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Week 3

Week 3


Congratulations to Stelaa, she has won the achievement award this week for practising sounding out using all the sounds in the words! Keep it up Stelaa, well done.


Further Congratulations to Harley, Ava and Anureet who have completed a lap of our reading race track! Keep reading at home guys!




This week we have continued with the story, The Way Back Home. We have been writing sentences using adjectives this week and some of us have been learning about 2a sentences; these have two adjectives separated by a comma followed by a noun. E.g. There were bright, sparkly stars in the sky. The adjectives are bright and sparkly and the noun is stars. Can we describe the setting or characters at home?




We have been doing lots of work on place value this week. Some of us have been partitioning numbers to 100 and finding 10 more or 10 less than 2-digit numbers using our 100 squares. We are super mathematicians in year 1 and we found out that on our hundred square, we jump down to find ten more and jump up find ten less.


Some people worked on partitioning teen numbers into tens and ones, we found this really tricky and needed lots of practise, but it is much easier now! 


And some people worked on finding 1 more and 1 less than numbers to ten. We did so well that we are going to start looking at teen numbers next time!




We have researched all about Neil Armstrong today. We found out that he was American and he is famous because he was the first man to walk on the moon! What else can you find out about Neil Armstrong at home?


In science we have continued our research into suitable materials for a spacesuit. We looked at stiff and stretchy materials this week and tested different materials to find out which were stiff and which were stretchy. Then we decided that stretchy materials would be best to make our spacesuit, so that we can move about in it.


That's all for this week, have a fabulous weekend!


Lots of love,


Miss Rose, Mrs Duckworth and Mrs Stirrup

x x x x