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wc 6th November

Welcome back to another busy week in Y2F.


This week in Maths we have been learning about subtraction. We have worked on taking away using counters, pictures, number lines and counting back. We found it really tricky at first as we were working with greater numbers than we have done before, but we stuck at it and now we are brilliant!


In English we have been reading Zog and the flying doctors. We have been sequencing the story and recounting the main events as part of an independent big write. Mrs Hannon's socks were blown off by how much we have progressed with our writing in such a short time. 


In Science we concluded our bread investigation that we had started before half term. We placed an untouched slice, a slice touched by dirty hands and a piece touched by clean hands in a bag and left it for 2 weeks - (you may have seen or smelt it on your way in to our classroom). We found the bread touched by dirty hands had the most mould on it, but were surprised that the piece touched by clean hands also had some mould on it. We concluded how important it is to make sure we thoroughly  wash our hands before we eat our lunch!


Well, that's all for this week, thank you for reading and we will see you again next week


Love  from

Mrs Hannon, Ms Rose, Mrs Mason

and all of Y2F

x x x