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We have been celebrating Chinese New Year! Click here to see all the wonderful things we have been doing!

The Monday afternoon children visited the Thames Chinese Restaurant for a Chinese banquet!

They tasted Prawn toast, spring rolls, rice, noodles, sweet and sour chicken, prawn crackers and much more! smiley   Mmmmmmmmmmmm   smiley

In China, red is a lucky colour! The Friday children all dressed in red and took home a Lucky money envelope they had made, containing a lucky chocolate coin!


We also tasted Chinese food, like, Spring Rolls, Prawn Crackers, Rice and Noodles.

Ethan showed his friends how to use Chopsticks. Well done Ethan!

We watched video clips of different Dragon Dancing in China and used a variety of materials and colours to make our own amazing Dragon. You can see the Dragon displayed in our classroom!

We then took it in turns to dance like the Dragon and danced around the classroom and outdoor area with the musical instruments.

Do you know? In China they use Chopsticks to eat their food! We use a fork and spoon. We played the hula hoop game using chopsticks, it was very tricky!