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Week 5

This week was Nursery Rhyme week in the EYFS.


We learned about a different nursery rhyme every day.


Monday- 5 currant buns.

We used our maths brains to count down from 5 to 0, taking away one currant bun each time.  We had real pennies and had to buy just one currant bun from the shop with our penny.  Then in the continuous provision we could buy upto 5 as long as we had the right amount of pennies.


Tuesday- A sailor went to Sea, Sea, Sea

We used musical instruments to keep in time to a beat.  We had to play the instrument to the beat of sea, sea, sea and see, see, see.  It was quite tricky!


Wednesday- Humpty Dumpty

We re wrote the song of humpty dumpty creating a book for the classroom of our own rhymes.

'Humpty Dumpty sat on a couch, Humpty Dumpty fell off 'ouch!'

'Humpty Dumpty had a dog, Humpty dumpty sat on the log'


Thursday- I'm a little teapot

We made our own hot chocolates using Mrs Rothwell's real china teapot from home.  We followed instructions to make the perfect hot chocolate topped with marshmallows!  Yum, yum!


Friday- Round and round the garden like a teddy bear

We used our new scheme (Drawing the Write Way) to draw pictures of our favourite teddy bears from home.  We had Kevin the Carrot, Flopsy the rabbit, Peter Rabbit, dolly and many more including Mickey Mouse!


Making hot chocolate

Teddy bear day