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wc 14th May

Hello everyone and welcome back to our blog. 


All of the children in Year 2 have made a great start to their 'SATs'. They have remained focused and hard working and we are really proud of them.  So far the children have completed 2 reading papers, 1 spelling and 1 Grammar and punctuation paper. Next week we will continue with maths. 


Thank you for support during this week- we have noticed that the children have been punctual arriving to school and all 3 classes in Year 2 have had great attendance!



SATs will be continuing into next week. 

Wednesday afternoon is Year 2 sports day- we hope to see you there!

Thursday is the last day of this half term


That's all for this week, thanks for reading,


Lots of love from 

Mrs Hannon, Ms Rose, Mrs Mason

and all of Y2F

x x x