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Week 3



Our story of the week is Supertato written by Sue Hendra, the Evil peas escape the freezer in the supermarket and cause chaos for the other fruit and vegetables. 

 We walked to the fruit shop to buy fruit and vegetables from the story. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t very kind to us but that didn’t stop us, we put on our all in one waterproofs and set off. 

Fruit and vegetable shop

We had planned on making vegetable soup the next day however when we came into school the next day it was clear the evil peas had escaped our freezer and caused chaos in our classroom. 


Trapped vegetables

We have a new Supertato display board in our classroom, come and take a look at all the exciting activities we have done, we have even made our own Supertato and Oliver won our design a mask competition for Supertato. 


 Our classroom superstar and Read Write Inc superstar this week....