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wc 18th March

Welcome back to our class blog.
This week in English we have started reading a new book by Roald Dahl called ‘The Twits’. It is about a disgusting husband and wife who play mean tricks on each other. We have been working on creating a story map to describe Mrs Twit. 
In Maths we have continued our work on fractions. We are now finding 1/2 and 1/4 of given numbers.

In Topic we evaluated the houses that we made last week. We thought about what worked well and how we could improve them.
This week in Science we continued our work about Plants. This week we looked at the different parts of a plant including the flower, stem, leaves and roots. We are also conducting our own experiment to find our what plants need to grow. We have four plants in total. One with water and light, another with just water, one with water and no light and the final one has no light or water. We will let you know what happens!
On Thursday we celebrated World Down Syndrome Awareness Day. We took part by wearing unique, colourful and odd socks. 


We hope you have a lovely weekend.
Love from, 
Miss Rose, Mrs Haselden, Mrs Stirrup

and all of 2W
x x x x x x x x