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Week 1

Happy New Year!


We hope you have all had a well rested Christmas and are glad to be back into the routine of coming to pre-school.

There have been many tired little faces around our classroom this week as the pre-school routine re-commenced.


We have jumped now onto the orange balloon and are looking forward to welcoming more children into the number 4 club.  


We have been reading and learning about 'The Jolly Postman' this week and have enjoyed spending time in the post office in the continuous provision.

We had to write a letter, put it in an envelope, write the recipients name on the front and glue on a stamp.  It was very easy to forget a step!  But the postman must have been very used to pre-school deliveries because he managed to get the letters to our friends and family each evening!



We also accepted a delivery from Goldilocks for the Jolly Postman to deliver to the Three Bears.

There was a HUGE parcel, a little parcel and a tiny parcel but Goldilocks had not wrote which parcel was for which bear.  So we had to look at the parcels and decide which one was for Daddy, Mummy and Baby bear.  That was easy peasy.  The HUGE one for Daddy, the little one for Mummy and the small one for baby.  When we picked them up the HUGE one was really light and the tiny one was really heavy.


Ellie 'We can't give that to the baby.  He might drop it on his head!' 


Ellie was right, the tiny one was far too heavy for the baby bear.  We lifted the parcels and used to scales to test which was heavier/ lighter and decided that Daddy or Mummy should have the heavy ones and the baby should have the lightest one.  Our mathematical thinking skills were really put to the test and we learned new vocabulary about the weight of the parcels.

The next day the Jolly Postman visited the witch (from Hansel and Gretel).  She had an amazing house made from sweets and biscuits but she gave the Jolly Postman green tea! (yuck!)

We wanted to make green tea in our classroom.  So Mrs Rothwell got us all the colours of paint we had but there was no green!

We had to use the pipette to mix the colours, predicting which colours would make green.

We had fun and it felt like we were scientists!

We made green, purple and brown by mixing yellow, blue and red.

We have also updated our name display.


Every term we write our name and put it up onto the display board.

This was the first time since September that we did this and some of the progress made was OUTSTANDING!

Saven blew Mrs Baggaley's socks off with how much better his letter formation is now than it was in September!  

*Parents- if you want any help or advice to develop your child's fine motor skill at home please ask!*


Developing fine motor skills independently

We also have a new member in the #4 club!

Happy birthday


Please pop by next week to see more of our 'Jolly Postman' activities...


We are also doing something really exciting on Monday and this will feature on next weeks blog.


Have a lovely weekend