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Tuesday 7th July

Hello Year 5! 









1.Which sign of the zodiac is represented by the Twins?

a) Aries
b) Gemini
c) Sagittarius

2. What word is used to describe a group of ants?

a) Hill
b) Crush
c) Colony

3. From which flower is vanilla extracted?

a) Orchid
b) Daffodil
c) Marigold

4. Zorro is Spanish for which animal?

a) Fox
b) Zebra
c) Badger

5. How many kidneys does an average human have?

a) One
b) Two
c) Four

6. Which bird lays the largest eggs?

a) Ostrich
b) Goose
c) Cow

7. Which fabric is made by worms?

a) Silk
b) Cotton
c) Nylon

8. What is the wife of a duke called?

a) Lady
b) Duchess
c) Princess

9. What does a cartographer make?

a) Carts
b) Maps
c) Wheels

10. How many sheets of paper are there in a ream?

a) 500
b) 250
c) 100


Can you create a similar image? Draw around your hand and try and create a patterned picture!



Have a great day! 


Miss P and Mrs D 

*** School will re-open to all pupils from Monday 8th March. Please see your Weduc account for further information. ***