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Wednesday 29th April

Good morning Year 2,


Here are your tasks for today, we hope you have fun completing them.

Amber's back!

This video will focus using the minute hand to tell the time for o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to.
Quarter to is something which is always trickier and we need lots of reminders to know that it is quarter to the next hour shown on the clock.

Now have a go at making these times on your clock. Ask your grown up to check if you're right.


Why not ask your grown up to make the times and you can be the teacher and check that they're right!

​​​​​​Everything you have learnt so far about telling the time all mixed up.


Have a go, see how confident you are.

If there's anything you're not sure of you could re-watch Amber's videos or ask your grown ups to just help you with the tricky bit until you're feeling more confident. If you're still not sure, ask your grown up to send us a message and we'll see how else we can help smiley

Lots of love

The year 2 team

x x x

Reception class bubble required to isolate until Saturday 19th June, please refer to the letter in Covid section...