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Week 4

Week 4


Congratulations to Saskia. She has won the achievement award for super independent writing, including 2a sentences and a simile! You have shown off what a brilliant year 1 writer you are. Well done, we are very impressed, especially Mrs Baker in assembly.

Also congratulations to Grace, Lisamarie, Sam and Lexie (the Birthday girl) they have all completed a lap around our race track! Well done!



We have completed some independent writing this week, showing off what we have achieved so far in year 1! Some of us managed to include a 2a sentence, simile and a question (including a question mark!). We are so proud of the progress you are all making, well done! Keep up the hard work!




This week we have been learning all about addition. We have used number lines to help us. Today we have been solving some really tricky missing number sentences too. Our homework this week is to solve the addition number sentences using the number line.


We have been scientist this week as we continue to investigate properties of materials for our spacesuit. This week we have tested magnetic and absorbent materials. Have a look at some pictures of our science experiment.

See you on Monday!

Lots of love,

Miss Rose, Mrs Duckworth and Mrs Stirrup x x x x x