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Types of Governor

Types of Governors


We have twelve members of our Governing Body and there are four types of governors:

  • Parent Governors; parents or carers of children in the school

  • Local Authority Governor; representatives of the LA, usually but not always councillors

  • Co-opted Governors; interested members of the community which can be individuals or people from local businesses and interest groups; they are chosen based on the needs of the school.

  • Staff Governor; elected from the staff by the staff.

    The Head Teacher is also a Governor of the school.


Type of Governor No.                                                        
Co opted


Headteacher 1
Local Authority 1
Parent 2
Staff 1


Names of Governors Type of Governor Current Term of Office Date of appointment (Original appointment) Appointing Board

Mrs Laura


Co-Opted 03/07/19 – 02/07/23 03/07/19 Governing Board

Mrs Vicky


Co-Opted 14/03/17 – 13/03/21 13/07/10 Governing Board

Mr Jimmy


Co-Opted 03/12/15 – 02/12/19 03/12/15 Governing Board
Mr Neil Turner Co-Opted 14/03/17 – 13/03/21 12/06/10 Governing Board

Mrs Sheila


Co-Opted 28/03/19 – 27/03/23 28/03/19 Governing Board

Mrs Sharon


Co-Opted 04/12/18 – 03/12/22 04/12/18 Governing Board
Vacancy Co-Opted - - Governing Board
Mrs Jean Peet Local Authority 24/09/14 – 23/09/18 03/11/05 Nominated by Council and appointed by the Governing Body
Mr Tim Sherriff Headteacher 01/01/98 01/01/98 -

Mr Terry


Parent 01/12/16 – 30/11/20 01/12/16 Governing Board
Vacancy Parent - - Governing Board
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