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Wednesday 19th July 2017

Today was our school trip! We had a wonderful time and all of the children were a credit to the school, behaving impeccably and with superb manners.  

We got on the coach and left school. We arrived in Blackpool at half past ten. We went to have a look at the coastal features of the seaside and compared them to what we had been learning about the seaside in the past.  

We had a biscuit, which the seagulls were very curious about, but Carl didn't let them come near us.  

We went into the lifeboat centre.  A volunteer, which is someone who doesn't get paid, told us about the lifeboat crew. She told us that the new lifeboat was called William and Eleanor and cost £230,000!!! The tractor pulls the lifeboat out and the crew push it into the sea.  It takes 15 crew to take out the lifeboats and rescue someone.  We learnt that to call the coastguard we ring 999.  The lifeboat crew members have other jobs, such as train drivers, plasterers and electricians and they give up their time for free to save people who are in trouble.

We got to dress up in the special clothes that they wear.


After that we went to the circus, where we saw trapeze acts, gymnasts and a water show.  The show was amazing and we loved Mooki the clown.  He was very funny.  We joined in with the singing and clapping and had a great time.


We loved our school trip to Blackpool.  Our highlight was seeing the famous landmark, the Blackpool Tower.  Here are some photos of our trip.

Year 1F


Dear Parents,

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a lovely, relaxing summer holiday and to thank you for your continued support throughout the year.  Your children have made super progress and I know that they will continue to do so in Mrs Hannon's class next year.

Miss Lodge