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wc 16th April

Welcome back to our blog.

We hope you had a lovely rest over the Easter holidays. 


In Maths this week we have continued our work on fractions. We have moved on to solving lots of different reasoning problems using fractions and are getting quite good at them. We need to make sure we always read the problems carefully so we don't get tricked.


In English we have been writing non-chronological reports about Westfield. We learnt that a non-chronological report is a piece of non-fiction information writing, which is not written in time order. We thought of lots of information about our school and what makes it special to include in our report.


In PSHE we have been to visit the life caravan (you might have seen it parked on our playground for the week). We learned all about our feelings and different ways of managing them and helping others.


That's all for this week, but remember, next Thursday is our school trip to the zoo so please remember to return your slips if you have not already done so. Also our parents meeting about the SATs is next Thursday too, we would love to see you there!


Lots of love from

Mrs Hannon, Ms Rose 

and all of Y2F 

x x x