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Thursday 29th March

Hello and welcome back to the final four days of the Spring Term. We’ve worked had not only in our normal lessons but fitting in rehearsing for our Easter assembly. We’ll be ‘sooo’ ready for our break.


We have begun to investigate adding fractions. To start with they all have the same denominator. Once we have mastered that we will be adding fractions with different denominators.


We are still looking at biographies writing and editing our own making sure we included;

  • past tense

  • important dates and times

  • time connectives

  • written in chronological order


    We looked at the forces that are all around us; gravity, air resistance, water resistance, friction. The forces are either pushes or pulls. These can be balanced when each is equal or unbalanced when one force is stronger than the other.


    Well done to all those who took part in the Easter Egg Competition. As usual you blew our socks off with your efforts. As, I think you’ll agree, the same can be said of the Easter Assembly. It was FAB!

    Enjoy your holiday you deserve it!