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Week 4

Welcome back to our class blog! 


This is Week our Traditional Tale has been Little Red Riding Hood and we have done lots of exciting challenges to make progress in our learning. 

In the reading area the children have been making words from Granny’s 🍪 Cookies, developing their segmenting and blending skills. 

We had a very tricky challenge in the funky fingers area, we had to stack 12 cookies 🍪 in only 3 minutes. The cookies were uneven and hard to balance but the children persisted with the challenge. 

The 2nd funky fingers challenge was giving the big bad wolf 🐺 teeth, we very carefully used the tweezers to put his teeth in and counted each one. 

In the maths area the children made their own number sentences with Granny’s cookies. 🍪 The children used the language of addition and recorded their answers using number sentences.