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Week 1

The Smartest Giant in Town 

After a lovely week of much needed rest, the children came back ready to start the second half of Autumn term. Our text of the week, has been ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’. Another fantastic book of Julia Donaldson’s. 



On Monday we went to the ALPS, you wouldn’t believe what we found. A huge shirt, a enormous tie, a gigantic pair of trousers and a long belt. Who’s could they be? On Tuesday we came into school in the morning to find huge footprints in the classroom. Amelia knew what was going on.... “Miss Oddie George the Giant has been to take his clothes back.   

The children made their very own crowns, the animals gave George his own crown for being so kind. The children wore their kindness crowns when a grown up saw the children show an act of kindness or working together as a team. 

In the challenge area the children made huge pattern socks for George the Giant. The children’s challenge was to make a repeating pattern. The children are starting to complete the challenges independently. 

In the maths area the children had to put the correct amount of counters to match the numbers on George’s enormous tie.

Outside the children made an enormous house for George the Giant to live in.