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Week 1



This half term we will be reading books all about superheroes, this week our text of the week is Supertato. 

Our first challenge of the week was to estimate how many sprouts were in the jar. The children wrote their answers down and posted them in the postbox. The winner was Maddison who estimated 17 sprouts. 

Estimating Challenge

Our funky fingers challenge was to pick up the evil peas using tweezers and to count 20 into the basket with one to one correspondence. This was very tricky, we had to concentrate on picking the peas up but count at the same time. 

Funky fingers

In the maths area the children had to put the potatoes 🥔 in the correct order from number one to twenty. The children are developing their number recognition and are now beginning to recognise numbers to twenty. 

Potatoe Ordering