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Varjak Paw -Current Work

Friday 10th November 2017

You have just got to see this...WOW! How impressive, right?  Today, our teachers read some blurbs for some of the books we'd like to read this year.  (The Outlaw Varjak Paw raised gasps whe it said that Sally Bones is coming to get's a must read!)  Then, we were asked to write a blurb for Varjak Paw...and, you have got to see this...WOW! How impressive, right? (Oh, we said that already didn't we.) Take a look at these.  Have a great weekend.

Please try to call into our Class Reader Blog as we are hoping to post each day on the work in English relating to Varjak Paw by SF Said.  This is our latest class reader -and, WOW, what a great book.

Wednesday 8th November

Today in English we started to look at the Seven Skills.  The first skill that Jalal teaches Varjak is on called Open Mind.  Jalal tells Varjak `...only when you admit that you know nothing, can you truly know anything.' WOW!  Jalal is also a bit of a philosopher -we should have made note of that in yesterday's work on Jalal.  His character does say some pretty profound things - a bit like our teachers.  (Things like -`indoor play today, it's raining...we'll get wet', or `when the big hand of the clock has gone past the 6 then it's actually to and not past'sad. That's our teachers for you!laugh)

Anyway, we have been writing today about the first skill of the Way.  We tried to used conjunctions to help with cohesion -this is how the sentences like together and flow.  Take a look at our work below -we're really quite proud of our

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Tuesday 7th November 2017

Welcome to our blog.

Today in English, we looked at one of the central characters of the book.  His name is Jalal.  Jalal is an ancestor of Varjak Paw (the main character).  Varjak has been sent on a mission by Elder Paw to find and bring back a dog to help save his family.  Varjak's family live in the contessa's house, and have done for generations.  No cat has been beyond the wall since Jalal came and stayed at the house.  The family think that the contessa might well have died and a mysterious man and two cats have shown up.  Just before Varjak scales the wall he witnesses the cats attack Elder Paw.

Jalal comes to Varjak in his dreams to teach him the Way.  There are seven skills that a cat must learn.  So far in the book, Jalal has taught Varjak -Open Mind, Awareness and hunting.

Today in English, we looked at the character of Jalal.  We looked at the text again and found evidence of what his character might be like.  Then we `blagged' other details about his character.  `Blagging' is a word our teachers use for `making it up', but it has got to be realistic.

Take a look at our work from today.  What do you think?  Great isn't it?

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