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Week 4

Hello and welcome back!


This week we have been learning about the story 'Sharing a shell'.  It is written by Julia Donaldson and has lots of rhyming words in it.  We could guess the end of the sentences because we know all about rhyming now!  

You could try playing 'I spy Rhyme' at home.  It is easy.  Just find the thing that you want the other person to guess i.e couch then say 'I spy with my little eye, something that rhymes with slouch/pouch/vouch

The children love to play this game in class!


The sea creatures in the story have to learn how to share and be kind to each other.  This was our prime challenge in the continuous provision this week.  Lots of children got a stamp for completing this challenge as the adults observed them!


Some of the children have also had the opportunity to meet their new teacher this week, either at Westfield or at the school they are moving to.  They are getting very excited about moving to 'big school' and talking about their new teachers and the friends they will make when they get there.


On Wednesday, our fishes arrived for our tank!  We now have a thriving environment for them in our wonderful fish tank!  The children helped Mrs Rothwell to make a list of all the decorative items they wanted for the tank and on Monday the tank was complete, we just had to wait for the fish.  Please pop in one morning and have a look at them.





Finally this week we got onto the field for sports day!

It was a little warm, but we won't complain as it meant that some of the children managed to compete in their first ever sports day.

Thank you to all parents/ guardians that attended, it was wonderful to see so many of you!

Next week we will begin our preparations for our Graduation Ceremony.

Please keep the date free! 

                                       Tuesday 16th July @ 2pm


We will have jumped onto the blue balloon the next time we see you, the last balloon in our pre-school journey :(

Can you believe the speed that this year has travelled at?  Neither can we!

See you next week