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Thursday 29th March

What a busy week we have had! 


We have been practising our maths skills and completed a few tests- which will show us things that we need to practise further.


In English all of the children were asked to write an independent description of Mr Twit. The children included many things such as adjectives, conjunctions, a question sentence and an exclamation sentence!


Following our topic- The Great Fire of London the children investigated and explored how to make a structure more stable and sturdy. The children were placed into teams of 3 and were given a unstable paper house. They were challenged to make the house more stable using a variety of materials. The children could use card, art straws, plastic straws, cardboard, sellotape, glue sticks or PVA glue. 

It was very interesting watching the children work together as a team!


Exploring our structures

Our finished houses

The houses were then tested to see if they had indeed been made more stable. 

All of the houses (except 1) remained standing after the 'wind' blew. 


Easter egg competition!


Well done to all the children who have made an entry!!! They all look egg-cellent!!

I wonder which one will be the winner???????????????

Year 2W's egg entries

Year 2 trip - Blackpool Zoo


A big thank you to all the parents/carers who have already sent in their trip money. 

Please can you send your child's money into school as soon as possible when we return after Easter. 



We hope everyone has a wonderful Easter break and we will see you all on Monday 16th April.