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Week 2

Welcome back!

It has been another very busy week in pre-school


PE, Helicopter stories, Drawing the Write Way, Jolly postman activities, Kids on the Move, Funky Fingers and SNOW!


This week we began by going to PE- for the next 5 weeks we are being taught PE by Paul from Skillswise Sports.  He is teaching us all about the fundamental skills we need to be well-rounded athletes.  Balancing, throwing, catching and moving in different ways.


This week our main focus was throwing towards a target.

We also continued our learning about the 'Jolly Postman'.

He visited the Giant from the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.  The giant was very kind in lending us his hen that lays Golden eggs.  We had to match how many eggs the hen had laid to the numbers from our Maths area.  

We were very good at counting the eggs but need to practise recognising numbers.

*Parents- whenever you are out and about; walking to school, at the supermarket, in the car or anywhere really! please point out numbers to your children.  A good place to start is by noticing the numbers on your front door or on your car number plate.


We then read about the Jolly Postman's visit to Cinderella's castle.  We found lots of shoes in the castle and played a memory matching game to find all of the pairs of shoes.

The children enjoyed the game so much with a grown up that they asked if they could play it on their own in the continuous provision.  This not only supported their memory skills but they developed their turn taking and social skills independently! Well done everybody!

We have been developing our story skills in Helicopter Stories.

We all sit around the stage and Mrs Rothwell tells us a story.  If we want to we can act as a part of the story- we love it when there are dinosaurs or tigers in the story because we can use our outside voices to growl really loud- using our knowledge of how an object/ character can be represented.

Then Mrs Rothwell chooses one person to tell their story and 4 others to tell a private story to be acted out later on that day.

This week we had stories about

  • Blaze (Rio)
  • Unicorns (Ava)
  • Dinosaurs (Bradley)
  • Rudolph and Santa (Sammy)
  • Elsa and Anna (April)
  • Dinosaurs fighting in the jungle (Rocco)
  • Mary with her little lamb (Ellie)

We can't wait to see how the children's stories develop over time.

*Parents- reading a story a day to your child helps develop their understanding of how stories are structured.  Why don't you ditch the book sometimes and use your imagination to tell a story- just open your hands like it is a book and tell a story from your head!  The children are actually quite good at this!



Later in the week we had a flurry of snow!


The children had just finished their lunch and when we got back to the classroom we flung open the door and let them feel the snow falling into their hands.

'It's so cold!' Sammy said

'It's melting on my hand' April told us

'It's gone!' said Tymon as the snow disappeared on his warm hand



We only stayed out for a minute or so because it was so cold!  When we went back inside the children asked how snow was made.

We talked about the clouds and what is inside them.  They knew that water was in the clouds and that made the rain but they didn't know how the snow was made.

We had a lengthy discussion about this and the children were satisfied with the answers they were given!


We have also been busy in the continuous provision, learning about skills we have been taught before and practising these independently.

Please remember, if you have received an invitation for PIP this will be starting this Wednesday at 3.30pm- Teddy, Amelia and Bradley please see Mrs Rothwell for your invite!

Looking forward to seeing you there!



Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

See you next time