all the way through to quarter finals, semi finals through to the final.  Our final came down to these two books.  Which would you have voted for?

...and the winner was...

We're super excited to be starting this after Easter.  Here's some pictures of us checking out the books.

Monday afternoon was exciting too.  Mrs Wilson invited us to Norbert's birthday party.  We got to try out French food.  Take a look.
Another exciting activity was building our own bookshelf.  To tie in with our topic of Our House, we designed our own bookshelf.  We designed them linked to our favourite books from this year.  Take a look at some of our finished products -how cool are they?
Finally, take a look at our Easter Egg Competition Entries.  Oh, and have a wonderful Easter break.  We'll see you in April to start our Summer Term.