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Westfield Community School A beacon of hope (Ofsted)

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Week 2

What the Ladybird Heard 


Our text of the week is What the Ladybird Heard by Julia Donaldson. 

On Monday the children made their own map of the ALPS to go and find the animals to save them from Lanky Len and Hefty Hugh. We followed the map using positional language and directions. 


In funky fingers, the children having been counting the Pom poms using the tweezers to match them to the correct number. 

Funky Fingers

In the creative area the children have been making ladybirds and counting 8 spots for the Ladybird. 

Creative Area

In the maths area the children have been ordering the ladybirds according to how many spots they have. The children have been counting with 1 to 1 correspondence all the way to 10. 

Maths Area

In the challenge area the children have been developing the concept of doubling. The children matched the same dots on the same side and added the two groups together.