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Week 3

The Three Little Pigs 🐷 


Our theme of Traditional Tales continue with the Three Little Pigs. 🐷


On Monday we went to the alps to build the Three Little Pigs 🐷 house, we used bricks, straw and stick. Can you guess which house was the strongest?



We completed lots of independent challenges to become challenge Champions.


In the challenge area we cut out pictures from the story and stuck them in the right order and re told the story. 

In the Maths area the children had to follow the colour key to complete the brick house, the children talked about the 2D shapes they could see. 

In the funky fingers area the children made a house for the Three Little Pigs 🐷 they used small equipment to build. 

The children also directed the bee bots to the house of sticks, straw and bricks.