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Week 4

This week we learned about the story 'Titch'.


We measured the children in our class to find out who was the tallest like Pete and who was the shortest like Titch.  It was very close between Marnie, Macey, Amelia and Kayden but we found out that Marnie is the shortest in the class and that Ava is the tallest.


We also drew pictures of our family in Drawing the Write Way.  We had to think asbout who was the tallest in our family and who was shortest or smallest in our family then attempt to represent this by the marks we made on the paper.  Some of the drawings were amazing!  Mrs Rothwell was especially pleased with Harry and Kayden's representations of their family.

We have also welcomed two more children into the number 4 club!  We hope you had an amazing birthday!

On Wednesday 17 children attended the Kids On the Move session.  This is proving to be very popular with the children and Rocco won Star of the Session.  Well done Rocco.


This week Calin took himself on a learning journey about aeroplanes.  He wanted to draw an aeroplane and we talked about a time that he flew on an aeroplane.  Then he attempted to write the letters of the sounds he could hear in the word 'aeroplane'.  

And just for fun.......

We loved the sun when it shone this week!  The girls have been making sure they are well protected with their glasses, hats and suncream!